Us & Us Episode 29
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Guy Andrews – The Coldest Nights Vol. III
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The Drum Clinic by Guy Andrews – June 2014

This month’s edition of The Drum Clinic is stacked full of brand new music. Guy Andrews spins tracks from the likes of Will Saul, Leon Vynehall, Tessela and many more.

Find Guy Andrews on Twitter: @guy_andrews

Track list:

Lurka – Holding
Youandewan – FM Jam
The Friend – The Friend-Re-wet featuring Shady P
Ian Pooley – Chord Memory 2014
Luca Agnelli – Orion (Dachshund remix)
This Is The Place – Leon Vynehall
Bob Moses – Grace
Will Saul – Pedal Power
Last Japan – Harca
Yan Cook – Mill (Jeff Rushin and Nicole Rosie Remix)
Benny Rodrigues – The Choice is Mine
Cosmin TRG – Repetitiv
Headless Horseman – Ghost
Tessela – Rough 2
Perc & Truss – Forever Your Girl

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The Diggers Podcast No.7

Recorded live at the Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes last year. An all vinyl set from Chris Airplays taking in an eclectic and weird mix of beats for a bowling warm up session.

Track list:
Mayer Hawthorne – I Need You
Up High Collective – Blend
DJ Food – The Crow
Bullion – Crazy Over You
Bullion – Pressure To Dance
Bullion – My Castle In England
Benny Golson – I’m Always Dancing To the Music
Cymande – Brothers On The Slide
Quiroga – Let Your Body Swing
Quiroga – Nine Types
Boxcutter – A Cosmic Parent
Boxcutter – Spacebass
Marc Rapson – Click Loud
Alice Russell – Hurry On Now

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DJ Oscar – Rumblings

Slowly moving from the darker, often downright scary side of electronic music, to more melodic and nostalgic tunes, among them a fair amount of very recent releases by Tim Hecker, Forest Swords, Four Tet and Deepchord. Crawl up and dig in.

Track list:
Boards of Canada – Transmisiones Ferox
Deepchord – Plankton
Donato Dozzy – K. #3
Demdike Stare – Regolith
Klaus – Fens
The Häxan Cloak – Miste
Raime – The last foundry
Forest Swords – The weight of gold
Tim Hecker – Amps, drugs, harmonium
Oneothrix Point Never – Cryo
Deepchord – Prayer wheel
Vatican Shadow – Encryption nets
Four Tet – Parallel jalebi
Machinedrum – Dont 1 2 lose you
Zomby – Memories
Boards of Canada – Uritual

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The Diggers Podcast No.6

An LA Beats mixtape from producer Soft Esses

Track list:
Matthewdavid – Pendant – Remix For Dynoo
Flying Lotus – Spicy Sammich
Moa Pillar – Water Lily
Shlohmo – Tomato Smash
Soft Esses – STupid Early
Bullion – Long Promised
S.maharba – Jacket Switch
Matthewdavid – Like You Mean It
Nosaj Thing – 1685Bach
Lazer Sword – Web Swag
Blank & Kytt – Here We Go
Machinedrum – What U Wanted 2 Feel – Pixelord Remix
Soft Esses – Notebook
Young Montana? – Midnight Snacks
Blank & Kytt – Guiz
Com Truise – Slow Peelz
Matthewdavid – Rolex – RFTW Flip

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DJ ZAZ Brown – Greenz Like That

Just as the title states, I made a mean pot of collard greens to standard. Smoked turkey necks and all that. I know all the vegan listeners got mad, but these greens are good.

Anyways…this time around I added the main ingredient of Soulection artists. Evil Needle, Sango and Ta-ku have been serving up very nice independent releases that fly under the radar. They can be found on Soundcloud but throw them some change on Bandcamp. Also in the mix is my local yokels…The Cornel West Theory and my man John Wesley Moon mashing up Jamiroquai.

If you have a question on where to get any of the tracks, hit me in the comments section.

DJ ZAZ Brown, ya’ll~

Track list:
3000 Walls – Vincent_Paolo [Soulection]
Black – Holygrailers [Soulection]
Electr(on)ic Relaxation – Ta-ku [Soulection]
Pharoahs – SBTRKT
SheNeedsMe(InMoreWasThen1) – ESTA – [Soulecton]
Delight – Evil Needle {Soulection]
320 am with Nikko Gray – J-Louis [Soulection]
All About the Panties (That Mara Hruby Flow) – J. Louis {Soulection}
Calls – Robert Glasper f. Jill Scott
Butterfly – Bilal f. Robert Glasper
Move Love Ft. King (Robert Glasper Experiment – Evil Needle x Sivey Remix) [Soulection]
The Day – The Roots feat. Blu, Phonte & Patty Crash
The Wind Cries Fatima – The Cornel West Theory [Soundcloud]
TYToDie (John Moon Remix) – John Wesley Moon – [Soundcloud]
Water on hte Moon (Spacce Kid Remix) – Nikko Gray [Soulection]
Hey Justin – Ta-Ku [Soulection]

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DJ Zaz Brown – That Guy Over There

Second time around here on Phuture Frequency’s Motion Mixtapes and I’m coming with tracks from a few friends from the past.

Features by some Washington, D.C. based artists and producers (yU, Slimkat78, Wes Felton, Dirdy Redzz) and a couple of shots from my homie Dose One (themselves, Subtle).

It should make for a nice listen but we’re just getting started.

Enjoy in the meantime and drop me some feedback via the comments.

Track list:

Boards of Canada – Telephasic Workshop
Themselves (f. Aesop rock) – Know That To Know This
Dj Cam – 6 Sense
Abjo – Left Coast Cruisin
Jneiro Jarel – Electric Blue
W. Ellington Felton – Brown Hornet
Subtle – Red, White, & Blonde
yU (1978ers/SliMkat78) – The Up and UP
Madvillain (MF Doom) – Figaro
Little Dragon – Place to Belong
Fudge Fingas – All As It Should Be
Handsome Boy Modeling School – The Runway Song Feat Dj Kid Koala
Jopedo X Makeda – Fantastik
Eliot Lipp – My Environment
Dirdy Redzz – Drinks At Adams Morgan
Nu Tone – Set Me Free

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The Centrifuge Radio Show #92 – Guest mix from Alan Starck

Back after a break, and we’ve a guest mix and interview with Ominim records’ Alan Starck. Featuring brand new unreleased material from Alan, plus tracks from Boards of Canada, Juan Atkins, Balil, 808 State and many more, it’s a perfect hour for the new spring weather.

In addition, we’ve stacks of new music from the likes of Spongemagnet, Paula Temple, Clouds, Quinoline Yellow, Cogi and many more. PLUS a competition to win CD copies of the new albums by Vector Lovers and Paul Blackford.

Track list:
Benign & Roy Hessels – Void/Fall [2ism]
Archie Pelago – Avocado Roller [Archie Pelago]
Cursor Miner – Nonon [The Centrifuge]
Graze – Cathode Bias [New Kanada]
Julien H Mulder – Won’t say nothing [Midnight Shift]
Echologist – More Instinct [Prologue]
Dangerous Liaisons – The Enigma Machine [Bonus round]
Quinoline Yellow – Argon of August [Touchin Bass]
Vector Lovers – Replicator [Soma]
Black Asteroid – Black Acid (Perc rmx) [Electric Deluxe]
Audraulic – Algorhythmic Emotion [Bandcamp]
Cogi – don’t forget to wind your watch [TCIO]
Clouds – Drone Function [Fifth Wall]
The Black Dog – Atavistic Resurgence [Dust Science]
Carl Finlow – Hashtag (Radioactive Man rmx) [Electrix]
Monokle & Milinal – Virgo [Fuselab]
Paula Temple – Colonized [R&S]

Alan Starck Interview (Background: Alan Starck – Puppy Gangstas)
Boards Of Canada – Seeya Later
Alan Starck – No Go od Reason
Yimino – Chalking Up
808 State – Black Dartangnon
Alan Starck – The Organ Grinder
Balil – Flux D
Alan Starck – Newteq
3Mb Featuring Juan Atkins – Die Kosmischen Kuriere
Music Automatik – Ombre
Rinocerose – Le Triangle
Oshino – Tree
Alan Starck – My Bittersweet Sweetheart

Blackmass Plastics – Red and Blacks Rush [Western Panorama]
BRC – Don’t go away [YoSucka!]
Ontal – Centrifugal Force [Darkfloor Sound]
Enduser – Praise (ft O for Odetta) [The Centrifuge]

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The Centrifuge Radio Show #85 – Best of 2012

Starting off 2013 with the usual recap of the best tunes from 2012. 71 tracks in just over 90m, featuring the likes of Italtek, Om Unit, Boddika & JO, Vaetxh, Addison Groove, Actress and many more, plus new music from Burial, Duke Slammer, Synkro and more…

tracklist: Burial – Truant [Hyperdub]
Lee Gamble – Razor [PAN]
Synkro – Acceptance [Apollo]

Best of 2012 mix

1 – Jnr Hacksaw – Mutant Cunt Jam [Self released]0:00
2 – Machine Gun Militia – Nostromo [Oevure] 0:20
3 – Troy Masters – Evertude [Swishcotheque] 2:00
4 – The Fear Ratio – Skana [Blueprint] 3:30
5 – Ryan Vail – Heartbeat (Unknown rmx) [Champion Sound] 5:20
6 – U – Eah [ManMakeMusic] 8:00
7 – Bobby Champs – Drag queen [Pictures] 9:00
8 – Radioactive Man – Flying fuck [Wangtrax] 10:30
9 – Barker & Baumecker – Schlangbang [Ostgut Ton] 11:30
10 – Ghettozoid – Boy toy (HOBL rmx) [Electronic Explorations] 12:00
11 – Chevron – The Last Wurlitzer On The Cross Falling Eternally Backwards Into A Black Hole (Mark Archer’s Remix) [Balkan Vinyl] 14:00
12 – Severin – High Shot (The Voyeurist rmx) [TipTop] 15:00
13 – Sonic Youth – Shadow of a doubt (Matta rmx) [Self released] 16:00< br />14 – Lee J Malcolm – Trashcan Riotface Queen (Alt mix) [EPM] 17:30
15 – Joy O & Boddika – Swims [Swamp81] 18:00
16 – Death Grips – Guillotine (Voidloss rmx) [Self released] 19:00
17 – Actress – Shadow over Tartarus [Honest Jon’s] 22:00
18 – Zzzzra – Sumo (flo remix) [Deepindub] 22:30
19 – Birds Making Machine – Fuera de Contexto [Birdsmakingmachine] 24:00
20 – Nick Modern – Draw the line [self released]25:30
21 – Pearson Sound – Clutch [Hessle Audio] 27:00
22 – Happa – Beat of the drum [Church] 28:00
23 – Shadowchild & Horx – Bordertown [Apollo] 29:30
24 – Clouds – Those cracks in your face, do they hurt? [Turbo] 30:00
25 – Lucy – Finnegan [Curle] 31:00
26 – Teengirl Fantasy – Motif (Actress rmx) [R&S] 33:00
27 – Azaelia Banks – Liquorice [Polydor] 35:00
28 – Delta Funktionen – Redemption [Delsin] 36:00
29 – MPIA3 – Acid Badger [R&S] 37:00
30 – Bambounou – Mass [Monkeytown] 39:00
31 – A friqua – Moncrieff [F4T] 39:30
32 – Lifecycle – Obnoxiorama [Ricochet] 40:00
33 – Pixelord – Freeze the star [Civil Music] 42:00
34 – Randomer – Nar [Hemlock] 43.30
35 – FFF&Missqulater – Scream for acid (Missqulater rmx) [Encounters] 45:00
36 – Phat Chex – Puxton Bridge [Darkfloor Sound] 46:00
37 – Jon Convex – Desolation [Convex Industries] 47:00
38 – Addison Groove – Bad things [Monkeytown] 48:00
39 – OktoRed – The Two [Yo Sucka!] 49:00
40 – Death Abyss – Morality is a handicap [Rodz-Konez] 50:00
41 – CTRLS – Analog lies [Token] 51:00
42 – Trevino – Under surveillance [Applepips] 52:00
43 – Ikonika – I Make Lists [Hum&Buzz] 53:30
44 – Gareth Clarke – Sex in the chancel [The Centrifuge] 55:30
45 – Actraiser – Shadowboxing rmx [Cut] 56:00
46 – Talismann – Tiran [Talismann] 57:30
47 – Amit – White trash (Darquan rmx) (Soundcloud) 59:00
48 – Swarm Intelligence – Execute (Blackmass Plastics rm x) [Acroplane] 61:00
49 – Eomac – Slide FX [Acroplane] 62.30
50 – Hurtdeer – Feeling Shit Pulse [Broken Bubble] 64:00
51 – Threnody – Eyelashes [UK Trendz] 65:00
52 – Vaetxh – Recursion Tree [Schematic] 66.30
53 – Memotone – Chew [Boiler Room] 68:00
54 – Monokle – Swan [Ki] 69.30
55 – Soundex Phonetic – Self construction [Tudor Beats] 71:00
56 – Chordata – 5th dimension [Militant Science]
57 – Louis Blaize – Love & Gwalla (Phillip D Kick rmx) (Soundcloud) 73:00
58 – Warlock – Pocket dancing (Soundcloud) 74:00
59 – Italtek – East District [Atom River] 74.30
60 – Squarepusher – 303 Scopem Hard [Warp] 76:00
61 – C. Mantle – Djaevn (Soundcloud) 77:00
62 – Om Unit – Ulysses (Reso rmx) [Civil Music] 79:00
63 – Fracture – Bad Habit (Om unit VIP) [Astrophonica] 81:00
64 – Thrupence – Parley [Bandcamp] 82:00
65 – O For Odetta – Take Five [Caoutchou] 84:00
66 – Various Production – Moving on [Var ious] 85:00
67 – Moresounds – Shrakstep [Cosmic Bridge] 87:00
68 – Remarc – RIP (Doc odessah rmx) [Soundcloud] 88:00
69 – IJO – Rave blaster [Soundcloud] 89:00
70 – Twelve turtles – David ezra brown [Bedroom Research] 89:30
71 – T-Toe – We don’t talk anymore [Bit-Phalanx] 91:00

Rory St John – Super Symmetry [Acre]
Prince – Let’s Work (Duke Slammer 808 edit) [Soundcloud]
FSOL – Ill Flower (Machinedrum rmx) [Pseudogeddon]


Play Jan 14

DJ Oscar – SlowStep: Slowly dancing back into time

A mix for slow dancers. Blending fairly recent tunes with the some of the earliest dance classics, this mix offers deep electro, gritty IDM, ancient acid, sleazy slow disco and even some bassy new beat. This ride is best taken while using quality headphones!

Track list:
Yma Sumac – Chungo (The forest creature)
FSOL – Lifeforms (Path 2)
Starfish Pool – Outro
AFX – SteppingFilter 101
Woodenspoon – Dig deep bin
Mark Van Hoen – Channel of light
Scorn – Silver rain fell (deep water mix)
Polygon Window – Ut1-Dot
The Other People Place – Lifestyles of the casual
Mr. Fingers – Beyond the clouds
White House White – Oddball Harry
Snowy Red – The switch
Max Berlin – Elle et moi
Starfish Pool – Intro

Play Oct 22

The Centrifuge Radio Show #78 – Lifecycle (Ricochet Records)

Very pleased to have a guest mix from Ricochet Records boss Lifecycle on this edition of the show. He’s put together a cracking mix featuring AFX, Anodyne, They Live, Pale Sketcher, Redshape, Si Begg and more – a nicely eclectic hour to delve in to.

In addition, we’ve new music from NeferTT, Pearson Sound, Trevino, Jon Convex, Ripperton, Tudor Acid and more.

Track list:
NeferTT – Bless Moon [Hotflush]
DFRNT – Prism [Echodub]
Deepchord – The Universe as a Hologram [Soma]
Ripperton – Let’s Hope [Tamed Musiq]
BcingU#6 ft Joss – What You Sayin (T-toe’s ‘got courage to ask out the city lights girl’ Remix) [CSS]
Jon Convex & Breakage – No Love [Convex Industries]
Butane – Hey Hipster [Alphahouse]
Stefan Goldmann – The Outness Queens [Macro]
Tudor Acid – The Sound of Raindrops [Tudor Beats]

Lifecycle guest mix:

Redshape – Brick Brack [Present]
They Live – Mr Spaldings Neighbourhood [Exit]
The Fractal Skulls – Operator [Subexotic]
Wirik – 2050 [Harmonious Dischord]
Lifecycle – Freezer Cats [white]
John Tejada – Our Gigantic Mistake [Palette]
Fan Erhalder / Aunderwex – Uran 154 [Russian Techno]
Kawatin – Clap [Ricochet]
Sign 13 – J-Jak [Play]
Momu – We Are Connected (Lifecycle city of dis disco vip rmx) [white]
D3adl1ne – Still Believing (Reilly Steel rmx) [HotNHeavy]
October – Control Room Interior [Caravan]
Si Begg – The Enemy Within [white]
Kawatin – Trick of the Light (Lifecycle rmx) [Ricochet]
Patscan – untitled [Ricochet]
AFX – Backdoor.Netshadow [Rephlex]
Anodyne – Empire of Glass [Combat]
Pale Sketcher – The Rainy Season [Ghostly]
Kawatin – Antisocial Activism [Ricochet]
Deadman’s Ghost – Amygdala (Defcon rmx) [Umor Rex]
The Black Dog – Late Night Cabin Fever [Dust Science]

Mathew Jonson – Passage to the other side [Itiswhatitis]
Barker & Baumecker – Buttcracker [Ostgut Ton]
Phat Chex – Kitchen Sync [Darkfloorsound]
Deadbeat – Punta de chorros [BLKRTZ]
Trevino – Under surveillance [Applepips]
Death Abyss – Come as the Reaper and Thus You Will Sow (Israel Vines Remix) [Rodz-Konez]
Wirewound – Flux Density [Stasis]
Dr Octagon – Aliens (Kalbata remix) [Soundcloud]

Play Sep 17

Blackball Episode 20 PART B

Part B of a Special end-of season Episode.

Summer Vibes for the Phuture Frequency massive…

Track list:












Play Jun 29

Us & Us Episode 19

Us & Us: “Love And Some 45s…”
A Motion Podcast Episode for May 2012
Transmitting from Mount Vernon, New York, USA
Supplying musical therapy by way of vinyl, CD, cassette, and MP3

Inspired by Record Store Day 2012, this show is an all seven-inch vinyl set. Most of them spinning at 45 rpm, others running at 33-1/3. Some soul, some funk, some jazz, and some other stuff as well. Served up freeform style. Hope you enjoy it, snaps, crackles, pops and all. Not a safe one for work, but fun just the same.

FYI: The MCs featured on “Showtime” by Big Dada Sound are Ty, Roots Manuva, Juice Aleem, Mike Ladd, and Toastie Taylor. And the Martin Luther King PSA at the end? That’s from a 7″, too…

Get in touch with macedonia:

(“the real prize is behind door number twenty-thr ee…”)

Track list:
1. NOMO and Shawn Lee – Upside Down [Ubiquity]
2. Continental Four – Escape From Planet Earth [Jay-Walking]
3. Alan Mills – I Know An Old Lady [Scholastic]
4. A-Trak – Enter Ralph Wiggum [Stones Throw]
5. B.W. Souls – Marvins Groove [Round]
6. The Meters – Here Comes The Meter Man [Josie]
7. The Last Poets – On The Subway [Douglas]
8. SirOJ – Castlevania [Organik]
9. Jim Timmens feat. Patty Lakin – A Purr Is Furry [Columbia]
10. Ohio Players – Ecstasy [Westbound]
11. Big Dada Sound – Showtime [Big Dada]
12. Johnny “Hammond” Smith – Dirty Apple [Prestige]
13. Sun City Girls – Napoleon & Josephine (Part Two) [Scratch]
14. Sun City Girls – Souvenirs From Jangare [Majora]
15. Althea & Donna – Uptown Top Ranking [Gibbs]
16. Tenor Saw – Ring The Alarm [Techniques]
17. Jim Timmens feat. Mike McKean and the Carrillon Singers – London Bridge [Columbia]
18. Hedonic Islands – Alien Abduction (feat. Dudley Perkins and Georgia Anne Muldrow) [Gematria]
19. Little Beaver – Six Foot Hole [Cat]
20. Bobby Womack – Daylight [United Artists]
21. Vicelounge w/Dee Ferguson – Dear Man (original mix) [Record Breakin’]
22. James Brown – Superbad, Superslick (Part I) [Polydor]
23. Spinnerty – Time To Cut (feat. Miles Bonny) [Record Breakin’]
24. Ezekiel Honig – Past Tense Kitchen Movement [Anticipate]
25. Hrvatski – Bad Raum [Tonschacht]
26. Benoit Pioulard – Maginot [Blue Flea]
27. Eddie Harris – Theme In Search Of A Movie [Atlantic]
28. The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band – Light My Fire [Warner Bros.-Seven Arts]
29. Astrud Gilberto – Take It Easy My Brother Charlie [BBE]

Play May 14

The Centrifuge Radio Show #71 – Guest mix from Cogidubnus (Broken Bubble)

Nominated for Best New Label at the Dubstepforum awards, Broken Bubble have gone from strength to strength over the last year. With releases from Mirror State, Second Line, Macka as well as former guest mixers Duskky and Hurtdeer, the label is right at the top for interesting dubbed-out flavours, and label owner Cogidubnus has given us a very special mix showcasing the best the label has to offer.

As well as this, we’ve new music from Scrubber Fox, Space Ladies, Thrupence, Vincent Steiner, Paul Mac, Max Cooper, and many more.

Track list:
Noisia – Alpha Centauri (Receptor rmx) [Noisia Wesbite]
Scrubber Fox – Blonged in Sarongs [Bad Sekta]
COG – The Devil’s Level [Bit-phalanx]
Mirror state – At least I noticed [Broken Bubble]
Vincent steiner – Mars orbiter [Eves]
Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm – a2 (Max Cooper Remix) [Erased Tapes]
Various Productions – Bolts [Various]
Anstam – Intuit [50 Weapons]
Space Ladies – Fields [Senseless]
Untold – Motion the dance [Hemlock]
clatterbox – Stakeout [Ricochet]
Posthuman – Synapses [Acroplane]
Paul Mac – Sometimes It’s That Simple [Stimulus]

Cogidubnus – Broken Bubble guest mix
MusSck – The Morning Sun [Mad Hop]
Venture – Far Away [soundcloud]
Cogidubnus – Praxis [dub]
Sipp & Steamgoat – In Between [forthcoming BB]
Muntelevenus & Macka – The Tale Of Samarkand [forthcoming BB]
Julien Mier – Je t’écoute [dub]
Ta-ku – Where [Gergaz]
Jacque Polynice – Obama O’s (Mike Slott Remix) [Circuitree]
Minor Science – White Eagle Speaks [dub]
Pogflipper – Cycle Of Us [forthcoming BB]
Wagawaga – Cheeky Bastard [Acroplane]
Hurtdeer – Deer Noises [soundcloud]
Sipp – CF 2191 (Cogidubnus Remix) [dub]
Mirror State – The Signal [soundcloud]
Budeaux & Davwuh – Faded [forthcoming BB]
Cogidubnus – Autoslouch [BB16]
My Nu Leng – Voyage [forthcoming Mindstep]
EPLP feat. Alpenglow – Blue Evening [Night Tracks]
Good Paul – MClina [Finest Ego]
Wagawaga – Varanasi Puja [Record Label Records]
A Conversation With Rickie Lee Jones

Thrupence – Winston [Bandcamp]
Lazer Sword ft MachineDrum – CHSEN [Monkeytown]
Paul Blackford – Dream sequence [Tudor Beats]
Nebula – Sound barriers [Bustle Beats]
Moresounds – Shrakstep [Cosmic Bridge]
Eleven Tigers – Stableface (Macc Remix) [Soul Motive]

Play May 7

The Centrifuge Radio Show #69 – Bad Sekta Retrospective

As we reach show number 69 (and let’s face it, we all read that in a Bill & Ted-era Keanu Reeves voice, didn’t we?) The Centrifuge Radio Show is proud to present a retrospective mix from Bad Sekta’s very own PHUQ. With past releases from Voltergeist, Blackmass Plastics, Last Boss, Ronin and many others, plus a forthcoming release from The Centrifuge’s own Scrubber Fox, Bad Sekta has a formidable back catalogue, and label boss PHUQ has harvested the best for a retrospective mix for the show. A great listen for those of you into your dark, aggressive, abstract noises.

In addition new music from Addison Groove, Mouse on Mars, Cygnus,Radioactive Man, Ukkonen, Qebrus, Matta, Lorn, O for Odetta records and many, many more.

Track list:
IJO – Rave Blaster [Soundcloud]
Oktored – We Are The Scientists [Yo Sucka!]
Addison Groove – Savage Henry [50 Weapons]
Qebrus – Mrcgs ppr chmr [Bedroom Research]
Mouse On Mars – Wienuss [50 Weapons]
Cygnus – Artereole [ICASEA]
Ukkonen – Haukivesi Spirit [Uncharted Audio]
Sonic Youth – Shadow of a Doubt (Matta Refix)
Missqulater – Missing Ya Dream (Nonimix) [Section 27]
Burial & Fourtet – Nova [Text]
Wirewound – Bit synchronous [Acre]
Addison Groove – Bad things [50Weapons]
Azaelia Banks – Fuck up the fun [Soundcloud]
Bad Sekta Retrospective

1. Intro
2. DJ Ultimate Kevin – ‘Crakndope’ (Various – ‘Various Autists 2’)
3. Scrubber Fox – ‘Brown Under Keks’ (Forthcoming Scrubber Fox EP)
4. Igorrr – ‘Squelette Reversible’ (Various – ‘Community’)
5. The Abominable Mr Tinkler – ‘Ampules in a Paper Box'(T.A.M.T. presents F-Lithium – ‘Ether Wa y You Lose’)
6. The SinTactics – ‘NS Arktika’ (Various – ‘Against All Odd’)
7. Lastboss – ‘Xin Who?’ (Lastboss – ‘Xin Who?’)
8. Intonamori – ‘All Thumbs’ (Intonamori – ‘Ear Weevils 1’)
9. Phuq – ‘Alex, Son of Malcolm (Demo)’ (Forthcoming Phuq EP)
10. weyheyhey !! – ‘Effection’ (Various – ‘Community’)
11. BOEP – ‘Get Stoated (rANdOMoiDzs Bashoutmix06)’ (Various – ‘MPFree 1’)
12. Usedtobecool – ‘My Soul in a Sock’ (Usedtobecool – ‘The Independent Fallacy’)
13. Dave Stitch – ‘Kitchen Brain’ (Various – ‘Various Autists 2’)
14. Fzv – ‘A3K-00s_1-4’ (Forthcoming Fzv EP)
15. Blackmass Plastics – ‘T-Rex Powerdrill’ (Blackmass Plastics – ‘The Innocent Bystander EP’)
16. Ronin -‘Moomincore’ (Various – ‘Against All Odd’)

Radioactive Man – Tits & Bubbles [Wangtrax]
East of oceans – Symbol 6 [Symbol]
Ital-tek – East district [Bandcamp]
Dan Habarnam – Divided [Exit]
Lorn – Ghosst [Ninja Tune]
O fo r Odetta – Take five [Caoutchou]

Play Apr 11

The Centrifuge Radio Show #68

Having done a wonderful guest mix for us back in June, we’re decided to get Orson Bramley back for another turn. Recorded live at Free-lectronica earlier this month, Orson’s set contains some of his most recent tracks on Orson records, plus new material. Fans of electro and electronica don’t want to miss this one.

In addition, we’ve new music from Eutechnik, Patten, FURS, Toob, Qebrus, Pocz, OktoRed, Fanu, Scrubber Fox and more.

Track list:
Mrs Jynx ft iAM9 – CWishes [CSS]
OktoRed – Bass showers [Yo Sucka!]
Qebrus – ArgQ [Bedroom Research]
FURS – Freezy [DetUnd]
Locked Groove – Steriel [TAKE]
Molez – Allghoi [Acre]
Toob – Chop house []
Threnody – Fractured [Dub]
Posthuman – Synapses [Acroplane]
Detroit Grand Pubahs – Engineroom [Engineroom]

Orson Bramley, recorded Live @ Free-lectronica

Eutechnik – Etknk1 [Alphabetset]
Pocz – Explotala! (DJ Yirvin rmx) [Senseless]
Canary Warp – FTSE 500 [Soundcloud]
Odan – Palmadas [Bit-phalanx]
Scrubber Fox – Can’t escape the 90s [Bandcamp]
Steinvord – Maelstrom [Rephlex]
Ben von Wildenhaus ‘The Orientalist’ (Ion Driver remix) [Soundcloud]
Downstate – The Heartache was Visible [Bandcamp]
Fanu – Trouble [Lightless free DL]
NCQL – The Framed Dreams Of Loki [Subtle Audio]
Scrubber Fox – Pure Shan [Bandcamp]

Play Mar 26

DJ Oscar – The Lost BASF Mix Tape

Stumbled upon this worn down 60min mixtape, could be really old, has a crusty 80s feel to it, big synths, coked out drums and some cheesy melodies with glitches underneath. Sounds like a blast from the past.

Track list:
Boards of Canada – Light, clear hair + PC
Com Truise – BASF ace
Brian Reitzell and Roger J. Manning Jr. – On the subway
Köhn – The aids of space
The Other People Place – Eye contact
Thomas Köner – 46° 26’ N 12° 20’ E (Hour Three)
Burial – Night bus
Cliff Martinez – Where’s the deluxe version?
M83 – Klaus I love you
Oneothrix Point Never – Up
Holy Other – With you
Zomby – Trapdoor
Daft Punk – End of line
Mark Van Hoen – Laughing stars at night
Cliff Martinez – My name on a car
Oneothrix Point Never – Submersible
Boards of Canada – 5.9.78
Com Truise – Cyanide sisters

Play Mar 14

Us & Us Episode 18

Us & Us: “The Sensitive Adventures Of Ebb And Flow…”
A Motion Podcast Episode for September 2011
Transmitting from Mount Vernon, New York, USA
Supplying musical therapy by way of vinyl, CD, cassette, and MP3

I’ve been wanting to say something. Prior to the two episodes from me that popped up out of nowhere last year, I was absent for a year and some change, so I feel like I ought to

actually say something. At the same time, the music speak volumes on its own and is far more eloquent than I am.

Acts like Jonti, Sepalcure, Toro Y Moi, and When Saints Go Machine represent the current obsessions while the music of Arthur Russell remains a constant inspiration. Arthur’s

Landing represents lovely for Russell’s compositions. There’s some beat science from Andres and Sir Froderick as well as Bullion, who had a remix project marrying the work of

The Beach Boys with J Dilla’s b eats. Ultramarine put out their first new material in over thirteen years, which thrills me to death. And there are pieces from Phil Upchurch and Bill

Cosby that resonate strongly with me as of late. The glitchy sensitivity of Claro Intelecto and Auch, the wide-eyed fun of Saint Etienne remixing Pizzicato Five, the album cuts from

Funkadelic and The Crusaders that I’ve been wanting to play for you for months now…this is just me doing what I do. Grabbing some selections from the collection and trying to

connect some dots.

Thank you very much for joining me. Hope you enjoy the set…

Get in touch with macedonia:

(“it is happening again…it is happening again…”)

Track list:
1. Jazzanova – Cyclic [JCR]
2. Elephant And Castle – I Will [Plug Research]
3. Riton – Communicated [Grand Central]
4. Pizzicato Five – Love’s Theme (Saint Etienne Mix) [Matador]
5. Bullion – Wouldn’t It Be Nice [White Label]
6. Andres – Don’t Fall In [Mahogani Music]
7. Phil Upchurch – You Wouldn’t, You Couldn’t Be True [Cadet]
8. Earth, Wind & Fire – Interlude [Columbia]
9. When Saints Go Machine – Pick Up Your Tears And Run [!K7]
10. Toro Y Moi – Fax Shadow [Carpark]
11. Sepalcure – See Me Feel Me [Hotflush]
12. Claro Intelecto – You Not Me [A.I.]
13. Auch – All That Pretty Horses [Mille Plateaux]
14. Ultramarine – Find A Way (Version) [Real Soon]
15. DJ Shadow – Transmission 3 [Mo’ Wax]
16. Arthur’s Landing – Go For The Night [Strut]
17. Raleigh Moncrief – Waiting For My Brothers Here [Anticon]
18. Sir Froderick – Someolbull$hit ft. Josh Hey [Record Breakin’]
19. Bill Cosby – You’re Driving Me Crazy [Capitol]
20. Miho Hatori – Night Light [Chocolate Industries]
21. Dudley Perkins – Flowers [Stones Throw]
22. Jonti – The Days Have Turned (feat. The Stepkids & Illa J) [Stones Throw]
23. Funkadelic – Holly Wants To Go To California [Warner Bros.]
24. The Crusaders – It’s Just Gotta Be That Way [Blue Thumb]


Play Feb 20

Us & Us Episode 17

Us & Us: “Making Up For Lost Time…”
A Motion Podcast Episode for November 2011
Transmitting from Mount Vernon, New York, USA
Supplying musical therapy by way of vinyl, CD, cassette, and MP3

On this episode, I had to dedicate some space to the words and music of the late Gil Scott-Heron. In addition, a Johnny Hammond cut is included to big up the production genius of the late Alphonzo “Fonce” Mizell, one-half of the Mizell brothers. Other than that, some past, present, and future side room flavors along with some pieces I’ve long since forgotten about and deserve to get some shine. Check the free verse from Antipop Consortium’s High Priest guest starring on the Diego Cortez track. New releases include some beat science from Lee Bannon and Katalyst, the Billie Holiday meets Bjork beauty of Amenta, and an ecstatic piece from Matthew Herbert’s latest album (the one that got PETA really, really upset). And if the thou ght of Sly Stone being homeless and living out of a van depresses you as much as it does me, perhaps you’ll appreciate my reaching back for the closer on his *Life* album with The Family Stone.

get in touch with macedonia:

(“flying high in a circle around you…”)

Track list:

1. I:Cube – Adore [Versatile]
2. Secret Frequency Crew – Deep Blue (Eli-173 Remix) [Counterflow Recordings]
3. The Allenko Brotherhood Ensemble (Tony Allen vs. Kraked Unit) – The Man With The Drum [Comet]
4. Gil Scott-Heron – New York Is Killing Me [XL Recordings]
5. Johnny Hammond – Shifting Gears [Harmless]
6. The Baby Namboos – Hard Times (Quango Remix By Jason Bentley) [Redline Entertainment]
7. Squarepusher – Shin Triad (Wagon Christ Mix) [Warp]
8. DJ Krush – Bypath – Would You Take It? [Mo Wax]
9. Ian O’Brien – The Beginning/The Emergence [Peacefrog]
10. Diego Cortez – Inviolate [Bar/None]
11. Aceyalone – Headaches And Woes [Capitol]
12. Gil Scott-Heron – Flashback [Flying Dutchman]
13. The Art Of Noise – How To Kill [ZTT/Island]
14. Sluta Leta – Champagne On Ice [Chocolate Industries]
15. Klaus Doldinger – Sitar Beat [white label]
16. Serge Gainsbourg – En Melody [L e Smoke Disque]
17. Sly And The Family Stone – Jane Is A Groupee [Epic]
18. Katalyst – It’s A Blast [BBE]
19. Lee Bannon – Grey / Master [Plug Research]
20. Cornelius – Fantasma [Matador]
21. Kid Creole & The Coconuts – I Wake Up Screaming [Strut]
23. Art Konik – Mingpark [Comet]
24. Brandt Brauer Frick – Heart Of Stone [!K7]
25. Plastikman – Okx [Novamute]
26. P’Taah – Flying High (Chateau Flight Remix) [Ubiquity]
27. Mark Templeton – I Cut Along Lines [Anticipate Recordings]
28. Matthew Herbert – October [Accidental]
29. Amenta – Stormy Weather [First Word]
30. Lapwing – Telly [Mind Horizon Recordings]

Play Nov 25

Minimum Wastage // MWR005

Fresh show from Minimum Wastage, MWR005 takes things a little deeper, with cuts from Maayan Nidam, Move D and Levon Vincent. Jules also catches a minute with Four Tet to talk about his FabricLive CD and his love affair with London. In homage to summer’s end the show closes with some soulful sounds of Detroit from Theo Parrish and Omar S. Watch the full Four Tet interview on

Reach out and find us on twitter @minimumwastage or

Jonny & Ian M.W.

Track list:

Barrington Levy – The Vibes Is Right (Om Unit edit) [CDR]
Maayan Nidam – Better Stop [Wolf + Lamb Music]
Pritch & Trim – Stereotype [Planet Mu]
Deep Space Orchestra – Vanishing Point [Use Of Weapons]
Move D – Felix. [Workshop]
Marcello Napoletano – Pianeta Juno [Mathematics Recordings]
Levon Vincent – Late Night Jam [Ostgut Ton]
Chicago Damn – If I Could [Wolf Music Recordings]
Four Tet – Locked [Text]
*Interview with Four Tet*
Four Tet – Pinnacles [Text]
Ramadanman & Midland – Your Words Matter [Aus Music]
Scuba – Adrenalin [Hotflush Recordings]
Sugar Hill Gang – Hot Hot Summerday (Theo Parrish Ugly Edits 5) [White Label]
Omar-S – Set It Out [FXHE Records]

Play Oct 17

Jules Hallam’s FDR:39

Broadcast from London’s East End: Feedreader by Jules Hallam samples the best music from across the web. Expect anything from dubstep and hip hop to soul, jazz, latin, dance, garage and electronica. We’ve got George Fitzgerald’s forthcoming Hotflush single, hard-hitting baselines from Dark Sky and that killer vocal that forms Pearson Sound’s ‘Stifle’, as well as a serene drum and bass mix from Mauoq.

Listen to subscribe.

Play May 26

Jules Hallam’s FDR:38

Broadcast from London’s East End in partnership with Phuture Frequency: Feedreader by Jules Hallam samples the best music from across the web. Expect anything from dubstep and hip hop to soul, jazz, latin, dance, garage and electronica.

Dauwd, the latest addition to the Pictures Music catalogue features alongside Loadstar, Midland & Osunlade, plus we ignite part II of Mike Deegan Jr’s fierce guest mix.

Play May 19

Act Now No.19

I missed my last show due to laptop charger melt down, never fun! But I’m back with a lighter wallet and a fine selection of goodies featuring a new one from Photek, a house version of a Serge Gainsbourg classic and mix from myself to promote my new clothing brand The Diggers.

Play Mar 7