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The Drum Clinic w/ Guy Andrews 20/09/13

This week Guy Andrews goes into an unplanned mix for The Drum Clinic, featuring tracks he’s been playing out in recent sets.

Covering a variety of Techno, House and Bass styles, Guy plays quite a progressive selection, which takes a surprising twist at the end. Enjoy!

Track list:
Jeff Mills – Java
Robert Armani – Road Tour (Dave Clark Remix)
Joachim Spieth – Never Mind
Kirk Degiorgio – Borel (Joans Kopp ‘My Vision of Samba’ Remix)
Mr G & Gary Beck – All My People
Ben Sims – New Blood (Robert Hood Remix)
Severn Beach – We Continue (Leon Vynehall Remix)
James Welsh – Sky
Last Japan – Float
Markings – Attention (Perc Mix)
James Curd – Gentle Help (The Black Madonna Less Gentle Jam)
Talismann – Neptune
Imugem Orihasam – Closer View
Reggy Can Oers – Evasive (Jonas Kopp Remix)
Richard Chartier & Robert Curgenven – Invariance Strata
tobias – Now I know
WIFE – Bodies
Halves – Slow Drawl Moon (For David)

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The Down Low Session: 009 feat. Low Profile

I need to chill out.

Things are getting on top of me. I feel like I am drowning. Maybe it’s the weather, my work or perhaps this strange new land. All I know is that without the music I would be lost.

I made this with my six year old son to cheer myself up. I have to stay strong for him, and seeing how he took to the decks like a duck to water makes me feel proud and happy all at the same time.

Things can’t stay like this forever, I just need to wait for the next wave and then ride it all the way in.

Until then I’ll just have to keep listening to the music and tread water.

Track list:
Boards of Canada – Split Your Infinities
Rudimental – Feel The Love (Rudimental Remix)
Nuage – Before (feat. Yorra)
T-Power – A LArge Grey Area
Guy Andrews – Divide
Rudimental – Alien Bashment
Baths – Miasma Sky
Rudimental – Free (feat. Emeli Sande)
Synkro – To Be
Pedestrian – Hoyle ROad
XI – Villain
El_Txef_A – In
Gossamer – Griot
Nuage – Aeroplanes

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The LAST EVER Centrifuge Radio Show #100

After 4 years, 99 shows, heaps of guest mixes, the odd interview, a few instances of playing a song at the wrong speed, one robbery, 3 or 4 festivals, and pages worth of chatroom chatter, it’s time to bring The Centrifuge Radio Show to a close.

For the final show i’m doing a 3 hour special with two mixes for you. Firstly, a cracking guest mix from H-Sik. Fresh from his recent release on Black Acre, H-Sik provides us with 45m of dub and juke influenced beats, featuring Nightwave, Rashad & Spinn, Memory9, Deft and many more.

The, to round us off, i’ve put together a special retrospective mix featuring one track from each of the previous 99 shows. With no duplication of artists or labels, this hour long mix covers almost every variety of music featured on the show in the past 4 years.

Add to that the usual selection of new music including Alex Smoke, dBridge, Black Sites, Moderat, South London Ordinance, House of Blac k Lanterns and many, many more.

Track list:
Moderat – Bad Kingdom [Monkeytown]
Drumcell – Speak Silence [CRL]
House of Black Lanterns – Broken ft Ghettozoid (_Unsubscribe remix) [Houndstooth]
South London Ordinance – Obsidian [Aery Metals]
Peter Van Hoesen – To Alter A Vector – Ø [Phase] remix [Time to Express]
Black Sites – N313P [PAN]
Greg Gow & Gareth Whitehead – Vacant (Silent Servant remix) [EPM]
Demdike Stare – Misappropriation [Modern Love]
Unklone – Tetsuo [Fifth Wall]

H-Sik Guest mix:
Zygote – Lunar Dub
Jeremiah Jae – $easons
Nightwave – For You
Daedelus – Endless Sea
Clams Casino – The World Needs Change
Lukid – Laroche
DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn – Brighter Dayz
Calculon & Pawn – Crush
Clicks & Whistles – Thr3id
Memory9 – One Of These Days
Klic & Pixelord – Mustard Tiger
Tim Reaper – Jukecognito
??? – Pawn Your Words
Wildlife! – Oh Bondage Up Yours (Ital Tek Remix)< br />Dillinja – The Angels Fell (SNCD Juke rmx)
Deft – New Yorks Finest (Ruff Nekz Get Ruff)
Tranquil Elephantizer – Lowdown

Jilk – Ghost Grains [Bit-phalanx]
Alex Smoke – Dust (Tessela remix) [R&S]
Milanese – Barry (Myler Bootleg) [Soundcloud]
Julien H Mulder – Mekanist Brus [Midnight Shift]
Ursa – Midian Cursive (Machine Gun Militia remix) [Ricochet Dub]
Nine Inch Nails – Copy of A [Columbia]
Scan One – Darklight [Yellow Machines]

99 Track guest mix – See for full tracklisting

dBridge – Death of a Drum Machine [R&S]
Instra:mental – Fist Level 2b [Exit]
Om Unit – The Hand [Metalheadz]
Amit – Human Warfare [AMAR]
Nebula – esreveR [Scientific Wax]
Neu-tek – Molecular Structure [The Centrifuge]

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The Centrifuge Radio Show #98

No guest mix this week, but a shedload of new music from Scanone, Enjoy & Text, Frederick Robinson, Ben Pest, Myler, Nano.Strike, Talismann, GRVGLTCHR, Special Request, Oxynucid and many more. 2 Hours of fresh new music for your listening pleasure.

Track list:
Special Request – Capsules (Lee Gamble rmx) [Houndstooth]
GRVGLTCHR – Chemical Imbalance [Swishcotheque]
Ed Devane – Converging Paths [Acre]
Dronelock – Flocks [Weekend World]
Wordlife – Small Talk (Doc Daneeka LGO remix) [Club Mod]
MMOTHS – For Her (Max Cooper Extended Rmx) [Self Released]
Alan Johnson – Goron Sound [Blank Mind]
Matrixxman – Credentials (Myler rmx) [Fifth Wall]
TALISMANN – Neptune [Talismann]
Oyaarss – Umbra (C.Mantle rmx) [Nukapa]
Nubian Mindz – New Me (Aardvarck Sun & Moon rmx) [Counter Change]
Marcel Fengler – The Stampede [Ostgut Ton]
Rory St John – Unceremony [Acre]
Mark Broom – Afterlife (Phase mix) [Beard Man]
Michael Lovatt – Attractor (TeeFreqs rmx) [Ricochet]
These Hidden Hands – Ivy (Lakker rmx) [Hidden Hundred]
Tokee – PA (Cloud Hands remix) [CRL Studios]
Ben Pest – Wot Not [Bonus Round]
WDMS – Decom posing Intestinal Rape [Legs Akimbo]
Wahn – Slow Controller [Acroplane]
Zaqouir – Wokule [SVS]
The Bug – Louder [Ninja Tune]
Scan One – Scene 7 [Yellow Machines]
Oxynucid – Philter Path [Tudor Beats]
Questasian – The Exception (Nonima mx) [Bandcamp]
Special Request – Broken Dreams [Houndstooth]
Gheists – Thinman (Wide Open Gates mix by ValHall) [CRL Studios]
Nebula – DX Heaven [Scientific Wax]
Nano.Strike – Data With A Soul [Encounters]
Frederic Robinson – Off Topic [Blu Mar Ten Music]
SwamiMillions – Lemons [Bandcamp]
Tokee – Conquistidor (Mechanoreceptor rmx) [CRL Studios]


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The Centrifuge Radio Show #97

A cracking guest mix this week from Irish techno fiend Myler. Brought to my attention after a storming release on Brooklyn’s Fifth Wall and an intriguing guest spot on the new Oyaarss release on Nukapa, Dean has put together a thumping, kick heavy mix for the show.

In addition, we’ll be giving away copies of both the new Soma compilation and Siriusmo’s fantastic ‘Enthusiast’ LP on Monkeytown, plus new music from The Bug, Scuba, Lone, Marcel Fengler, Downstate and many more.

Track list:
Lithia – Tarnish [CRL Studios]
Kratos Himself – Ayahuasca [Jus Like Music]
Troubled Minds Cabin Crew – Antelopes [Bedroom Research]
Luke Vibert & Richard Wrigglesworth – Acid Cowl [Balkan Vinyl]
Lone – Airglow Fires [R&S]
Floating Spirits – Black & White Transmissions (Nonima Mx) [Mitoma Industries]
Fah – Blue Gold [Conrete Soundsystems]
Anaxander – 7 Ways (Bloody Mary & Attan remix) [Dame Music]
Terrence Fixmer – Rage (Alexei Volkov remix) [Planete Rouge]
Michael Lovatt – Attractor [Ricochet]
Scuba – August [Hotflush]
Marcel Fengler – King of Psi [Ostgut Ton]
Giorgio Gigli – Further Reflection [Electric Deluxe]
Siriusmo – Traenen Aus Bier [Monkeytown]

Myler guest mix
s:vt – Basement sweat (Arttu remix one)
Gingy & Bordello – Panopticon (Locked groove remix)
Limo – Boot break (Mike Dehnert remix)
Public ebony – Gush
Goldffinch – 828
Metrist – 5th of never
Ore – Nolita
Goldffinch – Digital dysfunction
twr72 – rik
Henja – Kincho stance
Kamikaze space programme – Leyland daf 45
Henja – Macha
Kamikaze space programme – Tuli

Mr. Jones – Crater (Mike Humphries mix) [TPS]
Rotodrone – Deep Water Bathysphere [Bandcamp]
The Bug ft Daddy Freddy – Kill Them [Ninja Tune]
Downstate – Cloaks [Bandcamp]
EAN – Don’t You Know [Original Cultures]
H-Sik – Sonic Rage [Black Acre]
Michael Lovatt – Drift [Ricochet]
Swamimillion – Sherbet [Alter ID]
Roger Robinson – Ghost [Self Released]

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The Drum Clinic w/ Guy Andrews 12/07/13

Guy Andrews hosts The Drum Clinic again this week, playing a wide selection of new music that verges more into the realms of techno.

Expect to hear new cuts from the likes of Pedestrian, Iron Galaxy, South London Ordnance and The Analogue Cops.

Track list:
Pedestrian & Jasperdrum – Kalakuta
Last Japan – Hoods
South London Ordnance – System
Iron Galaxy – Why Haven’t We Left Yet
Talismann – Mars Wars
The Analogue Cops – PartyToDance
Asok – Deuteros
Lo Shea – Vasquez
Lrusse – What Just Happened
James Curd – Gentle Help (The Black Madonna Less Gentle Jam)
Arkist – Rendevous (SCB Dub)
Manni Dee – Paper Notes
J. Tijn – Cuthbert, Dibble & Grubb
Emmanuel – Eraser (Guy Andrews Remix)

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Beautiful Crissy – Nix

Beautiful Crissy presents a podcast episode of electronica / deep house / indie etc … Thanks for listening.

Inspired by the Nix: A shape-shifting water fairy from early German folklore. The Nix is infamous for singing enchanted songs to lure human prey to watery deaths. The Nixie is usually a malicious female river mermaid, and the Nix is her male counterpart.

Track list:
J. R. Plankton – Sundance
Andrea Crestani – Numb
Erich Lesovsky – We Ate the Third Chord
Boyfriend, BIG MAKK – 6AM
In’R’Voice – My Cute Little Space Invader
Dennis Busch – Total Youth
Marcus Marr – Pleasure Moon (DJ Version)
Various Production – Opus
Exhibitor – Fear
Tbak – Let It Out
Dan Jones – Politics
Wemove – See the Light (Topper’s End Of The Tunnel Remix)
Cheise – Playback
Conures – Relief
Pharaohs – Miraculous Feet
Radum + Eleven – Cam Tras
Bobby Marleni – I Know You Want Stuff
Ran Salman – Love Me Once Again
Chymera – Trapped In Amber (King Britt Remix)
Evenings – Friend (Lover)

Play Jun 3

The Down Low Sessions: 005

It’s getting colder as autumn starts to creep towards winter. I’m not used to this. Living this far South gives a whole new meaning to cold.

I need to find warmth. Something I can wrap myself up in to keep the chill at bay.

Finding a blanket of bass I surround myself in it, close my eyes and enjoy the warm hum of the lower hertz.

Track list:
Eveson – Embrace (Eastwood Flex 140 Reprise)
DJ Madd – Swinger
Biceo – You
Throwing Snow – Sanctum
Dfrnt – Tripped (Synkro Remix)
Judahh – Dubwize
Talki & Nulight – Culture Riddem
Damien Schneider – Female (JKenzo Remix)
Biome – Spawned
Bulb – Can’t Get Enough
Flame & B Cloud – Blue Lines (B Cloud Remix)
Comma – Vacancy
Overlook – Dialogue
Addison Groove – This Is It
Rockwell feat. Kito & Sam Frank – Childhood Memories (Teeth Remix)
XI – Light FM

Play May 7

The Centrifuge Radio Show #90 – Mr Seavers: Darkfloor Live

Following on from the Darkfloor Live event a couple of weeks back, Mr Seavers has kindly given us his closing set from the night for broadcast. A veteran of the Nottingham techno and breaks scenes, Seavers is now based in London and continues to rinse out tough as nails sets for all comers. Including Modeselektor, The Prodigy and many others, this is a full on hour of beats.

In addition, we’ve new music from South London Ordinance, delPurr & Eraser, Separation Device, Threnody, Kab Driver, Vector Lovers, Siriusmo, Eomac and many more.

Track list:
Kab Driver – Hank Bewlington [Reset Industries]
Dillon + Telefon Tel Aviv – Feel the Fall [bPitch Control]
Separation Device – Parasitic Drag [Bandcamp]
Baconhead – Very Senior [Eat Concrete]
James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream (Unknown Edit) [Soundcloud]
Romare – Your Love (Give Me Fever) [Black Acre]
delPurr & Eraser – Fairytale [Blu Mar Ten Music]
Aera – Cambio [Aleph]
Om Unit & Sam Binga – Electribe Riddem [Exit]
Paul Blackford – ED-209 [Tudor Beats]
Xtrngr feat Miss Q – The Day Before [Discontinurecords]
LV feat Okmalumkoolkat – SSSSNAKE [Hyperdub]

Mr Seavers – Recorded at Darkfloor Live

Mike & Alan – Braindead Moth [Soundcloud]
Seuil – Teopartü [Half Baked]
Vector Lovers – Big City Loner [Soma]
South London Ordinance – Transmission Funk [Hotflush]
Various Productions – Worse [Various]
Threnody – Emergency [Big Dada]
Siriusmo – Itchy [Monkeytown]< br />Thorpey – Acid Trek VIP [Mutant Bass]

Play Apr 2

The Centrifuge Radio Show #89 – Guest live set from Oxynucid

One of our longest standing friends of the show returns this week with a host of new material. With his first guest mix appearing on show #17, and tunes appearing throughout the show’s history, I thought it high time we have him back. This hour long set was recorded at the Broken Melodies event in Antwerp, and features a host of new material, along with some classics from his pH series.

In addition, we’ve new music from RadioNasty, Cassegrain, Divvorce, Ellen Allien, Paul Blackford and many more.

Track list:
Ryan Vail – Fade [Champion Sound]
Resting Cell – Aquaphoria [Swishcotheque]
The Third Man – Double Dawn (Claro Intelecto rmx) [EPM]
Ellen Allien – LISm cut006 [bPitch Control]
Lusine – Another Tomorrow [Ghostly]
Wraetlic – Rats (SCB edit) [Convex]
Limo – Boot Break (Mike Dehnert rmx) [Fachwerk]
Sinkane – Warm Spell (Barker & Baumecker remix) [DFA]
Lyterian – The Weight of the World [Space Cadets]
Divviorce – E4 [Fifth Wall]
George Lanham & Mr Jones – Collab 8 [TPS]
Cassegrain – Task [Prologue]
Brendon Moeller – Far Out (Mike Parker rmx) [Electric Deluxe]
RadioNasty – Stevie Wunderbar [Electrix]
Every – Swamp Burial [So What? Di Khrap!]

Oxynucid – Live at Broken Melodies
Cheap Fags
Change of Circumstance

Flint Kids – Da y Nil (Randomform rmx) [Abstrakt Reflections]
Ursa – Midian Cursive [Ricochet forthcoming]
Aera – Chevere [Aleph]
Om Unit & Sam Binga – Gamma [Exit]
Paul Blackford – Return of the Bionic Bassline [Tudor Beats]

Play Mar 8

The Centrifuge Radio Show #86 – Live set from Myoptik

First guest mix of the year, and we’ve a cracker from The Centrifuge’s Myoptik. Recorded last year at Subtrakt, Rich put together an hour of hard-edged acid and techno sounds. A perfect start to the year to warm you up on a cold winters night. Plus new music from Bija, Radio Nasty, Deft, Albert Van Abbe and more…

Track list:
Ochre – Dead Republic [Bandcamp]
Rory St John – Super Symmetry [Acre]
Talismann – Xingu [Talismann]
Bija – Cerulean [Broken Bubble]
Hound Scales – Casa (Nabis) (Ghosts on Tape rmx) [Fifth Wall]
Albert Van Abbe – 9390 [Curle]
Meat Beat Manifesto – Re-animator (Scanner collapse) [Soundcloud]
Radio Nasty – Heisenberg [Tortured]
MPIA3 – Crusty Juice [R&S]

Myoptik guest mix – recorded live at Subtrakt, April 2012

Vertical 67 – In Space [Lunar Disko]
Somatic Responses – Kut U [Bandcamp]
Captain Murphy – Shake Weight (Mighty Jungle rmx) [Soundcloud]
Spongemagnet – Plutonium Catwrap [Caoutchou]
Ascend – Can’t Hold Back (Dawn Day Night rmx) [Pseudogeddon]
Danny Scrilla – Magellanic clouds (Deft rmx) [Civil Music]
Lee Gamble – M25 loop [PAN]
Sam KDC – Burn It Down [Self-released]
Ruby my dear – Canzone [Jarring Effects]

Play Jan 30

The Centrifuge Radio Show #85 – Best of 2012

Starting off 2013 with the usual recap of the best tunes from 2012. 71 tracks in just over 90m, featuring the likes of Italtek, Om Unit, Boddika & JO, Vaetxh, Addison Groove, Actress and many more, plus new music from Burial, Duke Slammer, Synkro and more…

tracklist: Burial – Truant [Hyperdub]
Lee Gamble – Razor [PAN]
Synkro – Acceptance [Apollo]

Best of 2012 mix

1 – Jnr Hacksaw – Mutant Cunt Jam [Self released]0:00
2 – Machine Gun Militia – Nostromo [Oevure] 0:20
3 – Troy Masters – Evertude [Swishcotheque] 2:00
4 – The Fear Ratio – Skana [Blueprint] 3:30
5 – Ryan Vail – Heartbeat (Unknown rmx) [Champion Sound] 5:20
6 – U – Eah [ManMakeMusic] 8:00
7 – Bobby Champs – Drag queen [Pictures] 9:00
8 – Radioactive Man – Flying fuck [Wangtrax] 10:30
9 – Barker & Baumecker – Schlangbang [Ostgut Ton] 11:30
10 – Ghettozoid – Boy toy (HOBL rmx) [Electronic Explorations] 12:00
11 – Chevron – The Last Wurlitzer On The Cross Falling Eternally Backwards Into A Black Hole (Mark Archer’s Remix) [Balkan Vinyl] 14:00
12 – Severin – High Shot (The Voyeurist rmx) [TipTop] 15:00
13 – Sonic Youth – Shadow of a doubt (Matta rmx) [Self released] 16:00< br />14 – Lee J Malcolm – Trashcan Riotface Queen (Alt mix) [EPM] 17:30
15 – Joy O & Boddika – Swims [Swamp81] 18:00
16 – Death Grips – Guillotine (Voidloss rmx) [Self released] 19:00
17 – Actress – Shadow over Tartarus [Honest Jon’s] 22:00
18 – Zzzzra – Sumo (flo remix) [Deepindub] 22:30
19 – Birds Making Machine – Fuera de Contexto [Birdsmakingmachine] 24:00
20 – Nick Modern – Draw the line [self released]25:30
21 – Pearson Sound – Clutch [Hessle Audio] 27:00
22 – Happa – Beat of the drum [Church] 28:00
23 – Shadowchild & Horx – Bordertown [Apollo] 29:30
24 – Clouds – Those cracks in your face, do they hurt? [Turbo] 30:00
25 – Lucy – Finnegan [Curle] 31:00
26 – Teengirl Fantasy – Motif (Actress rmx) [R&S] 33:00
27 – Azaelia Banks – Liquorice [Polydor] 35:00
28 – Delta Funktionen – Redemption [Delsin] 36:00
29 – MPIA3 – Acid Badger [R&S] 37:00
30 – Bambounou – Mass [Monkeytown] 39:00
31 – A friqua – Moncrieff [F4T] 39:30
32 – Lifecycle – Obnoxiorama [Ricochet] 40:00
33 – Pixelord – Freeze the star [Civil Music] 42:00
34 – Randomer – Nar [Hemlock] 43.30
35 – FFF&Missqulater – Scream for acid (Missqulater rmx) [Encounters] 45:00
36 – Phat Chex – Puxton Bridge [Darkfloor Sound] 46:00
37 – Jon Convex – Desolation [Convex Industries] 47:00
38 – Addison Groove – Bad things [Monkeytown] 48:00
39 – OktoRed – The Two [Yo Sucka!] 49:00
40 – Death Abyss – Morality is a handicap [Rodz-Konez] 50:00
41 – CTRLS – Analog lies [Token] 51:00
42 – Trevino – Under surveillance [Applepips] 52:00
43 – Ikonika – I Make Lists [Hum&Buzz] 53:30
44 – Gareth Clarke – Sex in the chancel [The Centrifuge] 55:30
45 – Actraiser – Shadowboxing rmx [Cut] 56:00
46 – Talismann – Tiran [Talismann] 57:30
47 – Amit – White trash (Darquan rmx) (Soundcloud) 59:00
48 – Swarm Intelligence – Execute (Blackmass Plastics rm x) [Acroplane] 61:00
49 – Eomac – Slide FX [Acroplane] 62.30
50 – Hurtdeer – Feeling Shit Pulse [Broken Bubble] 64:00
51 – Threnody – Eyelashes [UK Trendz] 65:00
52 – Vaetxh – Recursion Tree [Schematic] 66.30
53 – Memotone – Chew [Boiler Room] 68:00
54 – Monokle – Swan [Ki] 69.30
55 – Soundex Phonetic – Self construction [Tudor Beats] 71:00
56 – Chordata – 5th dimension [Militant Science]
57 – Louis Blaize – Love & Gwalla (Phillip D Kick rmx) (Soundcloud) 73:00
58 – Warlock – Pocket dancing (Soundcloud) 74:00
59 – Italtek – East District [Atom River] 74.30
60 – Squarepusher – 303 Scopem Hard [Warp] 76:00
61 – C. Mantle – Djaevn (Soundcloud) 77:00
62 – Om Unit – Ulysses (Reso rmx) [Civil Music] 79:00
63 – Fracture – Bad Habit (Om unit VIP) [Astrophonica] 81:00
64 – Thrupence – Parley [Bandcamp] 82:00
65 – O For Odetta – Take Five [Caoutchou] 84:00
66 – Various Production – Moving on [Var ious] 85:00
67 – Moresounds – Shrakstep [Cosmic Bridge] 87:00
68 – Remarc – RIP (Doc odessah rmx) [Soundcloud] 88:00
69 – IJO – Rave blaster [Soundcloud] 89:00
70 – Twelve turtles – David ezra brown [Bedroom Research] 89:30
71 – T-Toe – We don’t talk anymore [Bit-Phalanx] 91:00

Rory St John – Super Symmetry [Acre]
Prince – Let’s Work (Duke Slammer 808 edit) [Soundcloud]
FSOL – Ill Flower (Machinedrum rmx) [Pseudogeddon]


Play Jan 14

Beautiful Crissy – Night Safari

December 2012 house / electronica dj set. Thanks for listening! More mixes / downloads at

Track list:
Golopapas – Shrink
Deep Sister – Don’t Be Shy
Alex Mitrecey, Clairelabs – Tok Tok (In My Bubble)
Joi Cardwell, Gianpiero Vertulli, Tale of Us Amp Mind, Love Somebody Else – Flash of Light
Andy Martin – Oscillator (Terry Whyte Remix)
Mac Artuir – Limelite 0
Justin Martin, PillowTalk – The Gurner (Danny Daze Remix)
Marek Hemmann – Who Two
Cesare vs Disorder – Clap Ur Hands (Perro Magnetico Edit)
Felix Lenferink – Third Forlane
Tolga Fidan – Double Edge Sword
Otimai, Blue Crystal – Little Boxes (Feat. Blue Crystal)
Valano, George Absent – I Don’t Need You
Enea – Water
Hibernation – My Executive Prism

Play Dec 21

The Centrifuge Radio Show #82 – Guest mix from C. Mantle

Taking a darker turn this time round, we have an exclusive guest mix from Edinburgh’s C. Mantle. With tracks out on Handsette, Myusyk, Digital Distortions, collaborations with The Wee DJs and Burnibus, and now as one of the guys behind Acre Recordings, Chris has been pushing his own variety of dense, twisted electronics since 2005, and has put together a fantastic 60 minutes of (mostly unreleased) material – his recent split with Blakbody was described as ‘unapologetically IDM: mid-tempo, impossible to danc
e to stuff; definite (and maybe definitive) home-listening for late-night heads’. Dark, complex, building to a frenzy of beats – This’ll be one for repeated listenings.

On top of that, we’ve a competition to give away 2 tickets to Four-Tet’s long sold-out Brixton Academy all-nighter on Friday November 2nd, to be given away live on the show. Add to that new music from Mouse On Mars, Cottam,Monokle, Kawatin, Ryan Vail and many more. Sho uld make for a pleasant 2 hours all round…

Track list:
MyPandaShallFly & Will Ward – Giant shoe [XVI]
Cottam – Relapse [AUS]
Soak – Sea Creatures (Ryan Vail & Unknown rmx)
Missqulater & FFF – Take me higher [Encounters]
C_C – Ru-Nc-Ut [Bedroom Research]
Jack Dixon – find shelter [Hotflush]
Benjamin Brunn – Pankow Memories [Third Ear]
zzzra – sumo flo remix [deepindub]
Lumisokea – Lume [Eat Concrete]
Lucy – Finnegan [Curle]
Kawatin – Sigur Ros rmx
Unknown – #003 [Champion Sound]

C. Mantle mix
C Mantle – C Mantle vs Gomungho Ensemble (unreleased)
Burnibus – Treadl (C Mantle remix) (Acre Recordings)
Blakbody – Sindrome (C Mantle remix) (Acre Recordings)
C Mantle – In the Mouth of the Whale (remix) (Acre Recordings)
C Mantle – untitled (unreleased)
C Mantle – C Mantle vs Scottish Sinfonia (remix) (unreleased)
C Mantle – Femtotech (unreleased)
C Mantle – Anonyma (remix) (unreleased)
C Mantle – U235 (unrel eased)
C Mantle – Two (Acre Recordings – forthcoming)
C Mantle – We Are (Stasis Records)
C Mantle – Djaevn 2 (unreleased)
C Mantle – Djaevn 1 (

Mouse on mars – ACD [Monkeytown]
Mr myoplast – Plissken [Recycled Plastics]
Soundex Phonetic – self construction [Tudor Beats]
Monokle – holt found [Ki]
WIFE – Bodies [Left_Blank]
Happa – Beat of the drum TS rmx [Church]
Julien Mier – Gigantic Erasures [Broken Bubble]

Play Nov 12

The Centrifuge Radio Show #81 – Ryan Vail

A brand new promo arrived in my inbox a few weeks ago from Ryan Vail. Featuring a fantastic original and a bunch of top quality remixes, I wanted to hear more, and a guest mix promptly landed in my inbox, before absolutely blowing me away. A perfectly blended mix of house, garage, and electronics of all kinds, featuring tracks from Ryan himself, Unknown, Fort Romeau and others, something tells me this could be the start of a stratospheric rise for Mr Vail…

In addition, we’ve new music from Qebrus & Valance Drakes, Happa, FFF & Missqulater, Monokle, Apparat, Mr Myoplast, Actraiser and many more.

Track list:
Mr Myoplast – Garlic Wine [Recycled Plastics]
DFRNT – Homeward ft Joy Dunlop [Echodub]
Apparat – Nong Kai [!K7]
Analogous doom – Five cube compound [Mystery Plays records]
Zzzra – Sumo (Textural Being rmx) [Deepindub]
U – Eah [ManMakeMusic]
Machine Gun Militia – Narcissus [Oeuvre]
Jimmy Edgar – Sex Drive (Jon Convex dub) [Hotflush]
Paul Mac – Driven Points [EPM]
OktoRed – Push [YoSucka!]
Happa – Beat of the Drum [Church]
Pixelord – Vibrate (XI remix) [Civil Music]
Mark Broom – Vault 5 [Ostgut Ton]

Ryan Vail guest mix:
Ryan Vail – Heartbeat (Unknown Remix)
Reso – Aegis
Jessie Ware – Sweet Talk (Saux Remix)
Ryan Vail – These Words (Fort Romeau Remix)
Tycho – A Walk (Kolombo Remix)
John Talabot – So Will Be Now (feat Pional)
A Thousand Years – Flying High
Unknown – #004
Fort Romeau – Theo
DAUWD – What’s There
Unknown – #002

Actraiser – Shadowboxing rmx [Cut]
Missqulater & FFF – Should be tuned (FFF rmx) [Encounters]
Death Grips – Black Dice [Self Released]
Monokle – Swan [Ki]
Memotone – Djakka [Black Acre]
5Y5 – Do the Biz [Queen Spectra]
C. Mantle & Blakbody – In the mouth of the syndrome (Blakbody rmx) [Acre]

Play Nov 2

The Centrifuge Radio Show #80 – Coppé, live from Cyberdog

Show number 80, and we’ve got a rare live set for you all. As you may know i’ve been accompanying Coppe’ on her recent UK tour, and I have a recording of our set from Cyberdog in Camden (yes, THAT Cyberdog) to air this evening. Crazy silly gorgeous electronic delights for you all.

In addition, the usual glut of new music including OktoRed, Death Grips, Randomer and too many more for me to list…

Track list:
Death Grips – No Love [Self-released]
Blakbody vs C. Mantle – In The Mouth Of The Syndrome (C. Mantle rmx) [Acre]
Lastboss – The pungent return of Xiao Fei Pan [Bad Sekta]
Lee J Malcolm – We Just Might [EPM]
Troy Masters – Freeform [Swishcotheque]
U – Heaven [ManMakeMusic]
Machine Gun Milita – Nostromo [Oeuvre]
Ryan Vail – Days Brokenchord rmx)
George Fitzgerald – Lights Out (Gerry Read remix) [Aus]
Motor City Drum Ensemble – Space Cadets [!K7]
Memotone – Empty Platform [Black Acre]
Volor Flex – Pressure [Apollo]

Coppe’ Live at Cyberdog

Randomer – Nar [Hemlock]
Rec Overflow – Birthday [Crazy Language]
OktoRed – The Two [Yo Sucka]
Defcon – Living Lazers [Reset Industries]
Kabdriver – Ormeau strip [Airflex Labs]
Point B – False Economy [Forthcoming]
When Saints Go Machine – Hos Mig Igen [!K7]
Fanu – Two Drummers [Soundcloud]
Mark Atmost – Dis appear [Energostatic]
Locussolus – Throwdown – (Com truise rmx) [International Feel]
Reso – Aegis [XLR8R]
Paul Blackford – Let it ride [Battery Park Studios]
Hermutt Lobby – Roger More Cowbell [Caoutchou]

Play Oct 31

The Centrifuge Radio Show #79 – The Analog Roland Orchestra

We’ve been looking forward to this one for a while – The Analog Roland Orchestra put out one of the more impressive albums this year, but has taken a left turn for this guest mix, featuring Bent, Board of Canada, Gangstarr and others, all threaded through a selection of echos and reverbs. In his own words:

“Mixed with ten fingers on a small Amek Mixing Desk with a Roland RE 201, Roland RE 501, Mutron Biphase, a Vermona DAF 1Filter and a Vermona 2010 EQ.
Beware of mistakes and unforeseeable events!
thanks to all the artists and their influence on The Analog Roland Orchestra.
Thanks to all the MPCs, Modular Synthesizers, Humans and Tr 909s, thanks to all the Space Echos and analog compressors which made all those music possible.”

In addition, we’ve the usual gamut of new music from Ryan Vail, Kid 606, Defcon, Recondite, Pearson Sound and many more.

Track list:
The XX – Fiction (Aaimon rmx) [Soundcloud]
Richard Colvaen – Stunt Wall Crash [Thin Consolation]
DFRNT – Silent Witness [Echodub]
Troy Masters – Evertude [Swishcotheque]
Ryan Vail – Heartbeat (Unknown remix) [Champion Sound]
Hermutt Lobby – Flushing Economy [Caoutchou]
Chairman Kato – Yeah you’re right pt2 [Shades of Grey]
Recondite – DGRN [Hotflush]
Lee J Malcolm – Trashcan Riotface Queen (Lee J Malcolm Alternate mix) [EPM]
Stefan Goldman – Adem [Macro]
Pearson Sound – Clutch [Hessle Audio]
VCMG – Aftermaths (Alva Noto remix) [Mute]

The Analog Roland Orchestra´s Soaked Mixtape
1 – All Natural (Feat. Lone Catalysts) – Renaissance
2 – Aphilas – The dubbed Coil Of Smoke
3 – Bent – Swollen
4 – Mort Garson – Music To Soothe The Savage Snake Plant
5 – Rhythm & Sound with Jennifer Lara – Queen Of My Empire
6 – Kaan Duzarat – Where Did Heron Go (The Analog Roland Orch estra Reshape)
7 – The Undisputed Truth – Friendship Train
8 – Boards Of Canada – Everything You Do Is A Balloon
9 – Nebraska – Soft Return
9 – Gang Starr – Skillz
10 – Moodymann – I´m Doing Fine
11 – Yagya – Rigning Niu

Boards Of Canada – Untitled bootleg (Machinedrum edit) [Soundcloud]
Kid 606 – Big Black Ketamine Jesus [Tigerbeat]
Defcon – Mountain Air Shrines [Reset Industries]

Play Oct 1

The Centrifuge Radio Show #78 – Lifecycle (Ricochet Records)

Very pleased to have a guest mix from Ricochet Records boss Lifecycle on this edition of the show. He’s put together a cracking mix featuring AFX, Anodyne, They Live, Pale Sketcher, Redshape, Si Begg and more – a nicely eclectic hour to delve in to.

In addition, we’ve new music from NeferTT, Pearson Sound, Trevino, Jon Convex, Ripperton, Tudor Acid and more.

Track list:
NeferTT – Bless Moon [Hotflush]
DFRNT – Prism [Echodub]
Deepchord – The Universe as a Hologram [Soma]
Ripperton – Let’s Hope [Tamed Musiq]
BcingU#6 ft Joss – What You Sayin (T-toe’s ‘got courage to ask out the city lights girl’ Remix) [CSS]
Jon Convex & Breakage – No Love [Convex Industries]
Butane – Hey Hipster [Alphahouse]
Stefan Goldmann – The Outness Queens [Macro]
Tudor Acid – The Sound of Raindrops [Tudor Beats]

Lifecycle guest mix:

Redshape – Brick Brack [Present]
They Live – Mr Spaldings Neighbourhood [Exit]
The Fractal Skulls – Operator [Subexotic]
Wirik – 2050 [Harmonious Dischord]
Lifecycle – Freezer Cats [white]
John Tejada – Our Gigantic Mistake [Palette]
Fan Erhalder / Aunderwex – Uran 154 [Russian Techno]
Kawatin – Clap [Ricochet]
Sign 13 – J-Jak [Play]
Momu – We Are Connected (Lifecycle city of dis disco vip rmx) [white]
D3adl1ne – Still Believing (Reilly Steel rmx) [HotNHeavy]
October – Control Room Interior [Caravan]
Si Begg – The Enemy Within [white]
Kawatin – Trick of the Light (Lifecycle rmx) [Ricochet]
Patscan – untitled [Ricochet]
AFX – Backdoor.Netshadow [Rephlex]
Anodyne – Empire of Glass [Combat]
Pale Sketcher – The Rainy Season [Ghostly]
Kawatin – Antisocial Activism [Ricochet]
Deadman’s Ghost – Amygdala (Defcon rmx) [Umor Rex]
The Black Dog – Late Night Cabin Fever [Dust Science]

Mathew Jonson – Passage to the other side [Itiswhatitis]
Barker & Baumecker – Buttcracker [Ostgut Ton]
Phat Chex – Kitchen Sync [Darkfloorsound]
Deadbeat – Punta de chorros [BLKRTZ]
Trevino – Under surveillance [Applepips]
Death Abyss – Come as the Reaper and Thus You Will Sow (Israel Vines Remix) [Rodz-Konez]
Wirewound – Flux Density [Stasis]
Dr Octagon – Aliens (Kalbata remix) [Soundcloud]

Play Sep 17

The Centrifuge Radio Show #75

Moving to Wednesdays, The Centrifuge Radio Show relaunches with a guest mix we’ve been wanting to air for some time. Koolmorf Widesen has featured on The Centrifuge’s label since way back to our 20th release (Bow ’94, still one of my favourite tunes of that era) and has put together an astounding guest mix for us. 55 minutes of absolutely everything exciting in electronic music right now.

In addition, music from Delta Funktionen, Eomac, Thrupence, Si Begg, Double O, Shed, Neil Landstrumm, Warlock and many more.

Track list:
Neil Landstrumm – Shadowlands [Shipwrec]
Eomac – Dramutic [Acroplane]
The Fear Ratio – Skana [Blueprint]
Lakilaki – Rainbowcore [Encounters]
Ghettozoid – Boy Toy (House Of Black Lanterns remix) [Electronic Explorations comp]
TVO – Caether Dreft [broken20]
Neda – Dream of Flying (Thrupence Remix) [free]
Delta Funktionen – Enter [Delsin]
Si Begg – Aspiration [from ‘We Made Our Own Disaster OST]
Simplicity is Beauty – Ithaca (Djamel Remix) [The Public Stand]
Nick Modern – Draw the line [Soundcloud]
Death Abyss – Seek Happiness In Victory But Never In Peace (Inigo Kennedy Remix) [Rodz-Konez]
Jon Convex – Shadows [Convex Industries]

Guest mix from Koolmorf Widesen (Eves/The Centrifuge)

Monolog – Live cut #02 [Acre]
Warlock – Pocket dancing [Soundcloud]
Om Unit – Ulysses (Reso’s Different Drum rmx) [Civil Music]
Double O – Sufferation [Rupture]
Dub Phizix – Yea h, don’t dance. Just look at the mixer. Safe. [Soundcloud]

Play Aug 8

Beautiful Crissy – On your side mix

Here is a DJ mix of various house, minimal and electronica forms mixed by Beautiful Crissy.

Track list:
Scuba – July
Salmon – Jumbo Woodman
Subreachers – Cruising (3AM Cruising Mix)
Pezzner – Not a Good Idea
Vedomir – Dreams
Tom Niel – Sunday
The Forest — Do You Feel the Same
Tom Flynn – Rhode Island
Dubphone – Your Story (Hardy Heller + Alex Connrs Ohral Soul Mix)
Ingo Boss – Disappointment
Miguel Atwood-Ferguson – Just Before Dawn
Stubbs – Dark Heart
A7L – Endless World
V-Sexion – Narkosa
Chris Fortier – Portion Control
Nox, Kinta – Hole
Composer – Polar Bear

Play Jun 8

The Centrifuge Radio Show #71 – Guest mix from Cogidubnus (Broken Bubble)

Nominated for Best New Label at the Dubstepforum awards, Broken Bubble have gone from strength to strength over the last year. With releases from Mirror State, Second Line, Macka as well as former guest mixers Duskky and Hurtdeer, the label is right at the top for interesting dubbed-out flavours, and label owner Cogidubnus has given us a very special mix showcasing the best the label has to offer.

As well as this, we’ve new music from Scrubber Fox, Space Ladies, Thrupence, Vincent Steiner, Paul Mac, Max Cooper, and many more.

Track list:
Noisia – Alpha Centauri (Receptor rmx) [Noisia Wesbite]
Scrubber Fox – Blonged in Sarongs [Bad Sekta]
COG – The Devil’s Level [Bit-phalanx]
Mirror state – At least I noticed [Broken Bubble]
Vincent steiner – Mars orbiter [Eves]
Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm – a2 (Max Cooper Remix) [Erased Tapes]
Various Productions – Bolts [Various]
Anstam – Intuit [50 Weapons]
Space Ladies – Fields [Senseless]
Untold – Motion the dance [Hemlock]
clatterbox – Stakeout [Ricochet]
Posthuman – Synapses [Acroplane]
Paul Mac – Sometimes It’s That Simple [Stimulus]

Cogidubnus – Broken Bubble guest mix
MusSck – The Morning Sun [Mad Hop]
Venture – Far Away [soundcloud]
Cogidubnus – Praxis [dub]
Sipp & Steamgoat – In Between [forthcoming BB]
Muntelevenus & Macka – The Tale Of Samarkand [forthcoming BB]
Julien Mier – Je t’écoute [dub]
Ta-ku – Where [Gergaz]
Jacque Polynice – Obama O’s (Mike Slott Remix) [Circuitree]
Minor Science – White Eagle Speaks [dub]
Pogflipper – Cycle Of Us [forthcoming BB]
Wagawaga – Cheeky Bastard [Acroplane]
Hurtdeer – Deer Noises [soundcloud]
Sipp – CF 2191 (Cogidubnus Remix) [dub]
Mirror State – The Signal [soundcloud]
Budeaux & Davwuh – Faded [forthcoming BB]
Cogidubnus – Autoslouch [BB16]
My Nu Leng – Voyage [forthcoming Mindstep]
EPLP feat. Alpenglow – Blue Evening [Night Tracks]
Good Paul – MClina [Finest Ego]
Wagawaga – Varanasi Puja [Record Label Records]
A Conversation With Rickie Lee Jones

Thrupence – Winston [Bandcamp]
Lazer Sword ft MachineDrum – CHSEN [Monkeytown]
Paul Blackford – Dream sequence [Tudor Beats]
Nebula – Sound barriers [Bustle Beats]
Moresounds – Shrakstep [Cosmic Bridge]
Eleven Tigers – Stableface (Macc Remix) [Soul Motive]

Play May 7

The Centrifuge Radio Show #69 – Bad Sekta Retrospective

As we reach show number 69 (and let’s face it, we all read that in a Bill & Ted-era Keanu Reeves voice, didn’t we?) The Centrifuge Radio Show is proud to present a retrospective mix from Bad Sekta’s very own PHUQ. With past releases from Voltergeist, Blackmass Plastics, Last Boss, Ronin and many others, plus a forthcoming release from The Centrifuge’s own Scrubber Fox, Bad Sekta has a formidable back catalogue, and label boss PHUQ has harvested the best for a retrospective mix for the show. A great listen for those of you into your dark, aggressive, abstract noises.

In addition new music from Addison Groove, Mouse on Mars, Cygnus,Radioactive Man, Ukkonen, Qebrus, Matta, Lorn, O for Odetta records and many, many more.

Track list:
IJO – Rave Blaster [Soundcloud]
Oktored – We Are The Scientists [Yo Sucka!]
Addison Groove – Savage Henry [50 Weapons]
Qebrus – Mrcgs ppr chmr [Bedroom Research]
Mouse On Mars – Wienuss [50 Weapons]
Cygnus – Artereole [ICASEA]
Ukkonen – Haukivesi Spirit [Uncharted Audio]
Sonic Youth – Shadow of a Doubt (Matta Refix)
Missqulater – Missing Ya Dream (Nonimix) [Section 27]
Burial & Fourtet – Nova [Text]
Wirewound – Bit synchronous [Acre]
Addison Groove – Bad things [50Weapons]
Azaelia Banks – Fuck up the fun [Soundcloud]
Bad Sekta Retrospective

1. Intro
2. DJ Ultimate Kevin – ‘Crakndope’ (Various – ‘Various Autists 2’)
3. Scrubber Fox – ‘Brown Under Keks’ (Forthcoming Scrubber Fox EP)
4. Igorrr – ‘Squelette Reversible’ (Various – ‘Community’)
5. The Abominable Mr Tinkler – ‘Ampules in a Paper Box'(T.A.M.T. presents F-Lithium – ‘Ether Wa y You Lose’)
6. The SinTactics – ‘NS Arktika’ (Various – ‘Against All Odd’)
7. Lastboss – ‘Xin Who?’ (Lastboss – ‘Xin Who?’)
8. Intonamori – ‘All Thumbs’ (Intonamori – ‘Ear Weevils 1’)
9. Phuq – ‘Alex, Son of Malcolm (Demo)’ (Forthcoming Phuq EP)
10. weyheyhey !! – ‘Effection’ (Various – ‘Community’)
11. BOEP – ‘Get Stoated (rANdOMoiDzs Bashoutmix06)’ (Various – ‘MPFree 1’)
12. Usedtobecool – ‘My Soul in a Sock’ (Usedtobecool – ‘The Independent Fallacy’)
13. Dave Stitch – ‘Kitchen Brain’ (Various – ‘Various Autists 2’)
14. Fzv – ‘A3K-00s_1-4’ (Forthcoming Fzv EP)
15. Blackmass Plastics – ‘T-Rex Powerdrill’ (Blackmass Plastics – ‘The Innocent Bystander EP’)
16. Ronin -‘Moomincore’ (Various – ‘Against All Odd’)

Radioactive Man – Tits & Bubbles [Wangtrax]
East of oceans – Symbol 6 [Symbol]
Ital-tek – East district [Bandcamp]
Dan Habarnam – Divided [Exit]
Lorn – Ghosst [Ninja Tune]
O fo r Odetta – Take five [Caoutchou]

Play Apr 11

The Centrifuge Radio Show #61 – Mix from Tim Reaper for DSCI4’s ‘Amen Warfare’ LP

DSCI4 have been one of the most seminal DnB labels of the last 10 years, and will sadly be shutting up shop in the near future. However, they’ll be going out with a bang with their final release, the ‘Amen Warfare’ compilation, featuring amen-based tracks from a huge range of producers. To celebrate this, Tim Reaper has put together a 15m minimix of tracks from the album, and you get a chance to listen to them all on this week’s show.

In addition, we’ve new music from Debasser, Lifecycle, Mad EP & Shadowhuntaz, AAIMON, Valance Drakes and many more.

Track list:
Steindor Kristinsson – Madame Claude [Shipwrec]
Oktored – Learn Don’t Burn [Yo! Sucka]
Oxynucid – Maliverance (Ursa rmx) [CSS]
Funkineven – Fuck Off [Apron]
Parsod – Smile Face [Bandcamp]
Conforce – Escapism [Delsin]
Hurtdeer – Welcome Heart (Morris Cowan rmx) [Broken Bubble]
Mark Broom & Paul Mac – I Don’t Know [Beardman]
Modeselektor – German Clap [Monkeytown]
Planetary Assault Systems – Rip the Cut [Ostgut Ton]
Death Abyss – Look down on them and laugh [Rodz-Konez]
Martyn – Bauplan [Brainfeeder]
Instra:mental – Thomp [Nonplus]

Minimix from Tim Reaper for DSCI4’s ‘Amen Warfare’ LP

Space Dimension Controller – Flight of the escape vessels [R&S]
Methodrone – Mercer & Broome (Lifecycle rmx) [looq]
Debasser – Bust [Wide]
Dead Sound & Videohead – Degree [Acroplane]
Starkey – Resident 27
The Fear Ratio – Guv 3 [Blueprint]
Kill Moda – Exit Strategy [Beauty Default]
Threnody – The Experience of Silence [UKTrendz]
Machinedrum – Now U Know Tha Deal 4 Real [Planet Mu]
Siriusmo – Bad Idea [Monkeytown]
Prince Kong – Crossroads [Alphabetset]
Dwarde – Grim up north [Amen-tal]
Valance Drakes – Heaven Garden pt 1 and 2 [Bedroom Research]
AAIMON – Maasym (Funerals rmx) [Bandcamp]
Luke’s Anger & Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry – Earthworms (Duke Slammer rmx) [Bonus Round]
Mad EP & Shadowhuntaz – In Living Stereo [Acroplane]
Somatic Responses – Sarcastic Fringehead [Photon Emissions]
Fexomat & Sumone – Boozed-up Gypsy [Ringe Raja]
Duskky – Distance [Circuitree]

Play Dec 28

The Centrifuge Radio Show #59

Back after a short break, Our first broadcast from our new studio is available for download, and we’ve got a guest mix from Canary Warp to christen the decks. A new pseudonym for someone familiar to net-labels Swishcotheque and the Centrifuge, Canary Warp combines the sleek styles of the 80s with the twisted sounds of proper IDM. In his own words it’s ‘Aesthetics of money and power… bonus kultur… cocaine… money worship… occult glamour… That sort of thing.’ We’ve got a laptop set for your delectation recorded at last week’s Freelectronica event, featuring some of his new tunes alongside tracks from Com Truise, Clark, Baconhead, The Tuss and more.

In addition, new music from Anstam, Lowtec, Space Dimension Controller, Plug, Rick James, Mark Archer, Sepalcure, Untold, Death Abyss and more.

Track list:
Conforce – Aquinas Control [Delsin]
Lowtec – Coldred [Non-plus]
Martyn – Popgun [Brainfeeder]
Untold – Little Things Like That [Clone]
Space Dimension Controller – Tiraquon’s Return (A New Home)[R&S]
Death Abyss – Control Dissent, Isolate the Thinkers [Rodz-Konez]
Detroit Grand Pubahs – Club Sandwiches (Killa Productions ’91 Revival Remix) [Engine-room]
Anstam – I Shouldn’t Even Be Here [50Weapons]
Mark Archer – Frequency (Luke Vibert Remix) [Balkan Vinyl]

Guestmix – Canary Warp @ Freelectronica, Nov 2011
Zwischenwelt – Multiple Existence
Com Truise – VHS Sex
DMX Krew – Wave Funk
Nosaj Thing – Fog
Canary Warp – FTSE200
Eprom – Pipe Dream
Baconhead – Novahawk
L-Vira – Talkin’ About Rambo
Doctors Cat – Feel the Drive
The Tuss – Shiz Ko E
Automatic Tasty – Wicklacid (Heating Bill Edit)
Oxio – Story
The Ace of Clubs – Whorcan
Canary Warp – FTSE100
The Reflecting Skin – Traffickers
Comtron – What We Sell
Impakt – Interpiss
Massive Attack – Redlight (Clark Remix)
Plaid – Miamivice
Yellow Magic Orchestra – Absolute Ego Dance
Idiron Soundtrack – Consider Phlebas

Sepalcure – Pencil Pimp [Hotflush]
Rustie – Death Mountain [Warp]
The Fear Ratio – Guv Three (Deadhand Mix) [Blueprint]
Plug (Luke Vibert) – Feeling So Special [Ninja Tune]
DJ Trax + Assorted Anonymous – The Invisible Plan (DubOne Remix) [Bandcamp]
Rick James – Horrorface [Ruff Revival]
dBridge – So Lonely [Exit]
vertical67 – breakit
Oxynucid – Bluewave (acidburp rmx) [CSS]

Play Nov 30