Clearcut – Brokendubz Podcast 044

In this mix for Russian based podcast Brokendubz, Clearcut (Trust In Bass) takes us from deep, dark dubstep tunes to soulful future garage and back again – in 83 minutes. Included are several dubs from fellow Trust In Bass producer Fedupfaction. Check out for podcasts from the Russian scene.

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Clearcut - Brokendubz Podcast 044

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Trust In Bass Podcast 14 – BunZer0

To many, Belgian DJ BunZer0 may be familiar from his radio show on SUB FM, where he and his guests enjoy experimenting with all bass music styles. He is also an upcoming producer. His own tunes showcase an exciting range of styles, which comes to light in his mix for Trust In Bass. Expect to hear more from BunZer0 in 2011 with many of these tunes being released.

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Trust In Bass Podcast 14 - BunZer0

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Trust In Bass Podcast 9 – Volatil

Based in the growing Barcelona scene, Volatil is a permanent hybrid of dubstep styles. A follower of the early Jamaican dub, a bass line lover, all that mixed with a techno flavour. He has releases out on DubKraft Records, Biggerdubz and an EP forthcoming on Corsario. This episode shows some of his unreleased and forthcoming material, as well as tunes of producer friends.

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Trust In Bass Podcast 9 - Volatil

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Winnie Does Podcast – Future Garage Vol. 1

This is the first installment of the Winnie Does Future Garage Podcasts. A journey through 2step, dubstep and garage grooves.

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Jack Dixon – Needing you (Unsigned)
Sully – Phonebox (Point B Remix)
King Thing – Alone (Unsigned)
Mock the Zuma – Me (Forthcoming Night Audio)
James Blake – I’ll Stay (SMW Remix)
Kalbata – Wallabee (Part 2)
King Thing – Feeling Fine (Unsigned)
Des Demure – Spark (Unsigned)
Joy Orbison – Brkln Clln
Scuba – Three Sided Shape
Planas – Look Into My Eyes
Synkro – Come With Me
Winnie – Spacebar Music (Unsigned)
King Thing – Frequent Lover (Unsigned)
Mutt – Sherm
Synkro – Inhale
Roof Light – Wasteland (Unsigned)
Burial – Forgive

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Trust In Bass Podcast 6 – Inofaith

Listening to tracks by Inofaith, moving images will instantly appear before your mind’s eye. He has put together some of his favourite tracks by other producers for us that share one thing: deep, atmospheric and hypnotising sounds, that make dubstep a visual experience.

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Trust In Bass Podcast 6 - Inofaith

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