Radio Incognitum – Flow field
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Beautiful Crissy ‘Blowout’ Mix

Various house and electronica forms in the latest Phuture Frequency podcast mixed by beautiful crissy…

Liiebermann – Les drums
Maxxi Soundsystem – Inside The Count
GoldFFinch – Model
GoldFFinch – Let Me See
Wheez-ie – Fuck Yer Shit
Flubba – Can’t Wait
Mkdj – Looking for You
Cristiana Irali – And You Are All (Frank Minoia Disco Mix)
JMX – On U (KRL Remix)
Jay West – The Old Thing
Wellington Boy – Cabuloza
DC Salas – That Door
SmaK Pony – Anything
Babi – 10.3
Will Beridge – It’s Mine
Frank Johnson, Enrique Vela, Camila Teran – Don’t Know Why (Sp8tial Remix)
Airbird – Deep Dreams, Ltd.

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Beautiful Crissy – Desperate House Bugs

Deep house, electronica and techno set from beautiful crissy. Peace, unity, tolerance and love.

Track list:
Douglas Greed – Sense feat. Delhia De France
Miguel Amaral – Free Soul
Spoony Talker – For My Dog
jacob poe – Love Goes 2.0
Rene Breitbarth – Diaphone
Giovanni Damico – Under My Ground
Offshore, Coen – My Definition
Mark Chambers – Dirty Little Circle
Jordan Peak – Brutal Life
Calvera – B-Side
Loop-O – In this moment
Dionigi – Legend Of Calcutta
Niereich – Without Hearts We Are Just Maschines
Blagger – Mine To Keep (Stimming Remix)
Luc Ringeisen – Bass Speaking (Vinyl Club Version)
Sarp Yilmaz – Stories Make The World Go Round
Jin Choi – Half Baked
Jonny Cade – Take Away Dispute

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Beautiful Crissy – Live Forever

Beautiful Crissy presents the Live Forever mix. Genres include various house forms with some minimal and electronica, etc. Cover art and theme inspired by the Chimaera (eternal fire) near Çirali in southwest Turkey, photographed April, 2011.

Track list:

Polcari, Dr Cat – Interlude 9
ghost bike – Time Giveaway
Suntetic, Sasha Makin – River Talk
Nadja Lind – Limbus
Fashion Cue – Fencing Team 1985
Silvercity Bob – Night Of The Frog
Echonomist – Midnight Talk (Ali Kuru Remix)
Mia – I Will See Yo One Day
Juno6 – Nend
Pasca + Matteo Cabassi – Yeah (Luis Martinez Remix)
Dinky – This Is Your Heart
Marcin Czubala – Won’t Let You
Loverdose – Human Nature
Walker Barnard – Alacazam
Walker Barnard – Ooty On Wax feat. Mike Ladd
Demas – Climber Man
Stephan Funkmann – African Heat
Digital=Divine – Airliner
Nicolas Jaar – Too Many Kids Finding Rain In The Dust (Pepe Bradock’s Train Fantome Poke)
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Beautiful Crissy – Swallows House

Beautiful Crissy Swallows House massive and moody mix inspired by an escape from New York City to a wildlife refuge in …New York City. More birds than people with the constant distant roar of airports. Escape from hectic reality, crash into the muck, crawl back out and consider jumping back in. Deep house, tech house, some minimal and electronica – Jem Stone to Mz Sunday Love to Mike Wall etc (see the track list).

A roller coaster ride through the swamp. Watch for ticks. Peace…

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Exploration Music Podcast – Empire

Our guest for this episode is Empire, a duo of producers hailing from London. With support from djs like dBridge, Instra:Mental and June Miller plus releases on Silk recordings, the future looks bright for them. They crafted a dnb to minimal techno mix for us. Be ready for something atmospheric but still groovy.

1. Gerwin – One Tone Trip
2. Oak – Sequence 1
3. Ivax – White Lilies, Your Eyes (Bulb Remix)
4. Oak – Kite
5. Dan Habarnam – One
6. Ultracode – Gradient
7. June Miller & Rolling Maffia – Shimizu
8. Felix K – Ice
9. Sabre – Follow Polaris
10. Al Tourettes – Sunken
11. Pigon – Kamm
12. Robag Wruhme – Pelagria No.2
13. Hobo – Eazy
14. Rainchild – Rain
15. Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras – Soon (KiNK Remix)

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