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The Centrifuge Radio Show #99 ft. Frederic Robinson

With a charming melodic double whammy just released on Blu Mar Ten’s label, and a collaboration with Stray before that, we’re very happy that Frederic has kindly provided us with an hour of his favourite tunes. Including the likes of Moderat, Air, Fever Ray, FlyLo, Robot Koch, and some of his own productions, it’s a fantastic hour of music.

In addition, i’ve new tracks from Moderat (again), Machinedrum, Demdike Stare, JK Flesh, Clouds, Dr. Zygote and many more. A fine build up for the penultimate show – and we’ll be revealing details of the final show in two weeks time.

Track list:
Plaster – Walking on Deodron [Touchin’ Bass]
Carl Finlow – Machine Bias [Acre]
Dronelock – Corridors [Weekend World]
Nano.Strike – Muser (Missqulater remix) [Encounters]
GRVGLTCHR – Sleeping Giant [Swishcotheque]
Grit 555 (Clouds remix) – Unklone [Fifth Wall]
Violetshaped – cX310 (JK Flesh Reshape) [Violet Poison]
Alan Johnson – Fickle [Blank Mind]
Scanone – Menace 44 [Yellow Machines]
Ben Pest – Polyphonique [Bonus Round]
Laszlo – Legend of Lumbar [Lydian]

Frederic Robinson – Guest mix:

Frederic Robinson – Off Topic
Flying Lotus – Tea Leaf Dancers
SBTRKT – Never Never
Frederic Robinson – Laughing At Clouds
Your Infamous Harp – Null Sand Mandala
Moderat – Rusty Nails
Little Dragon – Swimming
Airhead – Wait
Husky – Tidal Wave
Air – Mike Mills
Perfume – Natural Ni Koi Shite (Instrumental)
Fever Ray – When I Grow Up
Thinnen – Lone
Robot Koch – Water And Solutions
Lapalux – Dance feat. Astrid Williamson
Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin – Modul 35 [Live]

Moderat – Ilona [Monkeytown]
Oxynucid – Gebakken Ikan Teri [Tudor Beats]
Dr Zygote – Drugsy Malone [Black Acre]
Electromeca – Weightlessness (Wahn remix) [Acroplane]
Ricardo Tobar – If I Love You (Low Jack remix) [Desire]
Demdike Stare – Collision [Modern Love]
Om Unit – Grey Skies Over Chicago [Metalheadz]
Special Request – Mindwash (Anthony Naples Eternal remix) [Houndstooth]
dBridge – Plain To See [R&S]
Amit – Human Warfare (Machinedrum remix) [Amar]
ST Files – Eric Bristow [Exit]

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The Down Low – Session 003

And so the fires were finally out.

Things returned to normal at The Castle with the exception of all the friends I had made during the turmoil.

We had banded together against adversity and bonded. And to celebrate the discovering of new brothers and sisters in arms I lowered the draw bridge and let everybody in.

Now was a not a time for licking our wounds and counting our blessing. Now was a time to dance!

Track list:
Birdy – Shelter (Photek Remix)
Krueger – Nou
Lemon D – Hot Groove
Loadstar – Black & White (Breakage Remix)
Throwing Snow – Sanctum
Jacob Van Hage & Saint Liz – Voodoo (Ookay Trap Remix)
Crystal Fighters – I Love London (Delta Heavy Remix)
Netsky – Come Alive (Submerse Remix)
Seven – Calculated
Sp3ktre – 4davibe
Sunchase & NickBee – Tongue Lash (feat. Code Breaker & Sense)
Tolerance – Timeship
KeOSz & Trilo – Last Hope
Logistics – We Are One (Other Echoes Remix)
Tali vs Atlantic Connection – Love Runs Deep
Tali vs Skism & Do The Math

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The Centrifuge Radio Show #88 – Guest mix from Patscan

The Darkfloor Live events restart at the Paradise Inn in Dalston on March 9th with Dead Sound vs Videohead and Patscan, and to celebrate, Patscan has provided us with a cracking 45m guest mix, featuring plenty of Patscan originals, plus Si Begg, Drexciya, Cylob, Mad-Tek and many more. Beautiful and vicious in equal measure.

In addition, new music from Space Dimension Controller, Dave Clarke, The Black Dog, Alan Backdrop, Ewan Hoozami and many more.

Track list:
Ewan Hoozami – Android Pillow Talk [Self released]
Indigo – Azha [Apollo]
Velapene Screen – what if they can’t hurt you? [The Centrifuge]
Resting Cell – The Edge [Swishcotheque]
Jack Dixon – Yeah, nice one [White Asega]
Alan Starck – Tatmanssucker [Ominum]
The Black Dog – Bleep five [Dust Science]
Noah Pred – Loss For Words (Hrdvsion bbbbeat mix) [Thoughtless music]
Brendon Moeller – Far Out (Speedy J rmx) [Electric Deluxe]
Voidloss – Try again, Fail again, Fail better [Teskoba]
Dave Clarke – Wisdom to the wise (A Mochi re-edit) [Boyz Noise]
George Lanham & Mr Jones – Collab 7 [The Public Stand]
Autechre – prac-f [Warp]

Patscan guest mix
As One – Shambala (Balil Remix)
Si Begg – Mothership (Baconhead Remix)
Spandex – Fourth Wall
Drexciya – Lardossen Funk
Cylob – Morning
Mad-Tek – Get Down
Swarm Intelligence – Collide
Si Begg – Losing It (Patsputt ing on a night with Mikecan Remix)
Ingen – Downstairs Mixup
Patscan – Shrivlry
Kawatin – Trick of the Light (Lifecycle Remix)
Sutekh – Incest Live
Patscan – Jitterish
Thomas Dolby – One of our Submarines (Akufen Remix)
Patscan – Syringe

Mohammad – Lapli [PAN]
Bandshell – Winton [Liberation Technologies]
Matta – Itch [Soundcloud]
Jamie Lidell – What A Shame [Warp]
Koolmorf Widesen – Maribor Acid [The Centrifuge]
Alan Backdrop – Anton [Motoguzzi]
Space Dimension Controller – It’s a cold planet without you [R&S]
Bering Strait – Apart [Apollo]

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The Down Low – Session 002

And so they found me.

Even though I had hidden away down here they came and laid siege to The Castle.

At night I watched the fires on the hills as the flames crept over the tops of mountains and marched back down again.

During the day the heat was almost unbearable (I feared for the vinyl). I hadn’t moved here for this, this wasn’t the sanctuary I was promised.

I didn’t know what else to do. Having given up all the money I could, all I had was this single thing I could give. I turned it all on, charged up the speakers and played a tune…

…one after the other.

Dedicated to the brave people that battled the recent Tasmanian bush fires.

Track list:
Basic Soul Unit – Across The Room
Kromestar & Jay 5ive – Try Harder
Box Mouse – 5.37am On The Tube
Actraiser – Smoke Rings
Ground Hero – Seashell
Ill-Esha – Black Ice (BinZer0 Remix)
Vital & Hubb – The Art of Alone (Ambiante Remix)
Odyssia – Eternal
Actraiser – Midnight Sonata
Davwuh – Kowloon Haze
Kromester – Mental Universe
miKrodot – Chems & Hard Feelings
Justin Martin – Molokini (French Fries Remix)
Actraiser – Solstice
Kromestar & Jay 5ive – Words
Actraiser – Illuminati

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Clearcut – Mix 2012

This mix by Clearcut (Trust In Bass) for the Adventskalender 2012 revolves around footwork, trap, deep dubstep and techno – 143-160 bpm, 35 Hz subbass and some chopped-up, syncopated snares and claps.

Trust In Bass >

Clearcut >

Clearcut - Mix 2012

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Clearcut – Brokendubz Podcast 044

In this mix for Russian based podcast Brokendubz, Clearcut (Trust In Bass) takes us from deep, dark dubstep tunes to soulful future garage and back again – in 83 minutes. Included are several dubs from fellow Trust In Bass producer Fedupfaction. Check out for podcasts from the Russian scene.

Trust In Bass >

Clearcut >

Brokendubz >

Clearcut - Brokendubz Podcast 044

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The Centrifuge Radio Show #72

On this week’s show we’ve a properly eclectic mix from a mainstay of the french electronic scene, Bit-phalanx’s Topher. A producer and DJ since the late 80s, Topher is the man behind both the Aries Slant label and the György Ligeti Tribute project, as well as releasing tracks on labels such as Bit-Phalanx. His mix moves from downtempo dubby vibes through 4×4 dancefloor materials right through to balls out breakcore, and features tracks from Volitune, T-Toe, Steinvord, Untrkmind and many more.

In addition, we’ve a competition to win a CD and T-Shirt combo of Addison Groove’s ‘Transistor Rhythm’ LP, plus new music from Coppe, Phon.o, Roughquest, Kamikaze Space Programme, Hurtdeer and many more.

Track list:
Coppe – Purple cheese 4 U [Bit-Phalanx/Mango Sweet Rice]
Thrupence – Synchronous bloom [Bandcamp]
Rat Faced Boy – Honey bee [Alkalinear Recordings]
Addison Groove – Sooperlooper [50 Weapons]
Actress – Shadow from Tartarus [Honest Jon’s]
Legowelt – Deepspace gazing []
Roughquest – Northern lights [Cut]
Kamikze Space Programme – Aqua [Soundcloud]
Threnody – Ark [dub]
Phon.o – Abaw 723 [50 Weapons]

Topher – Guest mix for The Centrifuge Radio Show
Manducator – Tonetripper
Nicolas Masseyeff – L’Ombre Du Vent
Gunston – Range & Symbol
Untrkmind – Dragon Drown
Probe 1 – Supra Heroes
Topher – Zombie Lust
T-Toe – Mushot
Jha-in – Rain’s Poetry (Acid Mix)
Offset – Gazoline
Hula – Hot Hands (Topher’s Glitched Up Re-edit)
Synchronoise – Wrong House
Hot Roddy – Good Afterlife
Volitune – Pleiades
Antipop Consortium – Reflections (Taote kid RMX)
Steinvord – Untitled 11
K21 – Cold Crush
FKL – Keske J’te Sers ?
Irish Steph – Junky Maggie

Eleven tigers – Stableface (Dark sky rmx) [Soul Motive]
Hurtdeer – Kyoto downpour [Soundcloud]
Space ladies – Medusa (Sarantis rmx) [Senseless]

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Wax Worx Vol 1 Dj Transition

Part 1 of 2 , Dug out some old tunes and mixed them up with a load of new stuff thats doing for me at the moment. Loads of great old skool vibes in this mix from Maceo Plex, Julio Bashmore and the legend herself Maya Jane Coles who in my opinion is one of the best house producers out there on the U.K scene right now. Hope you all enjoy it . Follow me on Twitter @djtransition for bookings and event listings.

Track list:
1 : Josh Wink – Acid Epilouge
2: Azari & Ill – Hungry For your Love (Jamie Jones Remix)
3: Eats Everything – Entrance Song
4: Julio Bashmore – Battle for Middle You (G-Bird Replay)
5: Maya Jane Coles – Parallel Worlds
6: Butch – Ein E
7: Tiefschwarz – Powow
8: Leeks – Drugs
9: Leeks – 7 gram Rocks
10: Laidback – Bakerman (Soul Clap Remix)
11: Butch – Amnesia Haze
12: Lovebirds Feat Stoo Downs – Want you in my soul
13: Clockwork – Its you again
14: Jin Choi – Half Baked (Maceo Plex Depp Remix)
15: Fur Coat Feat Cari Golden – You and I (Amirali Remix)
16: Angus & Julio Stone – All of me (Oliver Rado Remix)

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Fonik – Substep

Real dubstep still exists! Really, I’m not lying, its not all screechy mid range Skrillex shit you know. Here’s a little 40 minute roll-out that represents the true sounds of the genre with new school producers like TMSV, Benton & Thelem sitting alongside established heavyweights such as Skream, Pinch & Distance. Watch the bass bins…

Track list:
Kahn – Way Mi Defend [Black Box]
Biome – Feeling Good [Biscuit Factory Records]
TMSV – Myth [Black Box]
Unknown – Reasons [Deleted Scenes]
Benton – Wormholes [Wheel & Deal]
Benton – Sinners [Black Box]
J:Kenzo – Protected [Tempa]
J:Kenzo – Ruffhouse ft. Rod Azlan [Tempa]
Thelem – Waiting Hour [Loft Party Records]
Killawatt & Thelem – Swarf [New Moon Recordings]
Thelem – Distilled [Loft Party Records]
Killawatt – Reason To Worry [New Moon Recordings]
SP:MC – Oh My Gosh [Tempa]
Kahn – Azalea [Black Box]
Skream – Repercussions Of A Razor Blade [Swamp81]

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Act Now with Airplays No.33

Taking things on an electronic journey this show. First up we’ve got an excellent mix from Guy Andrews recorded for The Diggers podcast series [which has previously been posted on Phuture Frequency]. Check out his releases on Dicobelle and Hemlock. Then we’ve got a host of freebies from Soulful Hip Hop, LA Beat sounds, Post Dubsteppyness and Deep Techno; finishing off with some recent vinyl purchases and a House classic.

Track list: Guy Andrews mix for The Diggers

Guy Andrews – 4030
James Fox – Close Your Eyes
Sei A – Stars
Arnaud Rebotini – Cm – Revised by Chloé
Lorca – Missed Me Out Test
Bombay Bicycle Club – Lights Out, Words Gone – Dark Sky Remix
Helix – Honig
Jerome Sydenham – The Visitation
Marcel Dettmann & Ben Klock – Dawning
Guy Andrews – Textures

JtotheC & the Bad Mothas – Sweet Rendez-Vous ft. Incksalonius [Freebie]
Soft Esses – Ancient Pictures [Freebie]
Soft Esses – Carrera [Freebie]
Soft Esses – STupid Early [Freebie]
Filastine – Colony Collapse [Squeaky Lobster Remix]
Bwana – You Never Stop [Infinite Machines Freebie]
Sigmafly – And We Begin With Colour [Cut]
Sigmafly – Similar Self [Cut]
Sigmafly – Radio Sleep [Cut]
Sigmafly – Facing Waves [Cut]
Sigmafly – Tetrachrome [Cut]
DJ Rum – Mou ntains Pt.1 [2nd Drop]
Gerry Reid – Roomland – Youandewan Remix [2nd Drop]
Throwing Snow – Shadower [Sneaker Social Club]
Joy O & Boddika – Mercy [Sunklowun]
Fingers Inc. – Can You Feel It – Dr Martin Luther King Version [Jack Trax]

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Dj Pike’s January 2012 Brutal Dubscure Mix

DJ Pike provides you with the freshest and best 30 Mins of pure 140bpm subsonic bass, and hard 175bpm Drum & Bass!

This mix was performed at the Dubscure night in St Helens in December!

Track list:
Suicide silence – Beulgelond to Death(Mantis Deathstep Remix)
Under and Over It – Five finger Death Punch (Kill the Noise remix)
Sexism – Excision Ft. Skism
Ace in the pack – Document One
Narcarcisstic Cannibal – Korn ft Skrillex & Kill the Noise (J rabbit Remix)
Tempa T vs:
Machete – Drop Top (High Rankin Remix)
Welcome reality – Nero
Fulham to Waterloo Road – Caspa
Computation – Dismantle
Crucify me – Shock One (Dubstep Remix)
Runnin VIP – Cutline
Internet Freinds VIP – Knife Party
The Jungle (Sub Zero Remix) – Sigma vs Adam F & Horx ft. Redman – Shut The Lights Off (Adam F & Sigma Remix
Audio skank – Supreme Being
Loving Me (Filthy Mix) – Sigma
Reach (Push the Feeling)- Tantrum Desire
Sssnake Pit (Hamilton Remix)- Enter Shikari
Make the call (Drum n Bass Remix)- Camo & Krooked
No No No – Ed Solo & Deekline
The Catch – Feint & Fiction
Shoot me do wn (Sigma Remix)
T2000 – Metrik
Hold on (Subfocus Remix) – Rusko
Down with the Sickness – Sub Vibe Disturbed Remix
If We Ever VIP – High Contrast
Walk & Skank – Serial Killaz

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Screen Age (Southbound Hangers) NEW YEARS MIX!

Here’s a mix to help you all see in the new year featuring some of my latest tracks and loads of dubs too, So please download turn it up and ENJOY :)

Screen Age (NEW YEARS MIX) by Screen Age

Track list:

1. Screen Age – My love
2. Scuba – Minerals
3. Screen Age – WTF
4. Hizzleguy & Screen Age “Feat Beezy” – Mortified (Hench)
5. Subzee D – Zulu Stomp
6. Hizzle Guy – Vader Dub
7. Screen Age – Human Emotions
8. Screen Age & Phazeman – Dreams (Evergreen Forest Records)
9. Megladon & Devilman – Everybody Runs
10. Dizz1 & Royalston – Decay
11. Sepalcure – Pencil Pimp
12. Geaorge Fitzgerald – Weakness
13. Kasket & Teknian – Urban Grounds
14. Marchmellow – Fall down (Evergreen Forest Records)
15. Mosca – Bax
16. Teknian – Lost
17. Screen Age – Leave me
18. Screen Age – Drop of a beat
19. Screen Age & Phazeman – Wana get (Evergreen Forest Records)
20. Lost – Don’t Explain “Riskotheque & Marchmellow Remix” (Love Sick Recordings)
21. Marchmellow – Indian Summer (Evergreen Forest Records)
22. Screen Age – Tell ya somethin!
23. Screen Age – The Virus
24. Capcha – Scully (Evergreen Forest Records)
25. Itchy Robot – The Sun
26. Trolley Snatcha – Circle K (Funtcase Remix)
27. Trampa – Termanating
28. Cookie Monsta vs Badklaat – Fishy Gun Fingers
29. Persist – Bomb Threat
30. Engine Earz – Battle Scars
31. Grumblex – Rumble
32. Hizzleguy “Feat Beezy” – Jackpot
33. Dismantle – 3Kick Trick
34. Eprom – Feldspar
35. Planet Funk – Chase the sun (Reaperz remix)

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Explorations into DubStep Vol .1

A mix of dark moody Dubstep for you all this month. As you know by know I dont limit my podcasts to one genre and like to bring to you a mix of the cream of the newest music out there. Includes tracks from Instra-mentals new album and great releases from Scubas Hotflush label. ENJOY!

Track list:
1: Scuba – Before (Deadboy Remix)
2: Sp Mc – Taiko Dub
3: 2562 – Theorom
4: SPMC & LX ONE – Down
5: Consequence – Dub Bounce
6: Synkro – Everybody Knows
7: 2562 _ Techno Dread
8: Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo
9: Burial – Foster Care
10 : Roska – Abrupt
11: The XX – Night TIme- Synkro Remix
12: Joy Oribison – GR Etiquette
13: INSTRA-MENTAL – Delta Zone
14: Boddika – Warehouse
16: Joy Orbison – Jels
17: Joy Orison – Sicko Cell
18: Scuba – Three Sided Shape
19: Four Tet – Love Cry – Joy Orbison Remix

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Love Sick Recordings Show

The Love Sick Recordings show returns with the Southbound Hangers on the decks and mic, hosting an hour of fresh dubstep and bass.

Track listing:

Southbound Hangers- You Dont understand (Love Sick Recordings)
Komonazmuk- Dance too (Apple Pips)
Scuba- Latch (Hotflush)
Southbound Hangers- After Sun (DUB)
Cyrus- Indian Stomp
Somore- I refuse
Carl Cox- Chemistry (Reso RMX)
Martyn- Left Hander (3024)
Screen Age- On my way (DUB)
Wedge and Shads- Running away- Guido RMX (Punch Drunk)
Trolley Snatcha- Always on my mind (Dub Police)
Screen Age- Say Goodbye (DUB)
Scuba- Minerals (Hot Flush)
Synkro- Dubstep for deep heads
Modeselektor- Pitter (Monkeytown Records)
Nitan sawhney- Daydream (Engine Earz Rmx)

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Obscure – Solar Festival 2011 – Oi Stage

All the way from the Netherlands & Belgium, we’d like to present ‘Obscure’. A duo in electronic music that preformed at the Solar Festival (NL) last summer.

They’ll post a showmix every month from now on, starting with their DJ-set at Solar Festival, along with a giveaway tune and aftermovie.

Track list:
1. Emika – Double Edge – Ninja Tune
2. Loefah – Ruffage – DMZ
3. Icile – Xylophobia – Shogun Audio
4. Commodo – Querky – Untitled
5. Seven and Elvee – Moonshine – Wheel & Deal
6. Cyrus, Tunnidge – Lights – Origin Audio UK
7. Kryptic Minds – Badman – Swamp81
8. Terror Danjah – Minimal Dub – Hyperdub
9. Matt-U – Watching You – Subway Recordings
10. Blu Mar Ten – Nobody Here (Kastle Remix) – Blu Mar Ten
11. Shredexx – Knock Knock – Subdepth
12. Monti – Lost Bitz – Dubplate
13. Commodo, Lurka – Airtight – Blackbox
14. Benny Page – Original Killa – Subway Recordings
15. PINCH – Swish – Deep Medi Musik
16. The Others – Planet X – Dub Police
17. A-List, Subfiltronik – Darnce Hall – Illicit Trade
18. Obscure – Crazy Dave – Dubplate
19. David Erickson – Picture Dis (ft. Beenie Man) – Dubplate
20. Obscure – Backpacker – Dubplate
21. Benton – Videodrome – Wheel & Deal
22. Obscure – Kling Klang Klong – Dubplate
23. Mensah – Digital Dreamer – H.E.N.C.H.

Free tune: Obscure – Crazy Dave

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Dj Pikes Dubscure #4

DJ Pike brings you the freshest and best 30 Mins of pure 140bpm subsonic bass, and hard 175bpm Drum & Bass! This one will get you skanking harder than Ann Widdecombe.

This mix was recorded from the new night ‘Dubscure’ based in St Helens

Track list:
Metallica – Seek and destroy (Bassnectar Remix) (mash up)
Benga – Smack your bitch up (mash up)
Katy p – E.T (Noisia remix)
Visualist – kerosene
Filthzilla – walk the plank
Foreign Beggerz/ vito gonzalez – Badman Riddim (Tru Fix & Thunderskank Remix)
Nero – Promises (Skrillex Remix)
Limp Bizkit – Rollin (Mirrored Theory Remix)
Gridlok & Prolix & MC Fats – Tru Born Playa
Tantrum Desire – Cape fear
erb n dub – lucifer
Tantrum Desire – Pay your own way
SubFocus – Timewarp
John b – Numbers (Camo & Krooked Remix) (Mashup)
Tantrum Desire – Play tonight
Dj Fresh – Louder (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix)
Prodigy – Take me to the hospital (Subfocus Remix)
Dj Hazard – Machete
Enter Shikari – Juggernauts (Nero Remix)
Sigma – All Blue
B – Complex – Beautiful lies vip
Eric Prydz – Niton (The Reason) (Sigma Remix)

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DJ Oscar’s Pubstep No. Six

This new selection of recent(ish) pubstep darlings starts off slow, patiently getting those hips moving to 80s and 2step style bleeps, only to suddenly bang those heads with booming bass and tribal beats.

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Act Now with Airplays No.27

The recording of this show was slightly overshadowed by the riots kicking off first in Hackney (where I’m based) and then Birmingham and then spreading over London. I don’t usually do news but what with eyewitness info coming in at real time via twitter I made an exception for this show. Back on point I’ve got a DnB guest mix from Seldom (, some Dr Who dub and the riot stopping Prince.

Play Aug 24