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DJ Zaz Brown – Mingle Music for Sophistos


I’d like to sincerely apologize to you all who tuned into my shows before. I did not realize that most of the tracks were recorded to Mono, robbing you of a good experience.

Now that I’ve gotten the technical mishaps out of the way, I went straight analog to give you all something jazzy to sip dark brown stuff too. Crush velvet jackets are optional but highly advised.

Got some heavy hitting artists doing their thing, providing a soundtrack for you to feel mackish to. Most of this is vinyl so I left in the snaps and pops for nostalgia. That’s how it should be unless you got it like that. I through one single from Smoke City in the mix off the digital (promo copy) but that was it. Outro was an amazing last minute find…part two is coming. It’s getting cold out so might as well give ya’ll something smooth to entertain other sophistos with.

Stay Tuned…

Track list:
Lalo Schifrin – Fortune Tellers
Dr. Buzzard/Original Savanna Band – Soraya/March of the Nignes
Billy Cobham – Bolinas
Roy Ayers – Don’t you Say No
Herb Alpert – The Factory
Herbie Hancock – Trust Me
Anita Baker – Mystery
Lonnie Liston Smith – Visions Of a World (Phases I & II)
Maynard Ferguson – The Cheshire Cat
Smoke City – Numbers
Ronnie Laws – Segue (from Solid Ground album)


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The Diggers Podcast No.7


Recorded live at the Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes last year. An all vinyl set from Chris Airplays taking in an eclectic and weird mix of beats for a bowling warm up session.

Track list:
Mayer Hawthorne – I Need You
Up High Collective – Blend
DJ Food – The Crow
Bullion – Crazy Over You
Bullion – Pressure To Dance
Bullion – My Castle In England
Benny Golson – I’m Always Dancing To the Music
Cymande – Brothers On The Slide
Quiroga – Let Your Body Swing
Quiroga – Nine Types
Boxcutter – A Cosmic Parent
Boxcutter – Spacebass
Marc Rapson – Click Loud
Alice Russell – Hurry On Now

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Strictly Business Hip Hop Show 18/9/13 – pt 1


Weekly hip hop show recorded at the studios of Juice Brighton, UK. Part one has the usual mix up of classic tunes form the US & the UK plus a handful of brand new discoveries from Bandcamp including quality free tunes from Canada’s Teekay & Infinito 2017 (Eternal Cosmique)

Track list:
Reflection Eternal feat. Mos Def & Mr Man – Fortified Live
Soul Position – Unlimited
The Almighty R.S.O – One In Tha Chamba
Funky D.L – Feat Leianne – Pay Check
Bum Rap – Mechanical Bodies
LDZ feat. Jam Baxter – Beat Don’t Bang
Joey Smooth – Essentials
Shaheed & DJ Supreme – Revolutionary
Teekay – Psyychology
Tash & Black Silver feat Ras Kass & Self Jupiter – You Won’t
Burgundy Blood – Icicles Of Blood
Rockformz feat. Mas Law & Moreone – Anarchy (Produckt Remix)
Eternal Cosmique – Pay Fee
J Live – Longevity

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DJ ZAZ Brown – Greenz Like That


Just as the title states, I made a mean pot of collard greens to standard. Smoked turkey necks and all that. I know all the vegan listeners got mad, but these greens are good.

Anyways…this time around I added the main ingredient of Soulection artists. Evil Needle, Sango and Ta-ku have been serving up very nice independent releases that fly under the radar. They can be found on Soundcloud but throw them some change on Bandcamp. Also in the mix is my local yokels…The Cornel West Theory and my man John Wesley Moon mashing up Jamiroquai.

If you have a question on where to get any of the tracks, hit me in the comments section.

DJ ZAZ Brown, ya’ll~

Track list:
3000 Walls – Vincent_Paolo [Soulection]
Black – Holygrailers [Soulection]
Electr(on)ic Relaxation – Ta-ku [Soulection]
Pharoahs – SBTRKT
SheNeedsMe(InMoreWasThen1) – ESTA – [Soulecton]
Delight – Evil Needle {Soulection]
320 am with Nikko Gray – J-Louis [Soulection]
All About the Panties (That Mara Hruby Flow) – J. Louis {Soulection}
Calls – Robert Glasper f. Jill Scott
Butterfly – Bilal f. Robert Glasper
Move Love Ft. King (Robert Glasper Experiment – Evil Needle x Sivey Remix) [Soulection]
The Day – The Roots feat. Blu, Phonte & Patty Crash
The Wind Cries Fatima – The Cornel West Theory [Soundcloud]
TYToDie (John Moon Remix) – John Wesley Moon – [Soundcloud]
Water on hte Moon (Spacce Kid Remix) – Nikko Gray [Soulection]
Hey Justin – Ta-Ku [Soulection]

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The Diggers Podcast No.4


Great Funk & Soul podcast from Jon Kennedy. Recorded live at Vibe Bar on Brick Lane, London 15/12/11.

Track list:
Labi Siffre – Doctor Doctor
Linda Lyndell – What A Man
J-Live – Longevity (Remix)
Rev Run – Home Sweet Home
Tbc – Tbc
James Brown – Bring It Up
Foster Sylvers – Misdemeanor
The Five Stair Steps – Don’t Change Your Love
Visioneers – Runnin’
Nas – Half Time
Da Bush Babees – Remember We (Salaam Remix)
Bajka – Hop
Madkap – Fuck What You Heard
Madkap – Proof Is In The Pudding
Jon Kennedy – The Loafer
Jon Kennedy – 110% Proof
Jon Kennedy – Lemon Song

Play Aug 21

DJ Zaz Brown – That Guy Over There


Second time around here on Phuture Frequency’s Motion Mixtapes and I’m coming with tracks from a few friends from the past.

Features by some Washington, D.C. based artists and producers (yU, Slimkat78, Wes Felton, Dirdy Redzz) and a couple of shots from my homie Dose One (themselves, Subtle).

It should make for a nice listen but we’re just getting started.

Enjoy in the meantime and drop me some feedback via the comments.

Track list:

Boards of Canada - Telephasic Workshop
Themselves (f. Aesop rock) – Know That To Know This
Dj Cam – 6 Sense
Abjo - Left Coast Cruisin
Jneiro Jarel - Electric Blue
W. Ellington Felton - Brown Hornet
Subtle - Red, White, & Blonde
yU (1978ers/SliMkat78) - The Up and UP
Madvillain (MF Doom) - Figaro
Little Dragon - Place to Belong
Fudge Fingas - All As It Should Be
Handsome Boy Modeling School - The Runway Song Feat Dj Kid Koala
Jopedo X Makeda - Fantastik
Eliot Lipp - My Environment
Dirdy Redzz - Drinks At Adams Morgan
Nu Tone – Set Me Free

Play Jul 17

Us and Us Episode 22


Us & Us: “Digging Is Therapy…”
A Motion Mixtape for Phuture Frequency, transmitting from Mount Vernon, New York, USA.
Supplying musical therapy by way of vinyl, CD, cassette, and MP3.

It never fails: I always end up spending more time with my vinyl once Record Store Day comes and goes. This all-vinyl mix includes some old favorites as well as new additions to the collection. The inclusion of Portishead was unexpectedly timely given their recent Glastonbury performance. I finally get a chance to represent for one of my favorite Talking Heads album cuts, plus the Theo Parrish/Tony Allen collaboration is a current favorite with me right now. In light of the recent passing of soul singer Darondo, I included Tall Black Guy’s re-edit of one of his songs. And Dilla’s shown some love through a Raymond Scott sample origin and a remix of “Waves” from the Donuts album. Not sure who was behind that, but respect is due: it’s b eautiful.

get in touch with macedonia:

(“your mother’s so hip-hop, she thinks biz markie’s cute as sh–…”)

Track list:
1. Salt-N-Pepa – Idle Chatter [Next Plateau]
2. Raymond Scott – Lightworks [Electronium]
3. Watts Little Angel Band – New Orleans / Land of A 1000 Dances [EM Records]
4. Bjork – I Miss You (Dobie Rub Part One – Sunshine Mix) [Elektra]
5. Louise Vertigo – Où Est La Femme? [Yellow Productions]
6. Portishead – Sour Times (Lot More Mix) [Go! Discs / FFRR]
7. Federation – Rusty James (Portishead Remix) [Mo' Wax]
8. A Tribe Called Quest – Can I Kick It? (Spirits) [Jive/RCA]
9. Prefuse 73 – Why I Love You (with Jenny Vasquez) [Warp]
10. Talking Heads – Seen And Not Seen [Sire]
11. Bullion – Don’t Talk (Close Your Eye) [white label]
12. Greg Tate – What Is Hip Hop? [Mouth Almighty/Polygram]
13. Leroy And The Drivers – The Sad Chicken [Luv N' Haight]
14. Jimi Tenor – Wear My Bikini [Warp]
15. Luv.Seven – Side B, Track 2 [Love Unlimited Vibes]
16. Wendy Rene – After Laughter (Comes Tears) [Light In The Attic]
17. Kemélions – Baboo’s Boofoo Orchin [BMG]
18. Dr. Buzzard’s Original “Savannah” Band – Hard Times [RCA]
19. De La Soul – Ain’t Hip To Be Labeled A Hippie [Tommy Boy]
20. DJ Smash – Bassanova [New Breed]
21. Giant Step – Satsuki [Eightball]
22. Quorum – Renegade Theme [Ubiquity]
23. Djinji Brown – Mojuba [Seven Heads]
24. Medeski Martin + Wood – Midnight Birds (SA-RA Remix) [Blue Note]
25. Theo Parrish And Tony Allen – Feel Loved [Wildheart Recordings]
26. Darondo – I Don’t Want To Leave feat. Tall Black Guy (Sure Know How To Love Me Re-Edit) [Luv N' Haight]
27. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti & Dâm-Funk – Baby [Light In The Attic]

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DJ ZAZ Brown – IntroDeucing


I am (DJ) ZAZ Brown. I’m from Washington, D.C. U.S.A. I’m a Renaissance Man with an affinity for dusty vinyl and digital simplicity. My Pops was a serious music lover and it rubbed off. Now you all have to pay for that…

This mix here consists of a few things I found out on the Internets and a couple of cool grooves from a friend or two. If you like these tunes, there are a lot more where they came from. I mostly mix and mash music around the house and then ride out to it.

The Soulection camp has been in heavy rotation lately, with a strong camp of beatmakers and young rappers (Abjo, Waldo, Sango, Atu). Definitely keeping an eye on them. I dropped a gem by my man Dirdy Redzz from my side of town in there as well as rare grooves by Cut La Roc.

Lately, Soundcloud has been home for my ears, but I have an extensive reach in the crates saved up for future shows.

Thanks to PFRadio for giving me a platform to spin my records. Don’t expect the expected…

IntroDeucing DJ ZAZ Brown

Enjoy… please leave comments.

Track list:

AbJo – The Jam Session
Waldo – Poison
Bear//Face – Bruh Bruh
Oddisee – Miami
Diplo – Way More
DFRNT – Everything
Dirdy Redzz – Red Line Doors Closing
Boards of Canada – The Beach At Redpoint
Clams Casino – I m God
Bear//Face – Taste My Sad
Waldo – The Big Fish (Interlude)
Atu – What You Like
DJ Cam – Come With That String
Boom Clap Bachelors – Houdini Arabicum
Cut La Roc – Fallen (Aim Mix)
Metronomy X T.I.P. – The Look (TIP’s Shook Shook Rework)
Barrington Levy – The Vibes Is Right (Om Unit edit) for earlier recordings and feedback.

Play Jun 14

Us & Us Episode 21


Us & Us: “a soundtrack for reluctant disciples…”
A Motion Podcast Episode for April 2013
Transmitting from Mount Vernon, New York, USA
Supplying musical therapy by way of vinyl, CD, cassette, and MP3

This is probably an odd way to reintroduce yourself after you’ve been away for several months, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

An unconventional hymnal inspired by the Lenten season. Sermon excerpts from Rev. Dr. Stephen W. Pogue and Bishop W. Darin Moore. Let us all rise for the call to worship.

get in touch with macedonia:

(“as time keeps on changing, at times you will find it unkind when your life’s rearranging, yet GOD IS AMAZING…”)

Track list:
1. John Rydgren (Silhouette Segments) – An Offering In Music [Silhouette]
2. Andy Mineo – Live From The Highest Rock: Basement Freestyle Vol. 2.5 [Young, Brash & Gifted]
3. Son House – John The Revelator [Biograph]
4. Pastor T.L. Barrett And The Youth For Christ Choir – Medley: Dr. Watts Hymn / Disciples Prayer [Light In The Attic]
5. Rodena Preston & The Voices Of Deliverance – Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone [Birthright]
6. Oh.Bliv – Send It On Down [Just Plain Sounds]
7. Beautiful Eulogy – The String That Ties Us [Humble Beast]
8. Lecrae – Miconception (feat. Propaganda and Beautiful Eulogy) [Reach]
9. Beautiful Eulogy – Entitlement [Humble Beast]
10. Daru Jones – Everything Change pt3 [Bandcamp]
11. James Pants – The Eyes Of The Lord [Stones Throw]
12. Prince – The Work pt. 1 [Redline Entertainment]
13. The Gospel Soul Revivals – If Jesus Came Today [Numero Group]
14. Michael W . Smith – Looking Up [Reunion]
15. The Relatives – Evil World [Heavy Light]
16. Bela Fleck – Jesus Is The Only Answer [Rounder]
17. Propaganda – Forgive Me For Asking [Humble Beast]
18. MUTE – I Was In Hell (It Took Me) [blocSonic]
19. Daru Jones – Endure The Pain [Bandcamp]
20. 14KT – AsWe (Continue) [Mello Music Group]
21. Just Plain Ant – Love Is God [blocSonic]
22. Boogalu – Psalm 73 [Humble Beast]
23. Judy Mackenzie – New Song [Second Coming]
24. Gospel Artistics – Lord Is It I [Soul Jazz]
25. Tavares – The Judgement Day [Capitol]
26. The Hastings Street Jazz Experience – Yes Lord [Soul Jazz]
27. Fishbone – Iration [Columbia]

Play Apr 17

Stuck In The Past – April 2013


Stuck In The Past is a podcast that focuses on older hip-hop/rap with a bit of the new stuff that’s out there.

Track list:
Cult Favorite – For All Of These Birds (
Jay-Z – Where I’m From
Corown Da Sensei – Line For Line
Calcei – Waking Life (
Nalm Myers – Everybody (
Adagio – The Obvious Joint
Mobb Deep – Give Up The Goods
Piece Of Mind – One 2 One 2 (
Souls of Mischief – Never No More
Xperado – All Night
Darkleaf – Alkemy
S. Habib – Illustrator Music (

Beat played during intermission

Pore – The Midway Strut (

Play Apr 10

Stuck In The Past – November 2012


Stuck In The Past is a podcast that focuses on older hip-hop/rap with a bit of the new stuff that’s out there.

Track list:
Typical Cats – The Crown
Moka Only – Mr. Megahustle feat. Plug 2
Group Home – East NY Theory feat. Brainsick Mob
Das EFX – Real Hip-Hop
Saafir – Light Sleeper
Non Phixion – Four W’s
Sean Price – STFU Part 2
Triple Double – Triple Double
Vinnie Paz – The Oracle
Cypress Hill – Throw Your Hands In The Air
Omniscence – Raw Factor 2.0 (Remix)

Play Nov 9

Us & Us Episode 20


Us & Us: “Within Reason…”
A Motion Podcast Episode for September 2012
Transmitting from Mount Vernon, New York, USA
Supplying musical therapy by way of vinyl, CD, cassette, and MP3

A lot going on in this one. Getting my free jazz on here and there with the likes of Don Cherry and RareBit, then moving more to the head nod side of things with Visioneers and

Shigeto. A little hip-hop, some soundtrack pieces, experimental cuts, as well as some next level instrumental science from the likes of Beat Inc., Keyboard Kid, and The Range.

Organized Konfusion checks in with DJ Spooky, a personal favorite from DJ Krush featuring C.L. Smooth, and Oddisee messes around with a Metronomy joint. Beyond that,

Damon Albarn, Tony Allen, and Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers team up as Rocket Juice & The Moon for a quick afrobeat interlude.

All that and a lot more. Just a little something to chill out to. Hope you enjoy it…

get in touch with macedonia:

(“clear some space out so we can space out…”)

Track list:
1. V/VM – Time For Reflection // Why? [V/VM]
2. Russ Burgess – Meditation [Russ Burgess]
3. Vladimir Cosma – Gorodish [Rykodisc]
4. Eddie Gale – Black Rhythm Happening [Blue Note]
5. Don Cherry – Teo-Teo-Can (excerpt) [Actuel/Charly]
6. RareBit – Convergence [Non Projects]
7. Visioneers – Swahililand [BBE]
8. Shigeto – Huron River Drive [Ghostly International]
9. Beat Inc. – Black Tea Morning [Original Cultures]
10. Shabazz Palaces – Recollections of the Wraith [Sub Pop]
11. DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid – Rekonstruction (Rhyme and Reason Mix) [Bar None]
12. Kemélions – Purple Oranges [Zoo Street]
13. The Prunes – Somethin’ Funky [New Breed]
14. DJ Krush – Only The Strong Survive (with C.L. Smooth) [Mo' Wax]
15. Sharpshooters – Heavyweight (Round 1) [Conception]
16. T-Love – Witch-Bitch? (The B-Girl Anthem) (Acapella) [Ninja Tune]
17. Willie Hutch – Ain’t That (Mellow , Mellow) [Motown]
18. Rocket Juice & The Moon – Forward Sweep [Honest Jon's Records]
19. Tangerine Dream – Starting The Day Off Right [Varèse Sarabande]
20. Saturn Never Sleeps – Hearts On Fire [Saturn Never Sleeps]
21. Jesse Futerman – What Have I Got? (feat. DJ Alibi) [Bandcamp]
22. Mo Kolours – Temi [One Handed Music]
23. Steve Reich – Come Out [Elektra/Nonesuch]
24. Laurel Halo – Wow [Hyperdub]
25. Plastikman – Okx [Novamute]
26. Galapagoose – Weight [Magical Properties]
27. Keyboard Kid – Life’s Real World 2 Gil [Southern Hospitality]
28. Oddisee – The Gold Is Mine [Bandcamp]
29. The Range – Nothing Left [Donky Pitch]
30. Beastie Boys – Twenty Questions [Capitol]
31. Joakim – Peter Pan Over The Bronx [!K7]

Play Sep 19

Stuck In The Past – September 2012


Stuck In The Past is a podcast that focuses on older hip-hop/rap with a bit of the new stuff that’s out there.

Track list:
Project Pat – Project Pat Is Back!!!
Black Sheep – U Mean I’m Not
Ice Cube – Wrong Nigga To Fuck Wit
Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo – Go For Your Guns
Geto Boys – Raise Up
Compton’s Most Wanted – N 2 Deep feat. Mr. Scarface
Scarface – The Diary
Brotha Lynch Hung – Rest In Piss
Dr. Dre – Puffing On Blunts & Drinking Tangueray feat. Rage & Dogg Pound
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – Down ’71 (The Getaway)
U.G.K. – 976-Bun-B
U.G.K. – One Day

Play Sep 10

Trust In Bass Podcast 26 – Nonagon


As a producer and controllerist, Nonagon (San Francisco) is at once technical and expressive. Nonagon’s live sets are composed of original music and heavily improvised through hands-on manipulation. For Trust In Bass, he has taken this approach to the studio and has created a mix weaving delicate melodic threads through sub bass-infused beats.

Trust In Bass >

Nonagon >

Trust In Bass Podcast 26 - Nonagon

Play Aug 3

Stuck in the Past


Stuck In The Past is a podcast that focuses on older hip-hop/rap with a bit of the new stuff that’s out there, along with various music genres thrown in from time to time.

Track list:
Daniel Joseph & Tone Liv – The Grand Entrance
Black Attack – Correct Technique
Kid Abstrakt – SoulVibes
The Alkaholiks – The Next Level (Diamond D Remix)
Brand Nubian – Word Is Bond
Naughty By Nature – Written On Ya Kitten (QD III Radio Edit)
Billy Woods – The Darkness feat. Vordul Mega
Kool G. Rap – Fast Life (Remix) feat. Nas
Dirty Treats – Everything Is Broken feat. Praverb The Wyse
Large Professor – Focused Up feat. Cormega & Tragedy Khadafi
Slick Rick – Children’s Story
Pistol & Shah – Life Of The Party

Play Aug 1

Stuck In The Past – May 2012


Stuck In The Past is a podcast that focuses on older hip-hop/rap with a bit of the new stuff that’s out there, along with various music genres thrown in from time to time.

Track list:
K-the-I???? – Speak For Yourself
Serge I – February 22 (
Joe Beats – Seldom Seen
Evolve One – Lost
Question – Goin’ To Witchita
foka – Midnight Marauding
IV The Polymath – Drive
Kid Presentable – Ambient Ambien
Keor Meteor – Angela
Will Madden – Responsibility
Company Flow – Suzy Pulled A Pistol On Henry
Meat Number 5 – Deprogram
MTK Beats – Everything
Simiah – Lemon Tree
Timeless Beatz – Abstract Reality

Play May 16

Us & Us Episode 19


Us & Us: “Love And Some 45s…”
A Motion Podcast Episode for May 2012
Transmitting from Mount Vernon, New York, USA
Supplying musical therapy by way of vinyl, CD, cassette, and MP3

Inspired by Record Store Day 2012, this show is an all seven-inch vinyl set. Most of them spinning at 45 rpm, others running at 33-1/3. Some soul, some funk, some jazz, and some other stuff as well. Served up freeform style. Hope you enjoy it, snaps, crackles, pops and all. Not a safe one for work, but fun just the same.

FYI: The MCs featured on “Showtime” by Big Dada Sound are Ty, Roots Manuva, Juice Aleem, Mike Ladd, and Toastie Taylor. And the Martin Luther King PSA at the end? That’s from a 7″, too…

Get in touch with macedonia:

(“the real prize is behind door number twenty-thr ee…”)

Track list:
1. NOMO and Shawn Lee – Upside Down [Ubiquity]
2. Continental Four – Escape From Planet Earth [Jay-Walking]
3. Alan Mills – I Know An Old Lady [Scholastic]
4. A-Trak – Enter Ralph Wiggum [Stones Throw]
5. B.W. Souls – Marvins Groove [Round]
6. The Meters – Here Comes The Meter Man [Josie]
7. The Last Poets – On The Subway [Douglas]
8. SirOJ – Castlevania [Organik]
9. Jim Timmens feat. Patty Lakin – A Purr Is Furry [Columbia]
10. Ohio Players – Ecstasy [Westbound]
11. Big Dada Sound – Showtime [Big Dada]
12. Johnny “Hammond” Smith – Dirty Apple [Prestige]
13. Sun City Girls – Napoleon & Josephine (Part Two) [Scratch]
14. Sun City Girls – Souvenirs From Jangare [Majora]
15. Althea & Donna – Uptown Top Ranking [Gibbs]
16. Tenor Saw – Ring The Alarm [Techniques]
17. Jim Timmens feat. Mike McKean and the Carrillon Singers – London Bridge [Columbia]
18. Hedonic Islands – Alien Abduction (feat. Dudley Perkins and Georgia Anne Muldrow) [Gematria]
19. Little Beaver – Six Foot Hole [Cat]
20. Bobby Womack – Daylight [United Artists]
21. Vicelounge w/Dee Ferguson – Dear Man (original mix) [Record Breakin']
22. James Brown – Superbad, Superslick (Part I) [Polydor]
23. Spinnerty – Time To Cut (feat. Miles Bonny) [Record Breakin']
24. Ezekiel Honig – Past Tense Kitchen Movement [Anticipate]
25. Hrvatski – Bad Raum [Tonschacht]
26. Benoit Pioulard – Maginot [Blue Flea]
27. Eddie Harris – Theme In Search Of A Movie [Atlantic]
28. The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band – Light My Fire [Warner Bros.-Seven Arts]
29. Astrud Gilberto – Take It Easy My Brother Charlie [BBE]

Play May 14

Act Now with Airplays No.34


As well as having two guest mixes, one Funk, Soul, Hip Hop and one Drum & Bass, I’ve also gone and done my first recipe ON AIR! I’ve written up the recipe below as I expect it’s not the easiest thing to follow.

Green Bean and Sweetcorn Thoran
A dry vegetable curry with coconut


Large handful of green beans
Tin of sweetcorn (Baked bean sized tin)
2 tbsp desiccated coconut
2 tbsp sunflower oil
1 tsp brown mustard seeds
2 tsp finely chopped ginger and garlic
1 tsp finely chopped green chilli
1 tsp chilli powder
1 tsp cumin powder
2 tsp coriander powder
¼ tsp turmeric powder
Salt to taste


Heat a pan on a medium heat, add the oil and wait until the air above the oil starts to waiver. If you oil starts to smoke, turn off the heat and allow to cool.

Once the oil is at the right temperature add the mustard seeds; they should start to pop & crackle. If they don’t pop turn the temperature up slightly.

When they start to stop popping after about 20secs turn the temperature right down and add the ginger, garlic and chilli; stirring for 20secs to avoid burning.

Then add the turmeric and stir until the raw smell has gone. Then add a dash of water; around 2 tbsp and add the rest of the spices; stirring for around 20 secs.

Add the green beans and cook for around 4mins. You can turn the temperature up slightly at this point. When the beans are nearly done add the sweetcorn, coconut and salt to taste.

Serve with flat bread or rice and yoghurt.

Track list:

Jon Kennedy mix for The Diggers

Labi Siffre – Doctor Doctor
Linda Lyndell – What A Man
J-Live – Longevity (Remix)
Rev Run – Home Sweet Home
Tbc – Tbc
James Brown – Bring It Up
Foster Sylvers – Misdemeanor
The Five Stair Steps – Don’t Change Your Love
Visioneers – Runnin’
Nas – Half Time
Da Bush Babees – Remember We (Salaam Remix)
Bajka – Hop
Madkap – Fuck What You Heard
Madkap – Proof Is In The Pudding
Jon Kennedy – The Loafer
Jon Kennedy – 110% Proof
Jon Kennedy – Lemon Song

Volta Cab – Perfect Love [Wicked Bass Freebie]
Klic – Post [Wicked Bass Freebie]
Be-1Ne – Revelation
Broke N Folk – Trapped In A Window For The Rest Of Your Life – Sorrow Remix
Kromestar – Outer Limit – Feat. Team Starfleet
Sepalcure – See Me Feel Me
Throwing Snow & PY – Wallow
DFRNT – Everything [Cut]
DFRNT – Too Long To Wait [Cut]

Play Mar 30

Stuck in the Past – February


Stuck In The Past is a podcast that focuses on older hip-hop/rap with a bit of the new stuff that’s out there, along with various music genres thrown in from time to time.

Track list:
Pistol – Mean Girl Freestyle
Persevere – 4ever
I Self Devine – Death In The Air
Planet Asia – Golden State
Ultramagnetic M.C.’s – Poppa Large (East Coast Mix)
Glad2Mecha & Ill Treats – Growing Up
Arsonists – Session
Sol Zalez feat. A.U.R.C. – Illuminati
Ed O.G & Da Bulldogs – I Got To Have It
Das Efx feat. Mobb Deep – Microphone Masters (Sewa/41st. Side Remix)
Boomsny & Ominus – The Chosen Few

Play Feb 27

Us & Us Episode 18


Us & Us: “The Sensitive Adventures Of Ebb And Flow…”
A Motion Podcast Episode for September 2011
Transmitting from Mount Vernon, New York, USA
Supplying musical therapy by way of vinyl, CD, cassette, and MP3

I’ve been wanting to say something. Prior to the two episodes from me that popped up out of nowhere last year, I was absent for a year and some change, so I feel like I ought to

actually say something. At the same time, the music speak volumes on its own and is far more eloquent than I am.

Acts like Jonti, Sepalcure, Toro Y Moi, and When Saints Go Machine represent the current obsessions while the music of Arthur Russell remains a constant inspiration. Arthur’s

Landing represents lovely for Russell’s compositions. There’s some beat science from Andres and Sir Froderick as well as Bullion, who had a remix project marrying the work of

The Beach Boys with J Dilla’s b eats. Ultramarine put out their first new material in over thirteen years, which thrills me to death. And there are pieces from Phil Upchurch and Bill

Cosby that resonate strongly with me as of late. The glitchy sensitivity of Claro Intelecto and Auch, the wide-eyed fun of Saint Etienne remixing Pizzicato Five, the album cuts from

Funkadelic and The Crusaders that I’ve been wanting to play for you for months now…this is just me doing what I do. Grabbing some selections from the collection and trying to

connect some dots.

Thank you very much for joining me. Hope you enjoy the set…

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(“it is happening again…it is happening again…”)

Track list:
1. Jazzanova – Cyclic [JCR]
2. Elephant And Castle – I Will [Plug Research]
3. Riton – Communicated [Grand Central]
4. Pizzicato Five – Love’s Theme (Saint Etienne Mix) [Matador]
5. Bullion – Wouldn’t It Be Nice [White Label]
6. Andres – Don’t Fall In [Mahogani Music]
7. Phil Upchurch – You Wouldn’t, You Couldn’t Be True [Cadet]
8. Earth, Wind & Fire – Interlude [Columbia]
9. When Saints Go Machine – Pick Up Your Tears And Run [!K7]
10. Toro Y Moi – Fax Shadow [Carpark]
11. Sepalcure – See Me Feel Me [Hotflush]
12. Claro Intelecto – You Not Me [A.I.]
13. Auch – All That Pretty Horses [Mille Plateaux]
14. Ultramarine – Find A Way (Version) [Real Soon]
15. DJ Shadow – Transmission 3 [Mo' Wax]
16. Arthur’s Landing – Go For The Night [Strut]
17. Raleigh Moncrief – Waiting For My Brothers Here [Anticon]
18. Sir Froderick – Someolbull$hit ft. Josh Hey [Record Breakin']
19. Bill Cosby – You’re Driving Me Crazy [Capitol]
20. Miho Hatori – Night Light [Chocolate Industries]
21. Dudley Perkins – Flowers [Stones Throw]
22. Jonti – The Days Have Turned (feat. The Stepkids & Illa J) [Stones Throw]
23. Funkadelic – Holly Wants To Go To California [Warner Bros.]
24. The Crusaders – It’s Just Gotta Be That Way [Blue Thumb]


Play Feb 20

Stuck in the Past – January, 2012


Stuck In The Past is a podcast that focuses on older hip-hop/rap with a bit of the new stuff that’s out there, along with various music genres thrown in from time to time.

Track list:
Jedi Mind Tricks – Heavenly Divine
J. Nolan – Bring The Moon Down
Atmosphere – Somebody, MN feat. Kill the Vultures, Big Quarters & Mally
Bahamadia – True Honey Buns
O.C. – Time’s Up
Roc Marciano – Emeralds
Gza – Breaker, Breaker (Remix) feat. Inspectah Deck & Masta Killa
MF Grimm – Bloody Love Letter
Reks – Autographs
The Union – Time Leak feat. Talib Kweli (Damu the Fudgemonk REDEF Remix)
Seven Immortals – Thursday Night Live

Play Jan 11

Us & Us Episode 17


Us & Us: “Making Up For Lost Time…”
A Motion Podcast Episode for November 2011
Transmitting from Mount Vernon, New York, USA
Supplying musical therapy by way of vinyl, CD, cassette, and MP3

On this episode, I had to dedicate some space to the words and music of the late Gil Scott-Heron. In addition, a Johnny Hammond cut is included to big up the production genius of the late Alphonzo “Fonce” Mizell, one-half of the Mizell brothers. Other than that, some past, present, and future side room flavors along with some pieces I’ve long since forgotten about and deserve to get some shine. Check the free verse from Antipop Consortium’s High Priest guest starring on the Diego Cortez track. New releases include some beat science from Lee Bannon and Katalyst, the Billie Holiday meets Bjork beauty of Amenta, and an ecstatic piece from Matthew Herbert’s latest album (the one that got PETA really, really upset). And if the thou ght of Sly Stone being homeless and living out of a van depresses you as much as it does me, perhaps you’ll appreciate my reaching back for the closer on his *Life* album with The Family Stone.

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(“flying high in a circle around you…”)

Track list:

1. I:Cube – Adore [Versatile]
2. Secret Frequency Crew – Deep Blue (Eli-173 Remix) [Counterflow Recordings]
3. The Allenko Brotherhood Ensemble (Tony Allen vs. Kraked Unit) – The Man With The Drum [Comet]
4. Gil Scott-Heron – New York Is Killing Me [XL Recordings]
5. Johnny Hammond – Shifting Gears [Harmless]
6. The Baby Namboos – Hard Times (Quango Remix By Jason Bentley) [Redline Entertainment]
7. Squarepusher – Shin Triad (Wagon Christ Mix) [Warp]
8. DJ Krush – Bypath – Would You Take It? [Mo Wax]
9. Ian O’Brien – The Beginning/The Emergence [Peacefrog]
10. Diego Cortez – Inviolate [Bar/None]
11. Aceyalone – Headaches And Woes [Capitol]
12. Gil Scott-Heron – Flashback [Flying Dutchman]
13. The Art Of Noise – How To Kill [ZTT/Island]
14. Sluta Leta – Champagne On Ice [Chocolate Industries]
15. Klaus Doldinger – Sitar Beat [white label]
16. Serge Gainsbourg – En Melody [L e Smoke Disque]
17. Sly And The Family Stone – Jane Is A Groupee [Epic]
18. Katalyst – It’s A Blast [BBE]
19. Lee Bannon – Grey / Master [Plug Research]
20. Cornelius – Fantasma [Matador]
21. Kid Creole & The Coconuts – I Wake Up Screaming [Strut]
23. Art Konik – Mingpark [Comet]
24. Brandt Brauer Frick – Heart Of Stone [!K7]
25. Plastikman – Okx [Novamute]
26. P’Taah – Flying High (Chateau Flight Remix) [Ubiquity]
27. Mark Templeton – I Cut Along Lines [Anticipate Recordings]
28. Matthew Herbert – October [Accidental]
29. Amenta – Stormy Weather [First Word]
30. Lapwing – Telly [Mind Horizon Recordings]

Play Nov 25

Stuck in the Past – November 1, 2011


Stuck In The Past is a podcast that focuses on older hip-hop/rap with a bit of the new stuff that’s out there, along with various music genres thrown in from time to time.

Track list:
Willie the Kid – The Guilt
Sunz of Man – Soldiers of Darkness
Praverb the Wyse – For My People
T.R.A.C. – Stay True (Nightime Mix)
Anotha Level – What’s That Cha Say
Crooklyn Dodgers – Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers 95
Ruste Juxx – No Prints feat. R.A. the Rugged Man
Organized Konfusion – Fudge Pudge
Has-Lo – Maxell UR
Gonjasufi – The Lows feat. Saviorself (Meaty Ogre Remix)
Mad Skillz – Skillz in ’95

Play Nov 9

Stuck in the Past – October, 2011


Stuck In The Past is a podcast that focuses on older hip-hop/rap with a bit of the new stuff that’s out there, along with various music genres thrown in from time to time.

Track list:
AZ – Mo Money, Mo Murder (Homicide) feat. Nas
Evidence – Fame feat. Roc Marciano & Prodigy
Outkast – Elevators (ONP 86 Mix)
Tame One – Torture Chamber
Shyheim – On & On
Masai Bey – Rudie
Boogiemonsters – Recognized Thresholds of Negative Stress
Fat Joe – Flow Joe
People Under the Stairs – Dewrit!
KRS-One – A Friend
Brianna Collete – In Love (A Brooklyn Affair)

Play Oct 14

BeltDriven September


This was our post UK riots show. It was a sketchy few days and we thought we’d bring in a few riot themed songs for the show. Just so it didn’t get too hardcore, we also have lots of funk and disco to even the mood. Also, a good few songs from excellent Brighton label Bongo Records like Prince Fatty and Pete Rodriguez. Don’t sleep.

Track list:
Junior Murvin – Police and Thieves
A Tribe Called Quest – Electric Relaxation
Al Green – Light My Fire
Prince Fatty – Gin and Juice
Logic – The Future
The Dramatics – Get Up. Get Down
Bob Marley + Black Thought – Burning and Looting
Harry J – None Shall Escape The Dubment
NTM – Quest Ce Quon Attend
Wrecks n Effect – The Rump Shaker
Sniper – La France
Smiley Culture – Shan-a-Shan
Akala – This Is London
Klashnekoff – Paradise
Mobb Deep – Survival Of The Fittest
Prince Jammy – Mystic Dub
Lowkey – Tell Me Why
Cymande – The Message
Nate ft Logic, Mohammad Yayha and Jay Bee – Could Be You
Nu Shooz – Make Your Mind Up
Gangstarr – Riot Akt
Chester P – The City
The Gap Band – Big Fun
Cut Killer/NTM – Nique La Police
Miguel De Deus – Black Soul Brothers
Uzi Bros – There’s A Riot Jumping Off
Kurtis Blow – Star Life
Dubbledge – The Ma king Of A Slave aka Willie Lynch
Pete Rodriguez – I Like It Like That
Nate – Not For Sale
Curtis Hairston – I Want Your Loving
Dead Kennedys – I Fought The Law

Play Oct 10

Act Now with Airplays No.29


This is my first show all by myself that I’ve done for a while. In preparation for gig I decided to play a selection of more laidback tunes starting with the beautiful ‘All That You Give’ by the Cinematic Orchestra featuring the uber talented Fontella Bass. Working my way through sleepy Hip Hop beats, Deep Techno and House we end up almost passing out to ‘Ambient Lemon & Lime’ by Maxamillion Dunbar. Enjoy.

Track list:
Cinematic Orchestra – All That You Give [Ninja Tune]
Lost Idol – Firmly Rooted [Cook Shop]
Shoes – Why Can’t We Dub [Shoes]
Cymande – Dove [Janus]
Unforscene – Belly Full Of Lead [Tru Thoughts]
Aim – Cold Water Music [Grand Central]
Kidboy – A Moment To Think [Jazz & Milk]
Boxcutter – All Too Heavy – Feat. Brian Greene [Planet Mu]
Letherette – Shoe Be Do [HoTep]
Ben Butler & Mousepad – Mag Mag – Shigeto Remix [Musique Large]
Reso – Her Eyes [Freebie]
Chris Scottt – Coast [Unsigned]
See Hear – Beyond Their Years [Cut]
Bonobo – Eyesdown – Appleblim & Komonazmuk Remix [Ninja Tune]
Appleblim & Peverelist – Over Here – Beat Pharmacy Remix [Applepips]
Trentmoller – Evil Dub [Poker Flat]
The Black Ghosts – Full Moon – Appleblim & Komonazmuk Remix [Southern Fried]
Burial & Four Tet & Thom Yorke – Ego [Text]
Hypno – Doo Doo [Ramp]
Julio Bashmore – Around [Soul Motive]
808 State – Pacific 202 – Performed By The Williams Fairey Brass Band [Blast First]
Maxamillion Dunbar – Ambient Lemon & Lime [Ramp]

Play Oct 7