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Beautiful Crissy – Luster

Beautiful Crissy returns with another mix playing Tech House, Techno, Deep House and electronica. Recorded for Phuture Frequency in August 2013 … Thanks for listening, track list below…

Track list:
mod2+nino – Domino
Neil Catlin – Dumb
Nsquared – Inspiration (Alex Pol Remix)
The Sushi Club – Myriad
Nomumbah – The Leaf (The Leaf)
Sebastian Nielson – Kalientame
Nikola Gala – Suede
MikroGruv – Feel It
Geskia! – Requiem For Genome (Aus Remix)
Kramnik – Flex (De-Funked Soundprism Remix)
Leo Pol – I Cleared My Mind In Deep (Vinyl Speed Adjust Big Room Tool)
Thorsten Dreher – Late Morning (Extended Mix)
Danton Eeprom – Black Is A Dark Shade Of White
Redsoul, dw-79 – If I Should
Ranacat – Funness
Florian Rietze – You (Treptunes Remix)
Minimal Lounge – Green Lemon
Siriusmo – Petit Cochon

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Beautiful Crissy ‘Blowout’ Mix

Various house and electronica forms in the latest Phuture Frequency podcast mixed by beautiful crissy…

Liiebermann – Les drums
Maxxi Soundsystem – Inside The Count
GoldFFinch – Model
GoldFFinch – Let Me See
Wheez-ie – Fuck Yer Shit
Flubba – Can’t Wait
Mkdj – Looking for You
Cristiana Irali – And You Are All (Frank Minoia Disco Mix)
JMX – On U (KRL Remix)
Jay West – The Old Thing
Wellington Boy – Cabuloza
DC Salas – That Door
SmaK Pony – Anything
Babi – 10.3
Will Beridge – It’s Mine
Frank Johnson, Enrique Vela, Camila Teran – Don’t Know Why (Sp8tial Remix)
Airbird – Deep Dreams, Ltd.

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Beautiful Crissy – Swallows House

Beautiful Crissy Swallows House massive and moody mix inspired by an escape from New York City to a wildlife refuge in …New York City. More birds than people with the constant distant roar of airports. Escape from hectic reality, crash into the muck, crawl back out and consider jumping back in. Deep house, tech house, some minimal and electronica – Jem Stone to Mz Sunday Love to Mike Wall etc (see the track list).

A roller coaster ride through the swamp. Watch for ticks. Peace…

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