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The Drum Clinic w/ Manni Dee Guest Mix
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You got to love it when a set rolls out smooth as silk, and is totally effortless. This was one of those, I just put on the first track and drifted into mix mode only to wake up an hour or so later with this tidy little number.

Once again I’ve given it a good testing in Low Profile mobile and it bumps along nicely. Again leaning toward four four territory rather than broken beats. This is totally unintentional, it’s just the house/techno side of things seem to be far stronger than the broken beats at the moment.

I’m sure the breaks will make a come back (they always do) but until then try this out for size.

Track list:
Nuage – Paris Calling
New York Transit Authority – Swarm
Bicep – NRG106
Acre – – Northern Shadows
Mak & Pasteman – Electro Funk Massacre
Sub Focus – Close (Grandtheft Remix)
Rain City Riot – Beautiful Lies (Original Club Mix)
Axel Boman – It Starts in the Stomach
Oscar Mulero – Habits (Oscar Mulero Version)
Anushka – Never Can Decide (GoldFFinch Remix)
Mak & PAsteman – Bodywork
Bicep – Circles
Nudist – What You Gonna Do (Roska Rework)
Opus Black – Feels Like Home
Die & Jenna G – 1000 Soul Songs (Jus Now Remix)
Cashmere Cat – Kiss Kiss (LidoLido Remix)
Effy – Forth
Redshape – Dogz
Keith Mackenzie – Work Dat (Smookie Illson Remix)
Danny Daze – Your Everything feat. Louisahhh
Passenger 10 – Street Names (Nora En Pure Remix)
Tinie Tempah – Trampoline (Monsta Remix)

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The Drum Clinic w/ Guy Andrews ft Emmanuel Guest Mix 18/10/13

This week Guy Andrews hosts a guest mix from Emmanuel.

Randomer – Bring
Loktibrada – Kompa
Abstract Division – Deformation (Norman Nodge Remix)
Tripeo – Untitled #8
Farceb – Morfosis
Loktibrada – Tool1
Dominion – Leftovers
Anthony Shakir – Travellers (Mrsk Remix)

Deadbeat – ID3 (Deadbeat)
Mike Denhert – MD2 3.4 (MD)
Marcel Fengler – Playground (Ostgut ton)
Truncate – Transiests V1 (Truncate)
Sawlin – Datamen (En Aime)
Mike Denhert – Limite (MD)
Marcel Dettman – Lightworks (Ostgut ton)
Shed – Egotism (Soloaction)
Jonas Kopp – You are mine (ARTS)
Jonas Kopp – Throbbing (ARTS)
Emmanuel – Logic instance (ARTS)
DetachË – I will follow you (ARTS)

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The Drum Clinic w/ Guy Andrews b2b Greymatter – 03/10/13

This week Guy Andrews and Greymatter go back to back for over an hour, playing new music from Greymatter, Headless Horseman, James Welsh, Mumdance and more.

James Welsh – Sky
Greymatter & KRL – A World Without Love
Jimmy Edgar – Mercurio
Trikk – Back To Back
Movement – Us (Kowtown Remix)
Headless Horseman – Midnight Ride
Mumdance & Mao – Truth
U – I
Laszlo Dancehall – Whip What
Laszlo Dancehall – Fatty Que
MTD – Nonsense
Naysayer & Gilsun – All That Good Work (John Roberts Remix)
Maribou State – Moon Circles
Murat Tepeli – Forever (Prosumer’s Hold Me Touch Me Version)
Tensnake feat. Fiora – See Right Through (Medlar Remix)
J. Tijn – Flat
Simian Mobile Disco – Smalahove
Myles Serge & Tommy Vicari Jr – Strip It
My Panda Shall Fly – Trance ###

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The Drum Clinic w/ Guy Andrews – 27/09/2013

New tracks by Vessel, Tripeo and Trikk feature on this week’s edition of The Drum Clinic, hosted by Guy Andrews.

Track list:
Vessel – Misery Is a Communicable Disease
Tripeo – Untitled #7
Oliver Deuthschmann – Dazed
Deep’a & Biri – Redshift (Argy Remix)
Severn Beach – We Continue
Move D – Wanna Do
Emad Parandian – Kamanche
Baba Zula – Temptation (Terranova Dub Mix)
Basic Soul Unit – Notes 4 the Soul
Karizma – Twyst This
Prins Thomas – Bobletekno (Perkmiks)
Ian Pooley – CompuRhythm (Dixon 4/4 Treatmeant)
Trikk – Mightnight Sequence
Mr G & Gary Beck – All My People


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The Drum Clinic w/ Guy Andrews 20/09/13

This week Guy Andrews goes into an unplanned mix for The Drum Clinic, featuring tracks he’s been playing out in recent sets.

Covering a variety of Techno, House and Bass styles, Guy plays quite a progressive selection, which takes a surprising twist at the end. Enjoy!

Track list:
Jeff Mills – Java
Robert Armani – Road Tour (Dave Clark Remix)
Joachim Spieth – Never Mind
Kirk Degiorgio – Borel (Joans Kopp ‘My Vision of Samba’ Remix)
Mr G & Gary Beck – All My People
Ben Sims – New Blood (Robert Hood Remix)
Severn Beach – We Continue (Leon Vynehall Remix)
James Welsh – Sky
Last Japan – Float
Markings – Attention (Perc Mix)
James Curd – Gentle Help (The Black Madonna Less Gentle Jam)
Talismann – Neptune
Imugem Orihasam – Closer View
Reggy Can Oers – Evasive (Jonas Kopp Remix)
Richard Chartier & Robert Curgenven – Invariance Strata
tobias – Now I know
WIFE – Bodies
Halves – Slow Drawl Moon (For David)

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The Drum Clinic w/ Guy Andrews – 23/08/13

Guy Andrews returns with a selection of his favourite recent tunes, as well as brand new tracks from Eliphino and Lorca.

Track list:
Eliphino – I Don’t Care
Aubrey – 6AM Decay
Johanna Knutsson & Hans Berg – Donka
Barker & Baumecker – Silo (Kobosil Remix)
Staffan Linzatti – The Contraption
Oliver Achatz – Express
Allan Byallo – A Red Dilemma (Brooks Mosher Spirit Box Remix)
Kurt Baggaley – Touching Your Mind (Steffen Kirchhoffs Perspective)
SMD & Bicep – Sacrifice
Guy Andrews – 7AM
Laszlo Dancehall – Fatty Que
Locked Groove – Dream Within A Dream
Guy Andrews – Hints
Ghostpoet – Cold Win (Lorca Remix)

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Beautiful Crissy – Luster

Beautiful Crissy returns with another mix playing Tech House, Techno, Deep House and electronica. Recorded for Phuture Frequency in August 2013 … Thanks for listening, track list below…

Track list:
mod2+nino – Domino
Neil Catlin – Dumb
Nsquared – Inspiration (Alex Pol Remix)
The Sushi Club – Myriad
Nomumbah – The Leaf (The Leaf)
Sebastian Nielson – Kalientame
Nikola Gala – Suede
MikroGruv – Feel It
Geskia! – Requiem For Genome (Aus Remix)
Kramnik – Flex (De-Funked Soundprism Remix)
Leo Pol – I Cleared My Mind In Deep (Vinyl Speed Adjust Big Room Tool)
Thorsten Dreher – Late Morning (Extended Mix)
Danton Eeprom – Black Is A Dark Shade Of White
Redsoul, dw-79 – If I Should
Ranacat – Funness
Florian Rietze – You (Treptunes Remix)
Minimal Lounge – Green Lemon
Siriusmo – Petit Cochon

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The Drum Clinic 2nd Birthday – 02/08/2013

This week resident hosts Guy Andrews and Greymatter go back to back with special guests A1 Bassline and Matt Wolf Music.

The Drum Clinic is now 2 years old and we had to celebrate with style! This extended 2 hour live show features special guests A1 Bassline and Matt Wolf Music, and goes through a spectrum of house and techno.

Track list:

Guy Andrews >>
Iron Galaxy – Dragging Your Feet
Green Velvet – Bigger Than Prince
Deep’a & Biri – Redshift
Greymatter >>
Breach & T. Williams – And Than We
Leon Vynehall – Mauve
Kevin McPhee – Unwind
Guy Andrews >>
Jack Dixon – Filippo’s Head Injury
A1 Bassline >>
Huerco S – Apheleia’s Theme
Anthony Naples – Moscato
Fold – Dread Matt
Guy Andrews >>
Severn Beach – Lens Flare Version
Matt Neale >>
Max Graef & Muff Deep – Am Fenster (ultimate rave mix)
Floorplan – Never Grow Old
Omar S – Ready My Black Ass
Guy Andrews >>
Alland Byallo – Wiring Range
Sevensol & Bender – Molly
Guy Gerber & Luciano – Arcenciel
Greymatter >>
Limo – Boot Break (Mike Denhert remix)
Mao – Harvest
A1 Bassline >>
A1 Bassline – Popper
Christian Piers – Release
Laszlo Dancehall – Flute Worx
Guy Andrews >>
Prins Thomas – Remiksos aurus
Matt Neale >>
Rodamaal – Insomnia (Ame Remix)
Chez Damier – Chez A Untitled
Yotam Avni – Pentimento

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The Centrifuge Radio Show #97

A cracking guest mix this week from Irish techno fiend Myler. Brought to my attention after a storming release on Brooklyn’s Fifth Wall and an intriguing guest spot on the new Oyaarss release on Nukapa, Dean has put together a thumping, kick heavy mix for the show.

In addition, we’ll be giving away copies of both the new Soma compilation and Siriusmo’s fantastic ‘Enthusiast’ LP on Monkeytown, plus new music from The Bug, Scuba, Lone, Marcel Fengler, Downstate and many more.

Track list:
Lithia – Tarnish [CRL Studios]
Kratos Himself – Ayahuasca [Jus Like Music]
Troubled Minds Cabin Crew – Antelopes [Bedroom Research]
Luke Vibert & Richard Wrigglesworth – Acid Cowl [Balkan Vinyl]
Lone – Airglow Fires [R&S]
Floating Spirits – Black & White Transmissions (Nonima Mx) [Mitoma Industries]
Fah – Blue Gold [Conrete Soundsystems]
Anaxander – 7 Ways (Bloody Mary & Attan remix) [Dame Music]
Terrence Fixmer – Rage (Alexei Volkov remix) [Planete Rouge]
Michael Lovatt – Attractor [Ricochet]
Scuba – August [Hotflush]
Marcel Fengler – King of Psi [Ostgut Ton]
Giorgio Gigli – Further Reflection [Electric Deluxe]
Siriusmo – Traenen Aus Bier [Monkeytown]

Myler guest mix
s:vt – Basement sweat (Arttu remix one)
Gingy & Bordello – Panopticon (Locked groove remix)
Limo – Boot break (Mike Dehnert remix)
Public ebony – Gush
Goldffinch – 828
Metrist – 5th of never
Ore – Nolita
Goldffinch – Digital dysfunction
twr72 – rik
Henja – Kincho stance
Kamikaze space programme – Leyland daf 45
Henja – Macha
Kamikaze space programme – Tuli

Mr. Jones – Crater (Mike Humphries mix) [TPS]
Rotodrone – Deep Water Bathysphere [Bandcamp]
The Bug ft Daddy Freddy – Kill Them [Ninja Tune]
Downstate – Cloaks [Bandcamp]
EAN – Don’t You Know [Original Cultures]
H-Sik – Sonic Rage [Black Acre]
Michael Lovatt – Drift [Ricochet]
Swamimillion – Sherbet [Alter ID]
Roger Robinson – Ghost [Self Released]

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The Drum Clinic w/ Guy Andrews 12/07/13

Guy Andrews hosts The Drum Clinic again this week, playing a wide selection of new music that verges more into the realms of techno.

Expect to hear new cuts from the likes of Pedestrian, Iron Galaxy, South London Ordnance and The Analogue Cops.

Track list:
Pedestrian & Jasperdrum – Kalakuta
Last Japan – Hoods
South London Ordnance – System
Iron Galaxy – Why Haven’t We Left Yet
Talismann – Mars Wars
The Analogue Cops – PartyToDance
Asok – Deuteros
Lo Shea – Vasquez
Lrusse – What Just Happened
James Curd – Gentle Help (The Black Madonna Less Gentle Jam)
Arkist – Rendevous (SCB Dub)
Manni Dee – Paper Notes
J. Tijn – Cuthbert, Dibble & Grubb
Emmanuel – Eraser (Guy Andrews Remix)

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The Drum Clinic w/ Guy Andrews 05/07/13

Guy Andrews takes control of The Drum Clinic this weeks and plays some fantastic new tracks by producers such as Monkey Maffia, Manni Dee and Severn Beach.

Also on the show is a new remix of Samaris’ Gooa Tungl by Sei A, which is forthcoming on the One Little Indian record label – famous for releasing material from Bjork.

Track list:
Samaris – Gooa Tungl (Sei A remix)
Severn Beach – We Continue
Nacho Marco – Ghosts
Barnt – Geffen
Cheap and Deep – Beautiful (Brendon Moeller Ain’t Quite Right Remix)
Ozka – Inhalation
Lo Shea – Vasquez
Manni Dee – The Saints Smile Shyly
Even Tuell – Dramaqueen
Severn Beach – Lens Flare Version
Monkey Maffia – Fat Freak
Ian Pooley & Spencer Parker – Lerchen Und Eulen (Radio Slave Remix)
Guy Andrews – Divide

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The Down Low Session: 007

The shortest day has come and gone and we met it head on. There was no hiding indoors or shrinking from the dark.

Some swam naked as the sky whale gently glided overhead. Others were drawn to the light that touched space.

While others feasted and danced until the darkness didn’t seem dark at all.

Dedicated to all those who helped make Dark Mofo the best winter festival ever.

Track list:
FaltyDL – Uncea
Dauwd – Heat Division
Jake Wiltshire – It’s Alright
Bonobo – Cirrus
Jamie XX – Far Nearer
Makoto – Summer Nights
Kill Frenzy & Nick Monaco – Black Girls White Girls
Dave Spoon & DJ Zinc – Ghost Train (Lee Mortimer Remix)
Boddika – Beats Me
Tadeo – Vortex
Moby – Lie Down In Darkness (Clouds Remix)
Oliver Lieb – Rack to the Boots
Booka Shade – Numbers
Dusky – Nobody Else
Netsky – We Can Only Live Today (Puppy) (feat. Billie) (Modek Remix)
El_Txef_A – in
Adam F – Mother Earth
Tome Taylor – Twilight
Nuage – Aeroplanes


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The Centrifuge Radio Show #96

This week, we’ve a guest mix from close friend of the show, the man behind Darkfloor – DVNT. Featuring tunes from the likes of WIK?N, Si Begg, Orphx, Demdike Stare and Scanone, this is one of the darker, more varied mixes we’ve featured, and a cracker it is too.

In addition, we’ve new music from The Bug’s forthcoming release on Ninja Tune, plus Lithia, Mr Jones, Rotodrone, Legowelt, Myler, H-Sik and many more.

Track list:
Larkin & The Sky – Polygon [SVS]
Boards Of Canada – New Seeds [Warp]
MMOTHS – For Her (Unknown Remix) [MMOTHS]
Myler – Outside the shop, by the bushes [Nukapa]
Lithia – Lotus [CRL Studios]
Rotodrone – Xenophyophore [Bandcamp]
Renaissance Man – Hard Feeling [Black Ocean]
Terence Fixmer – Warm (Regis remix) [Planete Rouge]
The Third Man – P{ipes at Helios Canyon (Legowelt remix) [EPM/Clone]
Mr Jones – Crater [The Public Stand]
Siriusmo – Rantanplant [Monkeytown]
The Bug ft Flowdan – Dirty [Ninja Tune]
Fah – Fahzers set to Earth [Central Processing unit]

DVNT Guest mix:
Bombardier – Self Loathing [Division 13]
Steve Roach + Byron Metcalf – Fire Sky Portal [Projekt Records]
WIK?N – BURNT 2 EMBERS [Dark Peaks]
Demdike Stare – Ghostly Hardware [Modern Love]
Roger Robinson – Ghost [dub]
Justin Ivey – Steamroller (Israel Vines remix) [Borrowed Language]
Orphx – Periphery [Sonic Groove]
Second Storey – Margosa Heights [Houndstooth]
Scanone – Scene 7 [YELLOW MACHINES]
ATTRITION – The Internal Narrator [E-Klageto]
Lifeblood – Gravitational Force of Destiny [Cicuta Netlabel]
Emika – Count Backwards (Marcel Dettmann vocal edit) [Ninja Tune]
Steve Roach – Flatlands [Epona]
Sad City – You Will Soon Find That Life Is Wonderful [Phonica Special Editions]
Si Begg – Beyond The 12 Tones (breakless) [dub]

Traag – White Wall (G.O.D. rework) [Gang of Ducks]
H-Sik – No Promises [Black Acre]
EAN – Bearface [Bandcamp]
Kratos Himself – Till We Meet Again [Bandcamp]
Thing – Renew [BMT Music]


Play Jul 1

The Drum Clinic w/ Guy Andrews 21/06/13

Guy Andrews mixes a selection of house and techno from the likes of Midland, VAAL, Mumdance and more on this week’s edition of The Drum Clinic.

Also on this week show, Guy Andrews plays his new tune ‘Fixture’, which was featured as Mary Anne Hobbs’ record of the week on her BBC 6Music show.

Track list:
Midland – Realtime
Jess Rushin & Nicole Rosie – Red Velvet (Re-edit)
VAAL – Amores Perros
Circular Rhythms – Untitled Document
Alland Byallo – Wiring Range
Lake Haze – Late Night Trip
Mumdance – Dragon Egg
Boner M – Kopkopkop
Headless Horseman – Graveyard (Perc Remix)
Reggy can Oers – Sinousity (ness remix)
Guy Andrews – Fixture
Todd Terje – Ragysh
Michel Cleis – Amaranthus

Play Jun 28

DJ Oscar – Sunstep

High time for barefoot dancing, to this selection of sunny bouncing favourites, some slow techno, some African chanting and plenty of summery rhythms.

Track list:
Woodstock – Stage announcement
Caribou – Sun (Oliver Schories remix)
The Other People Place – Sorrow & a Cup of Joe
Efdemin – There will be singing
Jürgen Paape – So Weit Wie Noch Nie
Audision – Yellow Sunset (Robag Wruhme Stoylago edit)
Woodstock – Rain Chant
KH – TEXT022
Cos-Ber-Zam – Ne Noya (Daphni remix)
Tinariwen – Tenere Taqqim Tossam (Four Tet remix)
Joy O – Donell
No Boundaries – Modular Pursuits (Daphni remix)
Mount Kimbie – Made to Stray
Caribou – Sun (Mondkopf remix)

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The Down Low Sessions: 006

I’ve entered an arms race. I’ve resisted for years, but an escualtion was inevitable. The vinyl disks I’ve spun like shuriken for so many years offer up no challenge any more.

I yearn to learn something new, something different to push my boundaries and improve my sonic aim. And so I’ve gone back to step one. To start again and mess up, mistime and fail.

And it feels good.

Track list:
DJ Kose – Track ID Anyone? (feat. Caribou)
Synkro – To Be
DJ Kose – Amygdala (feat. Milosh)
Bonobo – Kiara (Cosmin TRG Remix)
DJ Kose – La Duquesa
XI – Villian
Function – Voiceprint
Blond:ish, Balcazar & Sordo – Island Eyes (feat. Bastard Love)
Lucy & Silent Servant – Victors Heaven
Above & Beyond (feat Zoe Johnston) – Love is Not Enough (Synkro Remix)
Synkro – Disappear
DJ Kose – Nices Wölkchen (feat. Apparat)
Dusky – What I Ever Knew
Actraiser – Breath of Fire
ASC – Release
Function – Against the Wall
Ruxpin – Now I Turn To You

Play Jun 10

The Centrifuge Radio Show #91 – April 2013

No guest mix this time round, just a wide selection of new and interesting music from the likes of Ceephax Acid Crew, Machinedrum, Digital Velvet, Vector Lovers, wAgAwAgA, Threnody, Mind Muncher and more

Track list:
Mise en scene – 443.2 [Crónica]
Mr Statik – Lighthouse ft Beatrice Ballabile [bPitch Control]
Vector Lovers – Stargazing [Soma]
Snapped Ankles – True Ecology (Fools rmx) [Ears Have Eyes]
Ceephax – Voyage of Excellox [Bandcamp]
Robin Ordell – Selfish Bay [Half Baked]
South London Ordinance – Revolver [Hotflush]
Flint Kids – Day Nil (VNDL remix) [Abstrakt Reflections]
wAgAwAgA – Burning Nagara [Broken Bubble / Cookin Up]
Cassegrain – Joule [Prologue]
Romare – Taste of Honey (from the city) [Black Acre]
Divvorce – E2 (Grenier Reformat) (ft Hound Scales) [Fifth Wall]
Ore – Rise (Darling Farah rmx) [Civil Music]
Wraetlic – Skinflint [Convex Industries]
Digital Velvet – Mera [Bedroom Research]
Ceephax – Camelot Science [Bandcamp]
Eomac – No Name [Killekill]
Voidloss – The screaming Silence of no’s Knife in Yes’s wound [Teskoba]
Si Begg – Emergency (Threnody rmx) [Dub]
Mount Kimbie – Made to Stray [Warp]
Bebop & rocksteady – Benefit [Bonus Round]
The Black Dog – Bleep Two [Dust Science]
Torus – 2mrrw (Dream Koala remix) [Sonic Router]
Debian Black – Have Your Way [Audio Doughnuts]
My Panda Shall Fly & Adventure Elephant – Feminine Ordinance Indicator [Tape Club]
Stormfield – Collapsing System (Nonima rmx) [Combat]
Space Dimension Controller – Welcome to Mikrosektor 50 [R&S]
ENA – Mule Mouth (extended version) [7even]
Mind Muncher – Criminal Screen [Bedroom Research]
Separation Device – Trypanophobia [CRL Studios]
Swarm Intelligence – Tarred [Acre]
Simple – We used to run it all [Apollo]
Kabdriver – Wesley Slipes [Reset Industries]
Machinedrum – Clissold VIP [Astrophonica]
Sam KDC – Citalopram [Official FM]
Double 0 – Blackula [Rupture]
delPurr & Eraser – Imagine [BMTM]
$p!tTiNg V!tRiOl – B@Ttered tO de@f [Bad Sekta]
Memotone – Don’t come looking (Will Plowman rmx) [A Future Without]
Baconhead – Lords of Death [Eat Concrete]
Paul Blackford – Channel Zwei [Tudor Beats]

Play Apr 24