The Centrifuge Radio Show #99 ft. Frederic Robinson


With a charming melodic double whammy just released on Blu Mar Ten’s label, and a collaboration with Stray before that, we’re very happy that Frederic has kindly provided us with an hour of his favourite tunes. Including the likes of Moderat, Air, Fever Ray, FlyLo, Robot Koch, and some of his own productions, it’s a fantastic hour of music.

In addition, i’ve new tracks from Moderat (again), Machinedrum, Demdike Stare, JK Flesh, Clouds, Dr. Zygote and many more. A fine build up for the penultimate show – and we’ll be revealing details of the final show in two weeks time.

Track list:
Plaster – Walking on Deodron [Touchin' Bass]
Carl Finlow – Machine Bias [Acre]
Dronelock – Corridors [Weekend World]
Nano.Strike – Muser (Missqulater remix) [Encounters]
GRVGLTCHR – Sleeping Giant [Swishcotheque]
Grit 555 (Clouds remix) – Unklone [Fifth Wall]
Violetshaped – cX310 (JK Flesh Reshape) [Violet Poison]
Alan Johnson – Fickle [Blank Mind]
Scanone – Menace 44 [Yellow Machines]
Ben Pest – Polyphonique [Bonus Round]
Laszlo – Legend of Lumbar [Lydian]

Frederic Robinson – Guest mix:

Frederic Robinson – Off Topic
Flying Lotus – Tea Leaf Dancers
SBTRKT – Never Never
Frederic Robinson – Laughing At Clouds
Your Infamous Harp – Null Sand Mandala
Moderat – Rusty Nails
Little Dragon – Swimming
Airhead – Wait
Husky – Tidal Wave
Air – Mike Mills
Perfume – Natural Ni Koi Shite (Instrumental)
Fever Ray – When I Grow Up
Thinnen – Lone
Robot Koch – Water And Solutions
Lapalux – Dance feat. Astrid Williamson
Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin – Modul 35 [Live]

Moderat – Ilona [Monkeytown]
Oxynucid – Gebakken Ikan Teri [Tudor Beats]
Dr Zygote – Drugsy Malone [Black Acre]
Electromeca – Weightlessness (Wahn remix) [Acroplane]
Ricardo Tobar – If I Love You (Low Jack remix) [Desire]
Demdike Stare – Collision [Modern Love]
Om Unit – Grey Skies Over Chicago [Metalheadz]
Special Request – Mindwash (Anthony Naples Eternal remix) [Houndstooth]
dBridge – Plain To See [R&S]
Amit – Human Warfare (Machinedrum remix) [Amar]
ST Files – Eric Bristow [Exit]

The Down Low – Session 003


And so the fires were finally out.

Things returned to normal at The Castle with the exception of all the friends I had made during the turmoil.

We had banded together against adversity and bonded. And to celebrate the discovering of new brothers and sisters in arms I lowered the draw bridge and let everybody in.

Now was a not a time for licking our wounds and counting our blessing. Now was a time to dance!

Track list:
Birdy – Shelter (Photek Remix)
Krueger – Nou
Lemon D – Hot Groove
Loadstar – Black & White (Breakage Remix)
Throwing Snow – Sanctum
Jacob Van Hage & Saint Liz – Voodoo (Ookay Trap Remix)
Crystal Fighters – I Love London (Delta Heavy Remix)
Netsky – Come Alive (Submerse Remix)
Seven – Calculated
Sp3ktre – 4davibe
Sunchase & NickBee – Tongue Lash (feat. Code Breaker & Sense)
Tolerance – Timeship
KeOSz & Trilo – Last Hope
Logistics – We Are One (Other Echoes Remix)
Tali vs Atlantic Connection – Love Runs Deep
Tali vs Skism & Do The Math

The Centrifuge Radio Show #88 – Guest mix from Patscan


The Darkfloor Live events restart at the Paradise Inn in Dalston on March 9th with Dead Sound vs Videohead and Patscan, and to celebrate, Patscan has provided us with a cracking 45m guest mix, featuring plenty of Patscan originals, plus Si Begg, Drexciya, Cylob, Mad-Tek and many more. Beautiful and vicious in equal measure.

In addition, new music from Space Dimension Controller, Dave Clarke, The Black Dog, Alan Backdrop, Ewan Hoozami and many more.

Track list:
Ewan Hoozami – Android Pillow Talk [Self released]
Indigo – Azha [Apollo]
Velapene Screen – what if they can’t hurt you? [The Centrifuge]
Resting Cell – The Edge [Swishcotheque]
Jack Dixon – Yeah, nice one [White Asega]
Alan Starck – Tatmanssucker [Ominum]
The Black Dog – Bleep five [Dust Science]
Noah Pred – Loss For Words (Hrdvsion bbbbeat mix) [Thoughtless music]
Brendon Moeller – Far Out (Speedy J rmx) [Electric Deluxe]
Voidloss – Try again, Fail again, Fail better [Teskoba]
Dave Clarke – Wisdom to the wise (A Mochi re-edit) [Boyz Noise]
George Lanham & Mr Jones – Collab 7 [The Public Stand]
Autechre – prac-f [Warp]

Patscan guest mix
As One – Shambala (Balil Remix)
Si Begg – Mothership (Baconhead Remix)
Spandex – Fourth Wall
Drexciya – Lardossen Funk
Cylob – Morning
Mad-Tek – Get Down
Swarm Intelligence – Collide
Si Begg – Losing It (Patsputt ing on a night with Mikecan Remix)
Ingen – Downstairs Mixup
Patscan – Shrivlry
Kawatin – Trick of the Light (Lifecycle Remix)
Sutekh – Incest Live
Patscan – Jitterish
Thomas Dolby – One of our Submarines (Akufen Remix)
Patscan – Syringe

Mohammad – Lapli [PAN]
Bandshell – Winton [Liberation Technologies]
Matta – Itch [Soundcloud]
Jamie Lidell – What A Shame [Warp]
Koolmorf Widesen – Maribor Acid [The Centrifuge]
Alan Backdrop – Anton [Motoguzzi]
Space Dimension Controller – It’s a cold planet without you [R&S]
Bering Strait – Apart [Apollo]

The Down Low – Session 002


And so they found me.

Even though I had hidden away down here they came and laid siege to The Castle.

At night I watched the fires on the hills as the flames crept over the tops of mountains and marched back down again.

During the day the heat was almost unbearable (I feared for the vinyl). I hadn’t moved here for this, this wasn’t the sanctuary I was promised.

I didn’t know what else to do. Having given up all the money I could, all I had was this single thing I could give. I turned it all on, charged up the speakers and played a tune…

…one after the other.

Dedicated to the brave people that battled the recent Tasmanian bush fires.

Track list:
Basic Soul Unit – Across The Room
Kromestar & Jay 5ive – Try Harder
Box Mouse – 5.37am On The Tube
Actraiser – Smoke Rings
Ground Hero – Seashell
Ill-Esha – Black Ice (BinZer0 Remix)
Vital & Hubb – The Art of Alone (Ambiante Remix)
Odyssia – Eternal
Actraiser – Midnight Sonata
Davwuh – Kowloon Haze
Kromester – Mental Universe
miKrodot – Chems & Hard Feelings
Justin Martin – Molokini (French Fries Remix)
Actraiser – Solstice
Kromestar & Jay 5ive – Words
Actraiser – Illuminati

Trust In Bass Podcast 29 – Matt Pulsar / Subreachers


Belgian based Subreachers (formerly a duo) has been writing deep Dubstep since 2008. His second alias Matt Pulsar stands for an intelligent approach to drum and bass, influenced by the autonomic sound. Both projects incorporate atmospheric layers as a central element, be it dark or soulful. For Trust In Bass, Matt follows a dark, bass-heavy route through dubstep, taking the turn to intricate drum and bass half way through the mix.

Trust In Bass >

Matt Pulsar / Subreachers >

Trust In Bass Podcast 29 - Matt Pulsar / Subreachers

Clearcut – Mix 2012


This mix by Clearcut (Trust In Bass) for the Adventskalender 2012 revolves around footwork, trap, deep dubstep and techno – 143-160 bpm, 35 Hz subbass and some chopped-up, syncopated snares and claps.

Trust In Bass >

Clearcut >

Clearcut - Mix 2012

Trust In Bass Podcast 28 – London Nebel


Donnie Digital & Nasty Fingers aka London Nebel have been active in the German bass music scene for two years, yet they rank among the best-known producers. With strong connections to Basel based label, club night & artist pool Ten 11 12, they have managed to plant their dubstep seed in other artist’s minds as well. For 2013, Hatcha’s label Sin City has announced a London Nebel EP – you can hear these tunes for the first time in their mix for Trust In Bass.

Trust In Bass >

London Nebel >

Trust In Bass Podcast 28 - London Nebel