Us & Us Episode 17

Us & Us: “Making Up For Lost Time…”
A Motion Podcast Episode for November 2011
Transmitting from Mount Vernon, New York, USA
Supplying musical therapy by way of vinyl, CD, cassette, and MP3

On this episode, I had to dedicate some space to the words and music of the late Gil Scott-Heron. In addition, a Johnny Hammond cut is included to big up the production genius of the late Alphonzo “Fonce” Mizell, one-half of the Mizell brothers. Other than that, some past, present, and future side room flavors along with some pieces I’ve long since forgotten about and deserve to get some shine. Check the free verse from Antipop Consortium’s High Priest guest starring on the Diego Cortez track. New releases include some beat science from Lee Bannon and Katalyst, the Billie Holiday meets Bjork beauty of Amenta, and an ecstatic piece from Matthew Herbert’s latest album (the one that got PETA really, really upset). And if the thou ght of Sly Stone being homeless and living out of a van depresses you as much as it does me, perhaps you’ll appreciate my reaching back for the closer on his *Life* album with The Family Stone.

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Track list:

1. I:Cube – Adore [Versatile]
2. Secret Frequency Crew – Deep Blue (Eli-173 Remix) [Counterflow Recordings]
3. The Allenko Brotherhood Ensemble (Tony Allen vs. Kraked Unit) – The Man With The Drum [Comet]
4. Gil Scott-Heron – New York Is Killing Me [XL Recordings]
5. Johnny Hammond – Shifting Gears [Harmless]
6. The Baby Namboos – Hard Times (Quango Remix By Jason Bentley) [Redline Entertainment]
7. Squarepusher – Shin Triad (Wagon Christ Mix) [Warp]
8. DJ Krush – Bypath – Would You Take It? [Mo Wax]
9. Ian O’Brien – The Beginning/The Emergence [Peacefrog]
10. Diego Cortez – Inviolate [Bar/None]
11. Aceyalone – Headaches And Woes [Capitol]
12. Gil Scott-Heron – Flashback [Flying Dutchman]
13. The Art Of Noise – How To Kill [ZTT/Island]
14. Sluta Leta – Champagne On Ice [Chocolate Industries]
15. Klaus Doldinger – Sitar Beat [white label]
16. Serge Gainsbourg – En Melody [L e Smoke Disque]
17. Sly And The Family Stone – Jane Is A Groupee [Epic]
18. Katalyst – It’s A Blast [BBE]
19. Lee Bannon – Grey / Master [Plug Research]
20. Cornelius – Fantasma [Matador]
21. Kid Creole & The Coconuts – I Wake Up Screaming [Strut]
23. Art Konik – Mingpark [Comet]
24. Brandt Brauer Frick – Heart Of Stone [!K7]
25. Plastikman – Okx [Novamute]
26. P’Taah – Flying High (Chateau Flight Remix) [Ubiquity]
27. Mark Templeton – I Cut Along Lines [Anticipate Recordings]
28. Matthew Herbert – October [Accidental]
29. Amenta – Stormy Weather [First Word]
30. Lapwing – Telly [Mind Horizon Recordings]

Play Nov 25

DJ Oscar Presents Pubstep Five

The popular Pubstep series by DJ Oscar comes through with another mix of nothing but pubstep favorites. Old and new tunes combined in a warm and hip-teasing selection, from techno to dubstep to elektro to the genres that haven’t been named yet.


Play Mar 15

DJ Oscar’s – Pubstep Number Four

Off for a new round in the ol’ Pubstep and this one’s particulary heavy on deep bass and sluggish beats, perfect for excessively nodding your head to. Try some!

Play Feb 9

The Quiet Ones: A Phuture Frequency Halloween Special

It was October 31, 1997. I was spinning records at a party in Upstate New York. From the elevated DJ booth I saw my girlfriend (now my wife) being accosted by some guy and I ran downstairs and straight towards him…in the middle of my set. I never made contact with him; it took three or four of my friends to hold me back while I was charging at him. Despite all this, I went back upstairs and finished my set. I wouldn’t spin another Halloween party for at least eight years.

Taking this into consideration, I find it more than a little ironic that I was asked to record this year’s Phuture Frequency Halloween show. I was all set to decline when I realized that I needed this challenge and the catharsis. It was a chance to step away for a moment from the listening room vibe I get into with Us & Us and dive into the darker material that I have at home. Just wanted to have some fun with it, really.

The show title comes from the sa ying “It’s the quiet ones you have to look out for,” which is something that has been said about me on several different occasions. I’ll be back to my usual side room selector business next month. Until then, have a safe Halloween and I really hope you enjoy this one…

1. The Simpsons – Treehouse Of Horror V (Medley) [Rhino]
2. Tommy Lee Wallace And Alan Howarth – Halloween TV Commercial [Halloween Music]
3. DJ Wally And DJ Willie Ross – The Other Side [the Agriculture]
4. East Flatbush Project – Tried By 12 (Instrumental) [10/30 Uproar]
5. Antipop Consortium – Halloween In Babylon [Black Hoodz]
6. Tricky Vs. The Gravediggaz – Tonite Is A Special Nite (Kaos Mass Confusion Mix) [Hollywood]
7. Birdy Nam Nam – Rainstorming [Uncivilized World]
8. Rubberoom – Offering 1366 (feat. Verb) [3-2-1 Records]
9. John Rifle – OC (pt. 1) [Rabbit Surgeon Musics]
10. Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells (opening theme) [Virgin]
11. DJ Wally And DJ Willie Ross – Conformed Dimentia [the Agriculture]
12. Tangerine Dream – Kill Him (The Football Dummy) [Varese Sarabande]
13. Frank Zappa – Janet’s Big Dance Number / Mysterioso [United Artists]
14. Hoarse Operator – Blue Tea [ill]
15. DJ Wally – Upon Opening The Book [the Agriculture]
16. Datach’i – Jaf Box [Klangkrieg Productions]
17. Naked City – Pile Driver [Tzadik]
18. John Rifle – Coma (pt. 2) [Rabbit Surgeon Musics]
19. Rudjak Manigz – SingKingHeart [illegal art]
20. Tall Black Guy Vs. Michael Jackson – Thrill Seeker (Thriller) []
21. Akufen – Little Hop of Horror [Mille Plateaux]

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Trust In Bass Podcast 7 – Desmond Denker

With his tunes, Cologne based dj and producer Desmond Denker (Basspräsidium) merges dance and listening music. Beats and dubby basswork are backed by field recordings and soundscapes. His dubstep mix makes you want to dance and chill out all at once.

Trust In Bass >

Desmond Denker >

Trust In Bass Podcast 7 - Desmond Denker

Play Oct 3

DJ Oscar – Pubstep Vol. 2

Back in the virtual pub with a selection of tunes to get some moderate hipshaking and the occasional footshuffle going on. This time the pubstep welcomes some more old familiar faces among the newer ones, preparing itself for an allout oldskool 90s bleepfest pubstep edition, coming soon(ish).

W.S. Burroughs – “Captain Ahab welcomes you aboard”
Mount Kimbie – Maybes
Autechre – Milk dx
Ovuca – Afternoon girl
Pantha du Prince – Saturn strobe
Autechre – Steels
Boards of Canada – Buckie high
Super Collider – Messagacomin’
Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo
James Blake – CMYK
MJ Cole – Strung out
Mount Kimbie – Carbonated
The Third Eye Foundation – You’ve lost that loving feline
µ-Ziq- Phiesope

Play Sep 27

DJ Oscar’s Pubstep – August 2010

A mix of ideal pre or after party tunes to warm your feet and hips, focussing mainly on some current favorites and dubstepish vibes, mixed with a few older electrotype tunes.

Four Tet – Angel Echoes
Four Tet – Love cry (Joy Orbison mix)
Pantha du Prince – Stick to my side
Burial & Four Tet – Moth
Caribou – Sun
2562 – Lost
Joy Orbison – The shrew would have cushioned the blow
Burial – Unite
Lab Rat XL – Lab_Rat_1
AFX – Reunion
Pantha du prince – Florac
2562 – Kameleon
Global Goon – Dum Dar Dee

Play Aug 30