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DJ Oscar – Rumblings


Slowly moving from the darker, often downright scary side of electronic music, to more melodic and nostalgic tunes, among them a fair amount of very recent releases by Tim Hecker, Forest Swords, Four Tet and Deepchord. Crawl up and dig in.

Track list:
Boards of Canada – Transmisiones Ferox
Deepchord – Plankton
Donato Dozzy – K. #3
Demdike Stare – Regolith
Klaus – Fens
The Häxan Cloak – Miste
Raime – The last foundry
Forest Swords – The weight of gold
Tim Hecker – Amps, drugs, harmonium
Oneothrix Point Never – Cryo
Deepchord – Prayer wheel
Vatican Shadow – Encryption nets
Four Tet – Parallel jalebi
Machinedrum – Dont 1 2 lose you
Zomby – Memories
Boards of Canada – Uritual

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DJ Oscar – Winter Wanderland


A January offering of deep, soothing ambient, lush violins, a bit of piano and soft waves of guitar echos, ideal for a late night walk through the snow. This one’s a headphone must.

Track list:
Loscil – Brohm ridge
Stars of the Lid – Austin Texas mental hospital part 3
The Dead Texan – A chronicle of early failures part 2
Pan-American – There is always the thrill of just beginning
A Winged Victory for the Sullen – Steep hills of vicodin tears
Nils Frahm – Familiar
Rafael Anton Irisarri – A great northern sigh
Library Tapes – A summer beneath the trees
Stars of the Lid – Requiem string melody
Windy & Carl – Set adrift
The Sight Below – Fervent
Slowdive – Miranda
Blanck Mass – Weakling flier
Loscil – Endless falls

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Blackball Episode 20 PART A


A summer farewell courtesy of Core urban shopping.

Part of a double offering, the ultimate vacation companions..

Track list:
1 Kobe By Waki
2 My Time Is Yours, In The Beginning By Effective Force
3 Ascension By 030 Feat Dr.Motte
4 The Tides (They Turn) By Psychic Warriors Ov Gay
5 Body Electric (Claude Young Mix) By Métier
6 An Experimental Conclusion By The 65d Mavericks
7 Clean Code By Cim
8 I Wanna Look To The Stars By Alex Martin
9 Transform (Mlo Ambient Mix) By Transform
10 Cocoa B By Donnacha Costello
11 You Don’t Know By Drexciya
12 Still By Robert Hood

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DJ Oscar – A Night in Twin Peaks


Step into the woods and leave your soul in the Black Lodge, here’s a dark and moody mix that leads you deep into a strange and mysterious night in the town of Twin Peaks.

Track list:
All tracks written by Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch, mixed with soundeffects from the series.

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Act Now No.23 Featuring Audio Ad


What a guest mix we’ve got for you this week! Audio Ad has opened for Cashmoney, Rhazel, Schooly D and Supernatural Baby Blue’s as well as having diverse production credits ranging from underground Hip Hop to commercial work for Film and television.

He presents a weekly Friday night radio show on ( 10-11pm) and has just produced Bronx rapper Jerry Beeks’ new album, that is available to download for FREE from his blog

There’s the usual mixed bag from myself taking in old Four Tet, 80’s tape jam from California Flight Project and a lovely deep selection to finish things up.

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DJ Oscar’s Soundtrack to a Nightly Walk in the Woods


Step outside. It’s night, it’s dark, rather cold, and the woods are just around the corner. Walk. What’s that sound? Listen.

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DJ Oscar Presents Pubstep Five


The popular Pubstep series by DJ Oscar comes through with another mix of nothing but pubstep favorites. Old and new tunes combined in a warm and hip-teasing selection, from techno to dubstep to elektro to the genres that haven’t been named yet.


Play Mar 15

Night of the Cold Noses


A Soundtrack by Acid Barrett, Barton Funk and Oscar.

Winter was hard, and long. And cold. How did we survive these dark, frosty nights? Well, we had music. And lots of it! This is a soundtrack to our winter, brought to you by three cold noses.

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DJ Oscar – Pubstep Three


Digging deep into the roots of pubstep this time, slowly passing by electro, grime, ambient house, early rave and finally ending up where we are right now. Hope you enoy the journey.

Elecktroids – Future tone
FSOL – Lifeforms (path 2)
Plasticman – Camel ride
Burial – Prayer
Mark Van Hoen – Channel of light
Biosphere – Novelty waves
The Orb – U.F. Orb
CJ Bolland – Camargue
Drexciya – Digital tsunami
Commix – Be true (Burial mix)
Mount Kimbie – At least (original mix)
James Blake – Don’t you think I do

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Act Now No.15


Letherette – Eye To Eye [Hotep]
Unforscene – Let It Ride [Tru Thoughts]
Maxmillion Dunbar – Girls Dream [Ramp]
Eddie C – You’re Welcome [Jisco Music]
NI Redits – Depth Of My Soul [Small World Disco Edits]
Brooklyn Creams – Sir Woolfy [Whatchawannado]
Julio Bashmore – Around [Soul Motive]
Midland – Leitmotif – Midland Remix [Phonica]
J-Treole – The Loot – Sully Remix [Keysound]
Cosmin TRG – See Other People – Falty DL Remix [Rush Hour]
Roni Size Represent – Lucky Pressure – Ils Remix [Talkin’ Loud]
Bassbin Twins – Between The Fro [React]
Lee Coombs – Sky Juice Remix [Finger Lickin’]
Clubroot – Solar Flares [Lo Dubs]
Cloak & Dagger – In The Cut [Immerse]
Commix – How You Gonna Feel – Pangaea Remix [Metalheadz]
Boddika – Bodikka’s House [Naked Lunch]
Cosmin TRG – Purple Lights [Tempa]
Rocket Number Nine – Matthew & Toby – Four Tet Remix [Text]
Andrea – Got To Forge t [Daphne]
Cinematic Orchestra – All That You Give [Ninja Tune]
Efdemin – Acid Bells – Martyn’s Bittersweet Mix [Curle]

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DJ Oscar – Ambient Sofa Classix


Celebrating two years of Sofamixes with some stonecold ambient classics that’ll have you floating in your easy chair, drifting on early to mid 90s spaced out sounds.

Thomas Köner – Air
William Basinski – Melancholia #4
Brian Eno – The secret place
Biosphere – Startoucher
Locust – Xenophobe
Seefeel – Through you
FFWD – Lucky saddle
The Orb – Pomme fritz (Meat ‘n veg)
Aphex Twin – Curtains
Subsurfing – The number readers
FSOL – Cascade (Part 3)
Sabres of Paradise – Haunted dancehall
The Orb – Sticky End

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The Quiet Ones: A Phuture Frequency Halloween Special


It was October 31, 1997. I was spinning records at a party in Upstate New York. From the elevated DJ booth I saw my girlfriend (now my wife) being accosted by some guy and I ran downstairs and straight towards him…in the middle of my set. I never made contact with him; it took three or four of my friends to hold me back while I was charging at him. Despite all this, I went back upstairs and finished my set. I wouldn’t spin another Halloween party for at least eight years.

Taking this into consideration, I find it more than a little ironic that I was asked to record this year’s Phuture Frequency Halloween show. I was all set to decline when I realized that I needed this challenge and the catharsis. It was a chance to step away for a moment from the listening room vibe I get into with Us & Us and dive into the darker material that I have at home. Just wanted to have some fun with it, really.

The show title comes from the sa ying “It’s the quiet ones you have to look out for,” which is something that has been said about me on several different occasions. I’ll be back to my usual side room selector business next month. Until then, have a safe Halloween and I really hope you enjoy this one…

1. The Simpsons – Treehouse Of Horror V (Medley) [Rhino]
2. Tommy Lee Wallace And Alan Howarth – Halloween TV Commercial [Halloween Music]
3. DJ Wally And DJ Willie Ross – The Other Side [the Agriculture]
4. East Flatbush Project – Tried By 12 (Instrumental) [10/30 Uproar]
5. Antipop Consortium – Halloween In Babylon [Black Hoodz]
6. Tricky Vs. The Gravediggaz – Tonite Is A Special Nite (Kaos Mass Confusion Mix) [Hollywood]
7. Birdy Nam Nam – Rainstorming [Uncivilized World]
8. Rubberoom – Offering 1366 (feat. Verb) [3-2-1 Records]
9. John Rifle – OC (pt. 1) [Rabbit Surgeon Musics]
10. Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells (opening theme) [Virgin]
11. DJ Wally And DJ Willie Ross – Conformed Dimentia [the Agriculture]
12. Tangerine Dream – Kill Him (The Football Dummy) [Varese Sarabande]
13. Frank Zappa – Janet’s Big Dance Number / Mysterioso [United Artists]
14. Hoarse Operator – Blue Tea [ill]
15. DJ Wally – Upon Opening The Book [the Agriculture]
16. Datach’i – Jaf Box [Klangkrieg Productions]
17. Naked City – Pile Driver [Tzadik]
18. John Rifle – Coma (pt. 2) [Rabbit Surgeon Musics]
19. Rudjak Manigz – SingKingHeart [illegal art]
20. Tall Black Guy Vs. Michael Jackson – Thrill Seeker (Thriller) []
21. Akufen – Little Hop of Horror [Mille Plateaux]

get in touch with macedonia:

(“thiiiis is the eeeeend of your liiiiii-iiiiiiife…”)

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Dark Soul of the Night II


A Soundtrack by Acid Barrett, Barton Funk and DJ Oscar. This sequel to the mysteriously lost B-movie takes the imaginative listener on another dark ride through backalleys, smokey lowdown bars, a hasty run through the jungle and finaly back safely at our happy end.

W.S. Burroughs – Inching, is this machine recording
Ekkehard Ehlers – Plays Cornelius Cardew (Pt. 2)
Dale cooper quartet & the dictaphones – Parole de navarre
Frank Zappa – Igor’s Boogie, Phase Two
David Merritt – Frank
Richard Steele – Folk Song For Michelle
John Zorn – Naked City – Chinatown
Bill Elm and Woody Jackson – El Club De Los Cuerpos
Set Fire To Flames – Wild dogs of the Thunderbolt
William Basinski – Melancholia 07
W.S. Burroughs – It’s about time to identify oven area
Heldon – Elephanta
The kilimanjaro darkjazz ensemble – Rivers of congo
The Residents – Six Things to a Cycle (Part 1)
Jerry Goldsmith – Drown in a river (the boy on the horse)
Venetian Snares – Colorless
Sunn o))) – Big Church
Thomas Brinkmann – 40
Steroid Maximus – Bad day in greenpoint
Pram – Windy
Abelcain – Canto XI
Herb Alpert & the Tijuana brass – Taste of honey

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Trust In Bass Podcast 6 – Inofaith


Listening to tracks by Inofaith, moving images will instantly appear before your mind’s eye. He has put together some of his favourite tracks by other producers for us that share one thing: deep, atmospheric and hypnotising sounds, that make dubstep a visual experience.

Trust In Bass >

Clearcut >

Trust In Bass Podcast 6 - Inofaith

Play Sep 10

Dark Soul of the Night (Soundtrack by Acid Barrett, Barton Funk and DJ Oscar)


This obscure 1950s filmnoir thriller/horror movie has been gathering dust in some anonymous vault, until we dug it up and added a new and contemporary sountrack to it. Sadly, due to some curious accident, the last copy of the movie got lost and only the soundtrack survived. So now, the only remaining version of the movie, is the one in the head of the listener and we hope you enjoy this motion picture.

Stanley Roper – Impressions of london
Jean-Marc Zelwer – Parade
Michael Andrews – Manipulated Living
Moondog – From One to Nine
Kärtsy Hatakka & Kimmo Kajasto – Address Unknown (the Funhouse Remix)
+ OK Vince – Funeral Pyre (End Title)
Bohren & Der Club of Gore – Destroying Angels
Ib Glindemann – First Advance
Biosphere – Man With A Movie Camera – Prologue
Barry Adamson – Central Control
Der Plan – Adrenalin lässt Dan Blut Kochen
Pink Floyd – On The Run (alternate studio mix)
JG Thirl well – X1 Krashi / Woozzy
Powermad – Slaughterhouse
Art Of Noise – Debut
Bernard Herrmann – The Days Do Not End
+ The Quiet American – Night
Les Baxter – Black Mass
Miguel A. Tolosa – Old Wood Door With Rain
Howard Shore – Hypno Theme
Bernard Parmegiani – Aquatisme
The Notwist – Different Cars and Trains (Loopspool Version)
Manorexia – Melting at the Temple
Bernard Herrmann – Prelude – Fire Trucks
Clint Mansell (feat. Kronos Quartet) – Meltdown
The Residents – Smack Your Lips (Clap Your Teeth)
David Lynch – The Air Is on Fire ‘untitled 3′
(the mystery song)

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Act Now No. 6


Ils – No Soul – PMT Remix [Marine Parade]
Baobinga & ID – The Machine [Fat!]
Precision Cuts – Sirens [Smart Breaks]
Will Saul – Where Is It? – Evil Nine Remix [Air]
Sound Alliance – All Our Life [Spectrum]
K-Swing & Beber – This Is The Sound [Marine Parade]
Regal – The Mack – Flevans Remix [Unique]
Deejay Punk-Roc – The World Is My Ashtray – Ils 127 Remix [White Label]
Atomic Hooligan – Weed [Botchit & Scarper]
The Amalgamation Of Soundz – KB [Shadow Cryptic]
Jon Kennedy – 110% Proof [JKF]
Unforscene – Belly Full Of Lead [Tru Thoughts]
The Williams Fairey Brass Band – Pacific 202 [Blast First]
The Cinematic Orchestra – All That You Give [Ninja Tune]
Efdemin – Acid Bells – Martyn’s Bittersweet Mix [Curle]

This week’s show featured an exclusive live set from Cakeboy and a deep, chilled out selection from myself.

Live Set from Cakeboy recorded on Halloween 2009 @ KOMEDIA in Brighton

Play Apr 20

Act Now No.6


Ils – No Soul – PMT Remix [Marine Parade]
Baobinga & ID – The Machine [Fat!]
Precision Cuts – Sirens [Smart Breaks]
Will Saul – Where Is It? – Evil Nine Remix [Air]
Sound Alliance – All Our Life [Spectrum]
K-Swing & Beber – This Is The Sound [Marine Parade]
Regal – The Mack – Flevans Remix [Unique]
Deejay Punk-Roc – The World Is My Ashtray – Ils 127 Remix [White Label]
Atomic Hooligan – Weed [Botchit & Scarper]
The Amalgamation Of Soundz – KB [Shadow Cryptic]
Jon Kennedy – 110% Proof [JKF]
Unforscene – Belly Full Of Lead [Tru Thoughts]
The Williams Fairey Brass Band – Pacific 202 [Blast First]
The Cinematic Orchestra – All That You Give [Ninja Tune]
Efdemin – Acid Bells – Martyn’s Bittersweet Mix [Curle]

This week’s show featured an exclusive live set from Cakeboy and a deep, chilled out selection from myself.

Live Set from Cakeboy recorded on Halloween 2009 @ KOMEDIA in Brighton

Play Apr 3

Act Now No 3


Sygaire & Defcon – Always For The Breaks [Raw Fusion]
Kid Kay Ferris – Just Keep Running [Hussle N Bussle]
Super DJ Bobzila – Ah Shit – Unique 3 Remix [Pushin Plastic]
Boy 8 Bit – Bulbs Burn Out [Mad Decent]
Kraak & Smaak – Funk Ass Rotator [Jalepeno]
Ursula 1000 – Step Back – Deekline & Ed Solo Remix [ESL]
High Grade – The Jug [Bingo]
Fake Blood – Mars [Cheap Thrills]
Bassbin Twins – Woppa [Cool & Deadly]
Drums Of Death – Breath [Greco Roman]
Gwen McCrae – Rockin’ Chair [Cat]
The Pharcyde – Drop [Delicious Vinyl]
DJ Z-Trip – Further Explorations Into The Black Hole [Future Primitive]
All Good Funk Alliance – Weakness Of The Trade – Marc Hype & Jim Dunloop Remix [Funk Weapons]
Reso – Hyperglide [Civil]

Guest Mix from Josif showcasing music that has inspired him in his own creations.

Rhythm & Sound w/Jennifer Lara – Queen in my empire
Kowton – Countryman
Shed – Wax 002
A Made Up Sound (aka 2562) – Rework
Martyn – Megadrive Generation
Jus Wan – The Crossing
Scuba – Klinik
Martyn – Vancouver
Martyn – All I Have Is Memories
F – The Untitled Dub
Scuba – Reverse
Synkro – Just To See Her
Pangaea – Router
Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo
Vex’d – Pop Pop vip
Toasty – The Knowledge (Untold Remix)
Subscape – Transaction
E.J. feat Army Label – Soldierz

This weeks show featured the first part of an artist showcase highlighting tracks that have inspired Josif. Catch the second part next time featuring Josif’s own music.

Play Mar 2

Beans on toast Radio show


A mighty last session for 2009, containing all new tunes never played on the show before (took some doing I can tell you). Exclusives from Iambic and Herma Puma, tasty new hip hop from Gift Of Gab & Souls of Michief, bizarre belters from The Simon Sound and Busdriver and new material from Funky Porcini, Blockhead and 9Lazy9. Add to that the usual dose of funk, a spanking cover of Sweet Dreams by The Miserable Rich and and a free download from Lost Idol. Lush – you’d be well justified in getting a massive hard-on (unless you’re a girl) x

Lost Idol – Molten Snow
9Lazy9 – Russian Spring
Blockhead – It’s Raining Clouds
P-Bros. feat. Bo$$ Money – Cold World
Leon Haywood – I Wanna Do Something Freaky To You
For Corners – Damn You
The Correspondents – The Course Of Last Night
Charles Whitehead – Between The Lines
JJ Cale – Ride Me High (Joakim Edit)
People Under The Stairs – Creepshow
Funky Porcini – A Bright Burning Glow Dulls Slowly
Marly Marl feat. Master Ace, Craig G, Big Daddy Kane & Kool G Rap – The Symphony
The Simon Sound – Tour De Mars
Iambic feat. Hannah Cartwright – Keep Your Hold
Herma Puma feat Green T of ASM – Snap Scale (Brain-Sells Remix)
Clarence Reid – If It Was Good Enough For Daddy…
Roy Ayers – Mystic Voyage
Busdriver – Handfuls Of Sky
Funky Porcini – Carbide
9Lazy9 – Endless
Souls Of Mischief – Heiro HQ
The Meters – Message From The Meters
Int. Velvet – Sitar Gazer
Gift Of Gab – El Gifto Magnifico
The Miserable Rich – Sweet Dreams
Major Lazer – Hold The Line
Fort Knox Five – Killa Soundbwoy (Lars Mostin Remix)
Kid Frost – Terminator

Play Jan 11

Oscar Gonzo and Ovil Bianca’s Hard Ambient Stepping


Opus III – It’s a fine day
Autechre – Parallel suns
Boards of Canada – Live ATP 1
David Grubbs – Medley: the Gipsy daisy/Pinafore blues
David Bowie – Subterraneans
Fennesz – Rivers of sand
Ennio Morricone – Death rattle
Ekkehard Ehlers – John Cassavetes 2
Johann Johannsson – Printer
Biosphere – The things I tell you
Jimi Cauty – Space
FFWD – Collosus
FSOL – Lifeforms 2
FFWD – Drone
Boards of Canada – Campire 1987
Köhn – Trans-neptunian objects
Ovil Bianca – Daylight
Brian Eno – The secret place
Bobby Beausoleil – Lucifer rising – part I
Louis and Bebe Baron – Forbidden Planet Main titles

Play Jan 3

Act Now with Airplays Christmas Special 2009


Last ‘Act Now’ of 2009 originally broadcast on

Boxcutter & Kinnego Flux – A Familiar Sound – Instrumental [Kinnego Records]
Bisweed – You’re In Love [Smokin Sessions]
DFRNT – The Next Step [On The Edge]
Data – Doors Of Perception [Tempa]
Synkro – My Own World [Mindset]
Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo [Hotflush]
Maximo Park – Cloud Of Mystery – Martyn’s Angel Of The North Mix [Warp]
Jose James – Blackmagic – Joy Orbison Mix [Brownswood Recordings]
Reso – Logical [Destructive]
Lazersonic – Goin Off [Lazersonic]
Unique 3 – Serial Killer [Fat!]
Si Begg – The Bleeps [Mutate Records]
Ils – Music [Marine Parade]
The Unknown DJ – Mini Mois [Techno Hop]
Merka – Rising Sky [Fat!]
The Amalgamation Of Soundz – KB [Shadow Cryptic]
Jacob Todd – The Metaphysics Of Paper [3 Beat Breaks]
Ozgur Can & Rouzbeh Delavari – Eternity [3 Beat Breaks]
Introvert – Joga [White Label]
C83 – Back In The Day [Envision]
Bushwacka – Feel It [Plank Records]
Burial – Archangel [Hyperdub]

Play Dec 30

Chilliblips by Oscar Gonzo


Biosphere – Microgravity
Plaid – Rakimou
Boards of Canada – Olson
µ-ziq – Happi
AFX – Analogue bubblebath 5.1
Gas – Zauberberg
Beaumont Hannant – Utuba
Autechre – Basscadet
KLF – Brownsville turnaround on the tex
FSOL – Papua New Guinea


Play Aug 14

Beans On Toast Radio Show



Leftfield – Original

Mood – Karma

Portishead – Numb

Wax Tailor – Between Fellows

The Crusaders – The Well’s Gone Dry

MWD – Elephant

The Bees – Left Foot Step-down

Backyard Heavies – Expo 83

Cinematic Orchestra – Channel 1 Suite (Tom Tyler Mix)

Driving – O.S.T

Tommy McCook & The Supersonics – Reggae Merengue

Sly & The Family Stone – Remember Who You Are

Leaders Of The New School – Sobb Story

Suhov – Different

Natural Self – The Sound

Mr Scruff & Roots Manuva – Jus Jus

Latin Breed  – I Turn You On

Aretha Franklin – So Swell When You’re Well

Lamont Dozier – Going Back To My Roots

MF Doom – Deep Fried Frenz

Moss – Ching

Mux Mool – Night Court

Gnarls Barklay – Charity Case

D Nice & Treach – Time To Flow

Tipper – Off Kilter

Pretty Purdie – Soul Drums

MWD – Trouble Scene

The Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows

Play Apr 29

Beans On Toast Radio Show 7th April 09



Bit more electronic stuff than usual I think (although that said, as I upload this I’ve not listened back so i may be wrong!) but seemed to run as smooth as the proverbial baby’s behind, with the usual dosage of hip hop (US & UK), soul & funk.  Enjoy!

DJ Scientist – Atarius (The Other Version)
Roots Manuva – A Haunting
Iambic – Terra Firma (Halogen Remix)
Anne Peebles – Somebody’s On Your Case
Blueprint – untitled
Joe Tex – Men Are Getting Scarce
Dots – Why Does Anything Tickle, Ever?
Carolyn Franklyn – Alone
Pharcyde – Drop
Eddie Hazel – Frantic Moment
Jerry Butler – You’ve Been Around Too Long
Argument About Yellow – Some Grips Slip
The Grouch – Artsy
Sheik & Arch Deacon     – As You All Know
Tom Caruana – Keeping It Me
Mocean Worker – Shammalangadingdong
The Simon Sound – It’s Just Begun
Regal – The Mack (Flevans Remix)
***Epic Track ***
Teej, Elemental & Joncepts – She’s Mine
Jimmy Castor Bunch – Troglodyte
Mulato & The Heliocentrics – Live From The Tiger Lounge
Brentwood All Stars – Greedy G
Cut Chemist & Hymnal – What’s The Altitude
The 3rd Degree – Mercy
Flaming Ember – Gotta Get Away
Company Flow – 8 Steps To Perfection

Play Apr 8

Beans On Toast



Evening all – hope this finds you well. Should you listen to this week’s bad-boy you’ll hear a handful of recent discoveries alongside some older funk & hip hop classics and a chunky epic track in the middle for your relaxing pleasure, to be enjoyed in similar spirit to ‘Alan’s Deep Bath’ (

The O’Jays – When The World’s At Peace

Bosco Delray – Space Junky

Tom Scott – Today

Prefuse 73 – Minutes Away Without You

ATL – Black Superman

Iambic – Transitions

Nice N Smooth – Hip Hop Junkies

Gal Costa – Relance

9th Creation – Bubblegum

Flevans (feat. Sarah Scott) – Hold On

Soul Position – Run

Jeff Jabz – Drowning In Estrogen

**Epic Track**

King Tee (feat. DJ Pooh & Rashad) – Super …..

Johnny Guitar Watson – 1st Timothy Six

Baby Gravy – You Really Are

ADOR – Let It All Hang Out

Museum – Charity Case

MWD – Rico

Braintax & Jehst – Riveria Hustle

Huey ‘Piano’ Smith – Little Liza Jane

Bob James – Take Me To The Mardi Gras

Ralph Myerz/Jack Herren Band – Nikita

Pepe Deluxe – Salami Fever

Don Diablo Vs. De La Soul – Stand Up For Me, Myself & I

Skeewif – Matador

Play Mar 25

Exclusive mix by Halogen


Brighton based ambient/IDM producer Halogen has supplied us with an exclusive mix for everyone who likes the more ambient side of things. This mix is definitely not one to be missed!

Track listing:
Juri – Thought It Was Love
Saine – Live A Little
Friendly Foliage – The Way to The Western Sea
Jonti Danimals – Nightshift in Blue
Rumpistol – Rehux
Praveen – Float
Dirty Long Legs – Eugene and Ezra
Halogen – Millicent
Juri – Void
Bluermutt – Shaping My Vision of a Nice Day
Helios – Shoulder to Hand
Halogen – Etik
Fennesz – Perfume for Winter

Play Feb 21

Fluid – Beginnings



Electroacoustic Sounds For A New Age…

Track List:

Dial – Deaf Centre
Acoustics Of The Piano – Playb
Wake Up Call (Hoodwink Rmx) – Cantaloup
One Note Up – ESK
After The First Death – Digitonal
A Mountain Of Ice – Helios
As If – Ben Beiny
Crooked Rain – Cantaloup
Ten – Melorman
Mehr Als Alles Andere – Bersarin Quartett

Play Dec 11