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The Drum Clinic w/ Guy Andrews ft Emmanuel Guest Mix 18/10/13

This week Guy Andrews hosts a guest mix from Emmanuel.

Randomer – Bring
Loktibrada – Kompa
Abstract Division – Deformation (Norman Nodge Remix)
Tripeo – Untitled #8
Farceb – Morfosis
Loktibrada – Tool1
Dominion – Leftovers
Anthony Shakir – Travellers (Mrsk Remix)

Deadbeat – ID3 (Deadbeat)
Mike Denhert – MD2 3.4 (MD)
Marcel Fengler – Playground (Ostgut ton)
Truncate – Transiests V1 (Truncate)
Sawlin – Datamen (En Aime)
Mike Denhert – Limite (MD)
Marcel Dettman – Lightworks (Ostgut ton)
Shed – Egotism (Soloaction)
Jonas Kopp – You are mine (ARTS)
Jonas Kopp – Throbbing (ARTS)
Emmanuel – Logic instance (ARTS)
DetachË – I will follow you (ARTS)

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The Drum Clinic w/ Guy Andrews b2b Greymatter – 03/10/13

This week Guy Andrews and Greymatter go back to back for over an hour, playing new music from Greymatter, Headless Horseman, James Welsh, Mumdance and more.

James Welsh – Sky
Greymatter & KRL – A World Without Love
Jimmy Edgar – Mercurio
Trikk – Back To Back
Movement – Us (Kowtown Remix)
Headless Horseman – Midnight Ride
Mumdance & Mao – Truth
U – I
Laszlo Dancehall – Whip What
Laszlo Dancehall – Fatty Que
MTD – Nonsense
Naysayer & Gilsun – All That Good Work (John Roberts Remix)
Maribou State – Moon Circles
Murat Tepeli – Forever (Prosumer’s Hold Me Touch Me Version)
Tensnake feat. Fiora – See Right Through (Medlar Remix)
J. Tijn – Flat
Simian Mobile Disco – Smalahove
Myles Serge & Tommy Vicari Jr – Strip It
My Panda Shall Fly – Trance ###

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The Down Low Session: 010 Feat. Low Profile

Following a rock I found, I decided to roll to get myself out of the grooves I had laid down for myself and slipped into.

A change.

That’s what’s needed right now. A new horizon, or at least a different perspective on the one I always look at.

Now’s not the time for standing still.

Now is the time for going on a journey.

Track list:
Hot Chip – Look at Where We Are (Major Lazer Remix)
RL Grime – CliqCliq
Shy FX feat. Donae’o – Raver (Breakage Remix)
Universal Love – Deeply
The Prototypes feat. Laura Vane – Taking Me Over
UZ – Trap Shit V13
UZ – Trap Shit V13 (Clicks & Whistles Remix)
Flosstradamus – Roll Up (Baauer Remix)
Rudimental – More Than Anything
Orbital – Beelzedub
Goldie – We Are The Core
Nosia – Stigma (Neosignal Remix)
Danny Corn – Curiophilia
Die & Break feat. MC Fats – Peace & Dub
Sunchase & NickBee feat Codebreaker & Sense – Tongue Lash
RL Grime – Pockets
DJ Fresh vs Diplo feat. Dominique Young – Earthquake (Vato Gonzalez & Jaguar Skills Remix)
Tinie Tempah feat. 2 Chainz – Trampoline (Monsta Remix)

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The Drum Clinic w/ Guy Andrews – 27/09/2013

New tracks by Vessel, Tripeo and Trikk feature on this week’s edition of The Drum Clinic, hosted by Guy Andrews.

Track list:
Vessel – Misery Is a Communicable Disease
Tripeo – Untitled #7
Oliver Deuthschmann – Dazed
Deep’a & Biri – Redshift (Argy Remix)
Severn Beach – We Continue
Move D – Wanna Do
Emad Parandian – Kamanche
Baba Zula – Temptation (Terranova Dub Mix)
Basic Soul Unit – Notes 4 the Soul
Karizma – Twyst This
Prins Thomas – Bobletekno (Perkmiks)
Ian Pooley – CompuRhythm (Dixon 4/4 Treatmeant)
Trikk – Mightnight Sequence
Mr G & Gary Beck – All My People


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The Drum Clinic w/ Guy Andrews 20/09/13

This week Guy Andrews goes into an unplanned mix for The Drum Clinic, featuring tracks he’s been playing out in recent sets.

Covering a variety of Techno, House and Bass styles, Guy plays quite a progressive selection, which takes a surprising twist at the end. Enjoy!

Track list:
Jeff Mills – Java
Robert Armani – Road Tour (Dave Clark Remix)
Joachim Spieth – Never Mind
Kirk Degiorgio – Borel (Joans Kopp ‘My Vision of Samba’ Remix)
Mr G & Gary Beck – All My People
Ben Sims – New Blood (Robert Hood Remix)
Severn Beach – We Continue (Leon Vynehall Remix)
James Welsh – Sky
Last Japan – Float
Markings – Attention (Perc Mix)
James Curd – Gentle Help (The Black Madonna Less Gentle Jam)
Talismann – Neptune
Imugem Orihasam – Closer View
Reggy Can Oers – Evasive (Jonas Kopp Remix)
Richard Chartier & Robert Curgenven – Invariance Strata
tobias – Now I know
WIFE – Bodies
Halves – Slow Drawl Moon (For David)

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The Drum Clinic w/ Greymatter – 13/09/2013

Greymatter spins new material from Maurice Fulton, Tensnake, Sei A, Move D, Waze & Odyssey, Soundstream and more.

Track list:
Maurice Fulton – Asteroids Playing Ping Pong
Move D – Say I
Damiano von Erckert – No Good Times
James Welsh – Steak
Citizen & Ashworth – Situation
Tensnake – See Right Through (Medlar Remix)
Waze & Odyssey – Don’t Bring me Down
Analogue Cops – PartyToDance
Sei A – Menchy
J Tijn – Flat
Damiano von Erckert – House Music  (Remastered Version)
Jon Convex ft. Jimmy Edgar – Move
Trackman Lafonte & Bonquiqui – Cholas Live Free
AWANTO 3 – The Gun
Soundstream – Makin’ Love

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The Diggers Podcast No.5

Podcast from Diggers boss Chris Airplays, based on his set at Village Underground in Shoreditch supporting Bonobo last year.

Track list:
DJ Nature – Neighbourhood Novelty [Golf Channel Recordings]
6th Borough Project – Closer [Instruments Of Rapture]
Protect U – Protection [Future Times]
DJ Rum – Undercoat – Excerpt [2nd Drop]
The Butch Cassidy Sound System – Brothers & Sisters Dub [Red Hook]
Hypno – Doo Doo [Ramp Recordings]
Sinden & Sbtrkt – Kind Of Familiar [Grizzly]
Sygaire & Defcon – Always For The Breaks [Raw Fusion]
Wildstyle Bob Nimble – What Is It? [Skint Under 5’s]
Si Begg – Are You A Big Boy DJ? [Noodles]
Stanton Warriors feat. Big Daddy Kane – Get Wild – Bassbin Twins Remix [Punks]
Radiohead – Bloom – Objekt Remix [Ticker Tape]
Run Jeremy – Window Licker – X-Rated Lick [White Label]


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The Down Low Session: 009 feat. Low Profile

I need to chill out.

Things are getting on top of me. I feel like I am drowning. Maybe it’s the weather, my work or perhaps this strange new land. All I know is that without the music I would be lost.

I made this with my six year old son to cheer myself up. I have to stay strong for him, and seeing how he took to the decks like a duck to water makes me feel proud and happy all at the same time.

Things can’t stay like this forever, I just need to wait for the next wave and then ride it all the way in.

Until then I’ll just have to keep listening to the music and tread water.

Track list:
Boards of Canada – Split Your Infinities
Rudimental – Feel The Love (Rudimental Remix)
Nuage – Before (feat. Yorra)
T-Power – A LArge Grey Area
Guy Andrews – Divide
Rudimental – Alien Bashment
Baths – Miasma Sky
Rudimental – Free (feat. Emeli Sande)
Synkro – To Be
Pedestrian – Hoyle ROad
XI – Villain
El_Txef_A – In
Gossamer – Griot
Nuage – Aeroplanes

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The LAST EVER Centrifuge Radio Show #100

After 4 years, 99 shows, heaps of guest mixes, the odd interview, a few instances of playing a song at the wrong speed, one robbery, 3 or 4 festivals, and pages worth of chatroom chatter, it’s time to bring The Centrifuge Radio Show to a close.

For the final show i’m doing a 3 hour special with two mixes for you. Firstly, a cracking guest mix from H-Sik. Fresh from his recent release on Black Acre, H-Sik provides us with 45m of dub and juke influenced beats, featuring Nightwave, Rashad & Spinn, Memory9, Deft and many more.

The, to round us off, i’ve put together a special retrospective mix featuring one track from each of the previous 99 shows. With no duplication of artists or labels, this hour long mix covers almost every variety of music featured on the show in the past 4 years.

Add to that the usual selection of new music including Alex Smoke, dBridge, Black Sites, Moderat, South London Ordinance, House of Blac k Lanterns and many, many more.

Track list:
Moderat – Bad Kingdom [Monkeytown]
Drumcell – Speak Silence [CRL]
House of Black Lanterns – Broken ft Ghettozoid (_Unsubscribe remix) [Houndstooth]
South London Ordinance – Obsidian [Aery Metals]
Peter Van Hoesen – To Alter A Vector – Ø [Phase] remix [Time to Express]
Black Sites – N313P [PAN]
Greg Gow & Gareth Whitehead – Vacant (Silent Servant remix) [EPM]
Demdike Stare – Misappropriation [Modern Love]
Unklone – Tetsuo [Fifth Wall]

H-Sik Guest mix:
Zygote – Lunar Dub
Jeremiah Jae – $easons
Nightwave – For You
Daedelus – Endless Sea
Clams Casino – The World Needs Change
Lukid – Laroche
DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn – Brighter Dayz
Calculon & Pawn – Crush
Clicks & Whistles – Thr3id
Memory9 – One Of These Days
Klic & Pixelord – Mustard Tiger
Tim Reaper – Jukecognito
??? – Pawn Your Words
Wildlife! – Oh Bondage Up Yours (Ital Tek Remix)< br />Dillinja – The Angels Fell (SNCD Juke rmx)
Deft – New Yorks Finest (Ruff Nekz Get Ruff)
Tranquil Elephantizer – Lowdown

Jilk – Ghost Grains [Bit-phalanx]
Alex Smoke – Dust (Tessela remix) [R&S]
Milanese – Barry (Myler Bootleg) [Soundcloud]
Julien H Mulder – Mekanist Brus [Midnight Shift]
Ursa – Midian Cursive (Machine Gun Militia remix) [Ricochet Dub]
Nine Inch Nails – Copy of A [Columbia]
Scan One – Darklight [Yellow Machines]

99 Track guest mix – See for full tracklisting

dBridge – Death of a Drum Machine [R&S]
Instra:mental – Fist Level 2b [Exit]
Om Unit – The Hand [Metalheadz]
Amit – Human Warfare [AMAR]
Nebula – esreveR [Scientific Wax]
Neu-tek – Molecular Structure [The Centrifuge]

Play Aug 26

The Drum Clinic w/ Guy Andrews – 23/08/13

Guy Andrews returns with a selection of his favourite recent tunes, as well as brand new tracks from Eliphino and Lorca.

Track list:
Eliphino – I Don’t Care
Aubrey – 6AM Decay
Johanna Knutsson & Hans Berg – Donka
Barker & Baumecker – Silo (Kobosil Remix)
Staffan Linzatti – The Contraption
Oliver Achatz – Express
Allan Byallo – A Red Dilemma (Brooks Mosher Spirit Box Remix)
Kurt Baggaley – Touching Your Mind (Steffen Kirchhoffs Perspective)
SMD & Bicep – Sacrifice
Guy Andrews – 7AM
Laszlo Dancehall – Fatty Que
Locked Groove – Dream Within A Dream
Guy Andrews – Hints
Ghostpoet – Cold Win (Lorca Remix)

Play Aug 23

The Centrifuge Radio Show #99 ft. Frederic Robinson

With a charming melodic double whammy just released on Blu Mar Ten’s label, and a collaboration with Stray before that, we’re very happy that Frederic has kindly provided us with an hour of his favourite tunes. Including the likes of Moderat, Air, Fever Ray, FlyLo, Robot Koch, and some of his own productions, it’s a fantastic hour of music.

In addition, i’ve new tracks from Moderat (again), Machinedrum, Demdike Stare, JK Flesh, Clouds, Dr. Zygote and many more. A fine build up for the penultimate show – and we’ll be revealing details of the final show in two weeks time.

Track list:
Plaster – Walking on Deodron [Touchin’ Bass]
Carl Finlow – Machine Bias [Acre]
Dronelock – Corridors [Weekend World]
Nano.Strike – Muser (Missqulater remix) [Encounters]
GRVGLTCHR – Sleeping Giant [Swishcotheque]
Grit 555 (Clouds remix) – Unklone [Fifth Wall]
Violetshaped – cX310 (JK Flesh Reshape) [Violet Poison]
Alan Johnson – Fickle [Blank Mind]
Scanone – Menace 44 [Yellow Machines]
Ben Pest – Polyphonique [Bonus Round]
Laszlo – Legend of Lumbar [Lydian]

Frederic Robinson – Guest mix:

Frederic Robinson – Off Topic
Flying Lotus – Tea Leaf Dancers
SBTRKT – Never Never
Frederic Robinson – Laughing At Clouds
Your Infamous Harp – Null Sand Mandala
Moderat – Rusty Nails
Little Dragon – Swimming
Airhead – Wait
Husky – Tidal Wave
Air – Mike Mills
Perfume – Natural Ni Koi Shite (Instrumental)
Fever Ray – When I Grow Up
Thinnen – Lone
Robot Koch – Water And Solutions
Lapalux – Dance feat. Astrid Williamson
Nik Bärtsch’s Ronin – Modul 35 [Live]

Moderat – Ilona [Monkeytown]
Oxynucid – Gebakken Ikan Teri [Tudor Beats]
Dr Zygote – Drugsy Malone [Black Acre]
Electromeca – Weightlessness (Wahn remix) [Acroplane]
Ricardo Tobar – If I Love You (Low Jack remix) [Desire]
Demdike Stare – Collision [Modern Love]
Om Unit – Grey Skies Over Chicago [Metalheadz]
Special Request – Mindwash (Anthony Naples Eternal remix) [Houndstooth]
dBridge – Plain To See [R&S]
Amit – Human Warfare (Machinedrum remix) [Amar]
ST Files – Eric Bristow [Exit]

Play Aug 19

Beautiful Crissy – Luster

Beautiful Crissy returns with another mix playing Tech House, Techno, Deep House and electronica. Recorded for Phuture Frequency in August 2013 … Thanks for listening, track list below…

Track list:
mod2+nino – Domino
Neil Catlin – Dumb
Nsquared – Inspiration (Alex Pol Remix)
The Sushi Club – Myriad
Nomumbah – The Leaf (The Leaf)
Sebastian Nielson – Kalientame
Nikola Gala – Suede
MikroGruv – Feel It
Geskia! – Requiem For Genome (Aus Remix)
Kramnik – Flex (De-Funked Soundprism Remix)
Leo Pol – I Cleared My Mind In Deep (Vinyl Speed Adjust Big Room Tool)
Thorsten Dreher – Late Morning (Extended Mix)
Danton Eeprom – Black Is A Dark Shade Of White
Redsoul, dw-79 – If I Should
Ranacat – Funness
Florian Rietze – You (Treptunes Remix)
Minimal Lounge – Green Lemon
Siriusmo – Petit Cochon

Play Aug 14

The Centrifuge Radio Show #98

No guest mix this week, but a shedload of new music from Scanone, Enjoy & Text, Frederick Robinson, Ben Pest, Myler, Nano.Strike, Talismann, GRVGLTCHR, Special Request, Oxynucid and many more. 2 Hours of fresh new music for your listening pleasure.

Track list:
Special Request – Capsules (Lee Gamble rmx) [Houndstooth]
GRVGLTCHR – Chemical Imbalance [Swishcotheque]
Ed Devane – Converging Paths [Acre]
Dronelock – Flocks [Weekend World]
Wordlife – Small Talk (Doc Daneeka LGO remix) [Club Mod]
MMOTHS – For Her (Max Cooper Extended Rmx) [Self Released]
Alan Johnson – Goron Sound [Blank Mind]
Matrixxman – Credentials (Myler rmx) [Fifth Wall]
TALISMANN – Neptune [Talismann]
Oyaarss – Umbra (C.Mantle rmx) [Nukapa]
Nubian Mindz – New Me (Aardvarck Sun & Moon rmx) [Counter Change]
Marcel Fengler – The Stampede [Ostgut Ton]
Rory St John – Unceremony [Acre]
Mark Broom – Afterlife (Phase mix) [Beard Man]
Michael Lovatt – Attractor (TeeFreqs rmx) [Ricochet]
These Hidden Hands – Ivy (Lakker rmx) [Hidden Hundred]
Tokee – PA (Cloud Hands remix) [CRL Studios]
Ben Pest – Wot Not [Bonus Round]
WDMS – Decom posing Intestinal Rape [Legs Akimbo]
Wahn – Slow Controller [Acroplane]
Zaqouir – Wokule [SVS]
The Bug – Louder [Ninja Tune]
Scan One – Scene 7 [Yellow Machines]
Oxynucid – Philter Path [Tudor Beats]
Questasian – The Exception (Nonima mx) [Bandcamp]
Special Request – Broken Dreams [Houndstooth]
Gheists – Thinman (Wide Open Gates mix by ValHall) [CRL Studios]
Nebula – DX Heaven [Scientific Wax]
Nano.Strike – Data With A Soul [Encounters]
Frederic Robinson – Off Topic [Blu Mar Ten Music]
SwamiMillions – Lemons [Bandcamp]
Tokee – Conquistidor (Mechanoreceptor rmx) [CRL Studios]


Play Aug 12

The Drum Clinic w/ Guy Andrews – 09/09/13

This week Guy Andrews plays a live recording of him playing at the HQ.

Track list:
Jack Dixon – Filippo’s Head Injury
Sei A – Going Down
San Soda – Cocomo
Jack Dixon – E
The Timewriter – Screenland
Green Velvet – Bigger Than Prince
Catz & Dogz & KiNK – Good Love
Midland – Archive
Fela Kuti – Shakara (Ossie’s Bump Edit)
Motor City Drum Ensemble – Raw Cuts #6
Jimpster – Alsace & Lorraine (Dairmount & Berardi Perspective)
Pablo Bolivar – You Too
?? – ??

Play Aug 9

The Drum Clinic 2nd Birthday – 02/08/2013

This week resident hosts Guy Andrews and Greymatter go back to back with special guests A1 Bassline and Matt Wolf Music.

The Drum Clinic is now 2 years old and we had to celebrate with style! This extended 2 hour live show features special guests A1 Bassline and Matt Wolf Music, and goes through a spectrum of house and techno.

Track list:

Guy Andrews >>
Iron Galaxy – Dragging Your Feet
Green Velvet – Bigger Than Prince
Deep’a & Biri – Redshift
Greymatter >>
Breach & T. Williams – And Than We
Leon Vynehall – Mauve
Kevin McPhee – Unwind
Guy Andrews >>
Jack Dixon – Filippo’s Head Injury
A1 Bassline >>
Huerco S – Apheleia’s Theme
Anthony Naples – Moscato
Fold – Dread Matt
Guy Andrews >>
Severn Beach – Lens Flare Version
Matt Neale >>
Max Graef & Muff Deep – Am Fenster (ultimate rave mix)
Floorplan – Never Grow Old
Omar S – Ready My Black Ass
Guy Andrews >>
Alland Byallo – Wiring Range
Sevensol & Bender – Molly
Guy Gerber & Luciano – Arcenciel
Greymatter >>
Limo – Boot Break (Mike Denhert remix)
Mao – Harvest
A1 Bassline >>
A1 Bassline – Popper
Christian Piers – Release
Laszlo Dancehall – Flute Worx
Guy Andrews >>
Prins Thomas – Remiksos aurus
Matt Neale >>
Rodamaal – Insomnia (Ame Remix)
Chez Damier – Chez A Untitled
Yotam Avni – Pentimento

Play Aug 4

The Down Low Session: 008

Crazy times in Hobart town this month… I went out for a coffee and came back with a house.

It’s a very nice house, but I’ll miss the old castle. With everything that’s happened since I’ve moved here it’s become my home. My shelter.

However, life moves on and nothing ever stays the same. All we can really do is slowly dance through time.

Track list:
Hermitude – HyperParadise
Deep – Anthem
DJG – Here Come The Dark Lights
XXTRAKT – Higher
Caspa – Techno Terry
Caspa – Back for the First Time (Instrumental)
Aquadrop – Bella Eh!
Sepalcure – Taking You Back
iO Sounds – Dirty Little Secret
Anushka – Yes Guess
Caspa – Alpha Omega
Liar – Tzimisce
Photek – Totem
Bloc Party – Truth (Digitalism Remix)
French Fries – Yo Vogue VIP
Laurel Halo – Throw
Benton – Harmans Hideout
Flash G – Black Clouds VIP
Aquadrop – Yenom

Play Jul 31