Act Now with Airplays No.27

The recording of this show was slightly overshadowed by the riots kicking off first in Hackney (where I’m based) and then Birmingham and then spreading over London. I don’t usually do news but what with eyewitness info coming in at real time via twitter I made an exception for this show. Back on point I’ve got a DnB guest mix from Seldom (, some Dr Who dub and the riot stopping Prince.

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Trust In Bass Podcast 11 – Duskky

Duskky specialises in engaging drum workout flavoured with deep subs and eerie atmospheres. As member of Mothers Against Noise, he has undergone a mutation from virtually straight dubstep to broken dubfunk and jungle beats. This mix sees him dig out some of his own releases on Acroplane and Twenty/Twelve, combined with dubs of forthcoming tracks, both from him, Mothers fellow Hurtdeer and his brother Second Line.

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Trust In Bass Podcast 11 - Duskky

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Mothers Against Noise Podcast #2 – Sam’s Myth (Amen-tal)

This installment sees Junglist bad-man Sam’s Myth from the great Amental Crew step up to deliver 45 minutes of rinsing Jungle mash-up business. There’s also a mix from our very own Duskky alongside a few choice cuts from Mother’s residents.

This is a re-upload of a show that’s a few months old now, but still as slammin as ever, making its debut on PF Radio. The third show will be on the way soon enough with some more killer tunes – keep your ears to the ground for that!

1. Macka – Dublin
2. [Insert Gore] – A Sweaty History of Radness (unreleased)
3. Hurtdeer – Motion Hole (unreleased)

Duskky Mix:
4. Second Line – Stare and Stare (unreleased)
5. Duskky – Nyabinghi (Acroplane)
6. Duskky – Agrypnia (forthcoming Dubs’n’Breaks)
7. Duskky – Unterseeboot (unreleased)
8. Duskky – xxxxxx new spiritual direction (unreleased)
9. Second Line – Viscera (unreleased)
10. Duskky, Hurtdeer & Second Line – Ífingr (Acroplane)
11. Duskky – Grade (unreleased)
12. wAgAwAgA – Phool Chatti

Sam’s Myth Mix:
Largely unreleased/unnamed material. Special mentions go out to: Jungle Syndicate, DSC, Amental (naturally) & also new artists ” I Love Choppage ” and “DJ Vocoda ” soon to feature on the forthcoming amentalist digital release.

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Trust In Bass Podcast 7 – Desmond Denker

With his tunes, Cologne based dj and producer Desmond Denker (Basspräsidium) merges dance and listening music. Beats and dubby basswork are backed by field recordings and soundscapes. His dubstep mix makes you want to dance and chill out all at once.

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Trust In Bass Podcast 7 - Desmond Denker

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