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DJ Oscar – Rumblings

Slowly moving from the darker, often downright scary side of electronic music, to more melodic and nostalgic tunes, among them a fair amount of very recent releases by Tim Hecker, Forest Swords, Four Tet and Deepchord. Crawl up and dig in.

Track list:
Boards of Canada – Transmisiones Ferox
Deepchord – Plankton
Donato Dozzy – K. #3
Demdike Stare – Regolith
Klaus – Fens
The Häxan Cloak – Miste
Raime – The last foundry
Forest Swords – The weight of gold
Tim Hecker – Amps, drugs, harmonium
Oneothrix Point Never – Cryo
Deepchord – Prayer wheel
Vatican Shadow – Encryption nets
Four Tet – Parallel jalebi
Machinedrum – Dont 1 2 lose you
Zomby – Memories
Boards of Canada – Uritual

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DJ Oscar – Winter Wanderland

A January offering of deep, soothing ambient, lush violins, a bit of piano and soft waves of guitar echos, ideal for a late night walk through the snow. This one’s a headphone must.

Track list:
Loscil – Brohm ridge
Stars of the Lid – Austin Texas mental hospital part 3
The Dead Texan – A chronicle of early failures part 2
Pan-American – There is always the thrill of just beginning
A Winged Victory for the Sullen – Steep hills of vicodin tears
Nils Frahm – Familiar
Rafael Anton Irisarri – A great northern sigh
Library Tapes – A summer beneath the trees
Stars of the Lid – Requiem string melody
Windy & Carl – Set adrift
The Sight Below – Fervent
Slowdive – Miranda
Blanck Mass – Weakling flier
Loscil – Endless falls

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Blackball Episode 20 PART A

A summer farewell courtesy of Core urban shopping.

Part of a double offering, the ultimate vacation companions..

Track list:
1 Kobe By Waki
2 My Time Is Yours, In The Beginning By Effective Force
3 Ascension By 030 Feat Dr.Motte
4 The Tides (They Turn) By Psychic Warriors Ov Gay
5 Body Electric (Claude Young Mix) By Métier
6 An Experimental Conclusion By The 65d Mavericks
7 Clean Code By Cim
8 I Wanna Look To The Stars By Alex Martin
9 Transform (Mlo Ambient Mix) By Transform
10 Cocoa B By Donnacha Costello
11 You Don’t Know By Drexciya
12 Still By Robert Hood

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DJ Oscar – A Night in Twin Peaks

Step into the woods and leave your soul in the Black Lodge, here’s a dark and moody mix that leads you deep into a strange and mysterious night in the town of Twin Peaks.

Track list:
All tracks written by Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch, mixed with soundeffects from the series.

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DJ Oscar’s Soundtrack to a Nightly Walk in the Woods

Step outside. It’s night, it’s dark, rather cold, and the woods are just around the corner. Walk. What’s that sound? Listen.

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Night of the Cold Noses

A Soundtrack by Acid Barrett, Barton Funk and Oscar.

Winter was hard, and long. And cold. How did we survive these dark, frosty nights? Well, we had music. And lots of it! This is a soundtrack to our winter, brought to you by three cold noses.

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DJ Oscar – Pubstep Three

Digging deep into the roots of pubstep this time, slowly passing by electro, grime, ambient house, early rave and finally ending up where we are right now. Hope you enoy the journey.

Elecktroids – Future tone
FSOL – Lifeforms (path 2)
Plasticman – Camel ride
Burial – Prayer
Mark Van Hoen – Channel of light
Biosphere – Novelty waves
The Orb – U.F. Orb
CJ Bolland – Camargue
Drexciya – Digital tsunami
Commix – Be true (Burial mix)
Mount Kimbie – At least (original mix)
James Blake – Don’t you think I do

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DJ Oscar – Ambient Sofa Classix

Celebrating two years of Sofamixes with some stonecold ambient classics that’ll have you floating in your easy chair, drifting on early to mid 90s spaced out sounds.

Thomas Köner – Air
William Basinski – Melancholia #4
Brian Eno – The secret place
Biosphere – Startoucher
Locust – Xenophobe
Seefeel – Through you
FFWD – Lucky saddle
The Orb – Pomme fritz (Meat ‘n veg)
Aphex Twin – Curtains
Subsurfing – The number readers
FSOL – Cascade (Part 3)
Sabres of Paradise – Haunted dancehall
The Orb – Sticky End

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Act Now With Airplays No.10

I’ve been away for a while working at festivals but managed to find time to buy some new records. A fairly deep, chilled affair this week.

Quincy Jones – Summer In The City [Soul Sound Japan]
DJ Food – Cookin’ [Ninja Tune]
Nite Jewel – Weak For Me [1984 Records]
Bullion – Crazy Over You [One Handed Music]
James Pants – We’re Through [Stones Throw]
Disco Tom – Goldie’s Boogie [Whatchawannado]
Ital Tek – Infinity [Planet Mu]
F – See The Light [7even]
Komonazmuk – Dance Too [Apple Pips]
Instra:mental – Forbidden [Apple Pips]
Joy Orbison – The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow [Aus]
George Fitzgerald – The Let Down [Hotflush]
Dongo & Blake – Detroitus [Well Rounded Records]
Hypno – War Demon – Julio Bashmore Remix [Ramp]
Falty DL – My Friends Will Always Say… [Planet Mu]
Buscrates 16-Bit Ensemble – No.10 (Moogie’s Discovery) [The Harmony Society]
Omas – Tea Leaf Da ncers [My First Moth]
Creative Swing Alliance – Monday [Bonzzai Recordings]
Harvey Lindo – The Times [Compost]
Soul Position – Hand-Me-Downs [Rhyme Sayers]
Sun Rise Above – Free Your Mind [Traveller Records]
Scuba – So You Think You’re Special [Hotflush]
Caribou – Lalibela [City Slang]
Caribou – Jamelia [City Slang]
Trentmoller – Tide [In My Room]
Dakota Suite – Hands Swollen With Grace [Karaoke Kalk]

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Dark Soul of the Night (Soundtrack by Acid Barrett, Barton Funk and DJ Oscar)

This obscure 1950s filmnoir thriller/horror movie has been gathering dust in some anonymous vault, until we dug it up and added a new and contemporary sountrack to it. Sadly, due to some curious accident, the last copy of the movie got lost and only the soundtrack survived. So now, the only remaining version of the movie, is the one in the head of the listener and we hope you enjoy this motion picture.

Stanley Roper – Impressions of london
Jean-Marc Zelwer – Parade
Michael Andrews – Manipulated Living
Moondog – From One to Nine
Kärtsy Hatakka & Kimmo Kajasto – Address Unknown (the Funhouse Remix)
+ OK Vince – Funeral Pyre (End Title)
Bohren & Der Club of Gore – Destroying Angels
Ib Glindemann – First Advance
Biosphere – Man With A Movie Camera – Prologue
Barry Adamson – Central Control
Der Plan – Adrenalin lässt Dan Blut Kochen
Pink Floyd – On The Run (alternate studio mix)
JG Thirl well – X1 Krashi / Woozzy
Powermad – Slaughterhouse
Art Of Noise – Debut
Bernard Herrmann – The Days Do Not End
+ The Quiet American – Night
Les Baxter – Black Mass
Miguel A. Tolosa – Old Wood Door With Rain
Howard Shore – Hypno Theme
Bernard Parmegiani – Aquatisme
The Notwist – Different Cars and Trains (Loopspool Version)
Manorexia – Melting at the Temple
Bernard Herrmann – Prelude – Fire Trucks
Clint Mansell (feat. Kronos Quartet) – Meltdown
The Residents – Smack Your Lips (Clap Your Teeth)
David Lynch – The Air Is on Fire ‘untitled 3′
(the mystery song)

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Oscar Gonzo and Ovil Bianca’s Hard Ambient Stepping

Opus III – It’s a fine day
Autechre – Parallel suns
Boards of Canada – Live ATP 1
David Grubbs – Medley: the Gipsy daisy/Pinafore blues
David Bowie – Subterraneans
Fennesz – Rivers of sand
Ennio Morricone – Death rattle
Ekkehard Ehlers – John Cassavetes 2
Johann Johannsson – Printer
Biosphere – The things I tell you
Jimi Cauty – Space
FFWD – Collosus
FSOL – Lifeforms 2
FFWD – Drone
Boards of Canada – Campire 1987
Köhn – Trans-neptunian objects
Ovil Bianca – Daylight
Brian Eno – The secret place
Bobby Beausoleil – Lucifer rising – part I
Louis and Bebe Baron – Forbidden Planet Main titles

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Chilliblips by Oscar Gonzo

Biosphere – Microgravity
Plaid – Rakimou
Boards of Canada – Olson
µ-ziq – Happi
AFX – Analogue bubblebath 5.1
Gas – Zauberberg
Beaumont Hannant – Utuba
Autechre – Basscadet
KLF – Brownsville turnaround on the tex
FSOL – Papua New Guinea


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Exclusive mix by Halogen

Brighton based ambient/IDM producer Halogen has supplied us with an exclusive mix for everyone who likes the more ambient side of things. This mix is definitely not one to be missed!

Track listing:
Juri – Thought It Was Love
Saine – Live A Little
Friendly Foliage – The Way to The Western Sea
Jonti Danimals – Nightshift in Blue
Rumpistol – Rehux
Praveen – Float
Dirty Long Legs – Eugene and Ezra
Halogen – Millicent
Juri – Void
Bluermutt – Shaping My Vision of a Nice Day
Helios – Shoulder to Hand
Halogen – Etik
Fennesz – Perfume for Winter

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iambic January show

On this first show for Motion, I play some of the tunes that I’ve listened to and thoroughly enjoyed over the past 3 or 4 years. I hope you enjoy it!

Track listing:

EdIT – Twenty Minutes
Efterklang – Monopolist
Four tet – Sun Drum and Soil (part 2)
Quantic Soul Orchestra – That Goose on my Grave
Skalpel – Together
Bonobo – Silver
iambic – Fragments
The Cinematic Orchestra (feat. Fontella Bass) – All That You Give
Louis Armstrong – Tiger Rag (live at the Carnegie Hall)
Mujaji – On a Bridge between Clouds
The Album Leaf – Thule
The Cinematic Orchestra – Dawn

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Mr Cooper – Instrumental Hip Hop Mix (Recorded 05)

A short mix of instrumental hip hop recorded in 2005. By my own admission nothing mind-blowing; just a few tracks I like blended together with some added cutting

1 Dj Shadow – Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt
2 Dj Krush – Duality
3 Dj Osiris – Listen
4 Sixtoo & Matth – Webeganhearingthings
5 Req – Subculture
6 Dj Spooky – Anansi Abstrakt
7 Dj Shadow – Dark Days (Spoken For Mix)

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