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Us and Us Episode 27

Us & Us: The Present Situation Is Abstract…
A Motion Mixtape for Phuture Frequency
Transmitting from Mount Vernon, New York, USA
Supplying musical therapy by way of vinyl, CD, cassette, and MP3

The world is more than just a little insane right now. This is just my way of supplying some sanity for whoever needs it. I needed to do this one for me, but here’s hoping that it serves you well.

Autobiographical cuts for me on this one include Jef Gilson’s “1973” and Bullion mediating between The Beach Boys and J Dilla on “I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times.” Feel free to holla back regarding which cuts speak to the situations in your life right about now…

Track list:
1. Gregory Porter – Feeling Good [Motema Music]
2. Nancy Dupree – James Brown [Mississippi/Moi J’Connais]
3. Walrus Ghost – Seventwentyone [Project: Mooncircle]
4. Jon Phonics – Candy Coupe [First Word]
5. Hausmeister – Muner [Karaoke Kalk]
6. KRTS – Sunrise Over Warschauer [Project: Mooncircle]
7. Primal Scream – Higher Than The Sun (Single Edit) [Sire/Warner Bros.]
8. Caural – Mint & A Hospital Watercolor [Chocolate Industries]
9. YoggyOne – Any Ideas (feat. Muhsinah) [Eklektik]
10. Serengeti – Fantasy [Audio8 Recordings]
11. Jesse Futerman – Driva’man [Jus’ Like Music/Bandcamp]
12. MaG – Bestie [Bandcamp]
13. Andres – Outta This Earth [Mahogani Music]
14. Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Together [Polydor]
15. Jef Gilson et Malagasy – 1973 [Jazzman]
16. Johnny “Guitar” Watson – Ain’t That A Bitch [DJM]
17. DJ Smash – Huh [Eightball]
18. The Mighty Bop – Vibrations Mystiqu es [Yellow]
19. DJ Vadim – Nonlateral Hypothesis [Ninja Tune]
20. Bullion – I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times [white label]
21. INI Movement – Interlude [INI Recordings/Bandcamp]
22. Mentz – Sun [out] [esc.rec.]
23. UKU – Forest 5 am (YoggyOne Remix) [Eklektik]
24. Herb Alpert – Rotation [A&M]
25. Rory More – Gabriel’s Theme [Sudden Hunger]
26. Osunlade – What Gets You High? [Yoruba]
27. The Shaolin Afronauts – Interlude 1 [Freestyle]
28. Rotary Connection – Life Could [Cadet Concept]
29. Gil Scott-Heron – Alien (Hold On To Your Dreams) [XL Recordings]
30. Michael White – The Blessing Song [Soul Jazz]

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Us and Us Episode 22

Us & Us: “Digging Is Therapy…”
A Motion Mixtape for Phuture Frequency, transmitting from Mount Vernon, New York, USA.
Supplying musical therapy by way of vinyl, CD, cassette, and MP3.

It never fails: I always end up spending more time with my vinyl once Record Store Day comes and goes. This all-vinyl mix includes some old favorites as well as new additions to the collection. The inclusion of Portishead was unexpectedly timely given their recent Glastonbury performance. I finally get a chance to represent for one of my favorite Talking Heads album cuts, plus the Theo Parrish/Tony Allen collaboration is a current favorite with me right now. In light of the recent passing of soul singer Darondo, I included Tall Black Guy’s re-edit of one of his songs. And Dilla’s shown some love through a Raymond Scott sample origin and a remix of “Waves” from the Donuts album. Not sure who was behind that, but respect is due: it’s b eautiful.

get in touch with macedonia:

(“your mother’s so hip-hop, she thinks biz markie’s cute as sh–…”)

Track list:
1. Salt-N-Pepa – Idle Chatter [Next Plateau]
2. Raymond Scott – Lightworks [Electronium]
3. Watts Little Angel Band – New Orleans / Land of A 1000 Dances [EM Records]
4. Bjork – I Miss You (Dobie Rub Part One – Sunshine Mix) [Elektra]
5. Louise Vertigo – Où Est La Femme? [Yellow Productions]
6. Portishead – Sour Times (Lot More Mix) [Go! Discs / FFRR]
7. Federation – Rusty James (Portishead Remix) [Mo’ Wax]
8. A Tribe Called Quest – Can I Kick It? (Spirits) [Jive/RCA]
9. Prefuse 73 – Why I Love You (with Jenny Vasquez) [Warp]
10. Talking Heads – Seen And Not Seen [Sire]
11. Bullion – Don’t Talk (Close Your Eye) [white label]
12. Greg Tate – What Is Hip Hop? [Mouth Almighty/Polygram]
13. Leroy And The Drivers – The Sad Chicken [Luv N’ Haight]
14. Jimi Tenor – Wear My Bikini [Warp]
15. Luv.Seven – Side B, Track 2 [Love Unlimited Vibes]
16. Wendy Rene – After Laughter (Comes Tears) [Light In The Attic]
17. Kemélions – Baboo’s Boofoo Orchin [BMG]
18. Dr. Buzzard’s Original “Savannah” Band – Hard Times [RCA]
19. De La Soul – Ain’t Hip To Be Labeled A Hippie [Tommy Boy]
20. DJ Smash – Bassanova [New Breed]
21. Giant Step – Satsuki [Eightball]
22. Quorum – Renegade Theme [Ubiquity]
23. Djinji Brown – Mojuba [Seven Heads]
24. Medeski Martin + Wood – Midnight Birds (SA-RA Remix) [Blue Note]
25. Theo Parrish And Tony Allen – Feel Loved [Wildheart Recordings]
26. Darondo – I Don’t Want To Leave feat. Tall Black Guy (Sure Know How To Love Me Re-Edit) [Luv N’ Haight]
27. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti & Dâm-Funk – Baby [Light In The Attic]

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The Centrifuge Radio Show #96

This week, we’ve a guest mix from close friend of the show, the man behind Darkfloor – DVNT. Featuring tunes from the likes of WIK?N, Si Begg, Orphx, Demdike Stare and Scanone, this is one of the darker, more varied mixes we’ve featured, and a cracker it is too.

In addition, we’ve new music from The Bug’s forthcoming release on Ninja Tune, plus Lithia, Mr Jones, Rotodrone, Legowelt, Myler, H-Sik and many more.

Track list:
Larkin & The Sky – Polygon [SVS]
Boards Of Canada – New Seeds [Warp]
MMOTHS – For Her (Unknown Remix) [MMOTHS]
Myler – Outside the shop, by the bushes [Nukapa]
Lithia – Lotus [CRL Studios]
Rotodrone – Xenophyophore [Bandcamp]
Renaissance Man – Hard Feeling [Black Ocean]
Terence Fixmer – Warm (Regis remix) [Planete Rouge]
The Third Man – P{ipes at Helios Canyon (Legowelt remix) [EPM/Clone]
Mr Jones – Crater [The Public Stand]
Siriusmo – Rantanplant [Monkeytown]
The Bug ft Flowdan – Dirty [Ninja Tune]
Fah – Fahzers set to Earth [Central Processing unit]

DVNT Guest mix:
Bombardier – Self Loathing [Division 13]
Steve Roach + Byron Metcalf – Fire Sky Portal [Projekt Records]
WIK?N – BURNT 2 EMBERS [Dark Peaks]
Demdike Stare – Ghostly Hardware [Modern Love]
Roger Robinson – Ghost [dub]
Justin Ivey – Steamroller (Israel Vines remix) [Borrowed Language]
Orphx – Periphery [Sonic Groove]
Second Storey – Margosa Heights [Houndstooth]
Scanone – Scene 7 [YELLOW MACHINES]
ATTRITION – The Internal Narrator [E-Klageto]
Lifeblood – Gravitational Force of Destiny [Cicuta Netlabel]
Emika – Count Backwards (Marcel Dettmann vocal edit) [Ninja Tune]
Steve Roach – Flatlands [Epona]
Sad City – You Will Soon Find That Life Is Wonderful [Phonica Special Editions]
Si Begg – Beyond The 12 Tones (breakless) [dub]

Traag – White Wall (G.O.D. rework) [Gang of Ducks]
H-Sik – No Promises [Black Acre]
EAN – Bearface [Bandcamp]
Kratos Himself – Till We Meet Again [Bandcamp]
Thing – Renew [BMT Music]


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The Centrifuge Radio Show #95

This weekend brings two of the best nights to hit London in some time – Friday night’s Rupture session at Corsica Studios provides lashings of breaks with Paradox, Digital, Blocks & Escher and many more, while The Bug headlines Soundcrash’s night at Koko on Saturday alongside dBridge, Mala and Mad Professor. To celebrate, i’ve put together an hour long mix featuring some classics and some lesser known tunes from the artists featuring at both nights – a perfect warm up for the weekend.

In addition, we’ve new tracks from the long-awaited Boards of Canada LP, plus new material from Pangaea, Nubian Mindz, Pangaea, Renaissance Man, Thing, Troubled Minds Cabin Crew and many more.

Track list:
Troubled Minds Cabin Crew – Owls [Bedroom Research]
Yimino – Bless You [Ominim]
Audraulic – Broken Elucidative [Etched Traumas]
Nubian Mindz – Ghost Dreams [Counterchange]
Huutch – Night Owl ft Raoul Sinier [Sociopath]
Graze – The Sust [New Kanada]
Siriusmo – Petit Cochon [Monkeytown]
Pangaea – Viaduct [Hadal]
Renaissance man – Early man [Black Ocean]
Myler – Blue Madams [Fifth Wall]
Rupture vs Soundcrash mix:
The Bug – Angry ft Tippa Irie [Ninja Tune]
The Bug – Politicians & Paedophiles ft Daddy Freddy [Rephlex]
Paradox & MdCL – Dystopia [Paradox Music]
Jah Shaka meets Mad Professor – Claps like Thunder [Ariwa]
King Midas Sound – Eartha Kill Ya (Mala remix) [Hyperdub]
Digital – Dubstation X [Mission Impossible]
Mad Professor – Bumper Ball dub (Karmacoma remix) [Virgin]
Digital Mystikz – Thief in da night [Soul Jazz]
The Bug – Out of Control ft Hitomi [Swa mp 81]
The Bug – Run ft Flowdan [Swamp 81]
Digital Mystikz – Explorer [Monkeytown]
>>> The Bug – Skeng ft Killa P & Flowdan [Ninja Tune]
Equinox – Vivid Dreams [Planet Mu]
Mad Professor – Moving dub (Better things remix) [Virgin]
dBridge – Inner Disbelief [Exit]
Digital – Weatherman [Exit]
Digital – Deadline VIP [Function]
>>> Digital – Deadline [31]
dBridge – The Bride [Exit]
Blocks & Escher – Miller [Digital Soundboy]
Equinox – Do you Understand? [Planet Mu]
Double 0 – Soul Warrior [Rupture]
dBridge – On My Mind [Exit]
Paradox – Love Her (Version) [Esoteric]
The Bug – Run The Place Red ft Daddy Freddy [Rephlex]
The Bug – Gun Disease ft Cutty Ranks [Rephlex]

Boards of Canada – Cold Earth [Warp]
Consequence – Lyon [Etcht]
!tems – Time Swap [Reset Industries]
Thing – Outer Lands [Blu Mar Ten Music]

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DJ ZAZ Brown – IntroDeucing

I am (DJ) ZAZ Brown. I’m from Washington, D.C. U.S.A. I’m a Renaissance Man with an affinity for dusty vinyl and digital simplicity. My Pops was a serious music lover and it rubbed off. Now you all have to pay for that…

This mix here consists of a few things I found out on the Internets and a couple of cool grooves from a friend or two. If you like these tunes, there are a lot more where they came from. I mostly mix and mash music around the house and then ride out to it.

The Soulection camp has been in heavy rotation lately, with a strong camp of beatmakers and young rappers (Abjo, Waldo, Sango, Atu). Definitely keeping an eye on them. I dropped a gem by my man Dirdy Redzz from my side of town in there as well as rare grooves by Cut La Roc.

Lately, Soundcloud has been home for my ears, but I have an extensive reach in the crates saved up for future shows.

Thanks to PFRadio for giving me a platform to spin my records. Don’t expect the expected…

IntroDeucing DJ ZAZ Brown

Enjoy… please leave comments.

Track list:

AbJo – The Jam Session
Waldo – Poison
Bear//Face – Bruh Bruh
Oddisee – Miami
Diplo – Way More
DFRNT – Everything
Dirdy Redzz – Red Line Doors Closing
Boards of Canada – The Beach At Redpoint
Clams Casino – I m God
Bear//Face – Taste My Sad
Waldo – The Big Fish (Interlude)
Atu – What You Like
DJ Cam – Come With That String
Boom Clap Bachelors – Houdini Arabicum
Cut La Roc – Fallen (Aim Mix)
Metronomy X T.I.P. – The Look (TIP’s Shook Shook Rework)
Barrington Levy – The Vibes Is Right (Om Unit edit) for earlier recordings and feedback.

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The Centrifuge Radio Show #94

AngMoh records was set up earlier this year by Terry Owen (aka T-Toe) focussing on ambient/electronic/folk music. To celebrate the release of their first sampler, I sat down with Terry and created a 15 minute minimix, showcasing the various artists included in the release such as Tudor Acid, Sea Stacks, Jilk and many more. It’s a wonderful, melodic little mix, and a great introduction to the label.

In addition, we’ve the new single from Boards of Canada, plus new music from the long-awaited new LP by Siriusmo, plus Pangaea, !tems, Powell, Wisp, Jimmy Edgar, Moresounds, Consequence, Impakt, Tipper, Om Unit and many more.

Track list:
Siriusmo – Plastic Hips [Monkeytown]
Sad City – Easing [Phonica]
The Sonic Aesthetic – New Districts
Duke Slammer – Droid Boogie (Datasette Remix) [Bonus Round]
Deadbeat – Jaffa Dub [BLKRTZ]
Myler – Blue Madams (Moerbeck rmx) [Fifth Wall]
Doubtful Guest – 124 till 3rd [Tudor Beats]
Boxcutter – Acid Stormont [Jack The House compilation]
Rumah – Murmur [Church]
Jimmy Edgar – Strike [UltraMajic]
Consequence – Modu1 [Etcht]
BRC – Voices [Yo Sucka!]
Impakt – Aam [Hyperboloid]
Boards Of Canada – Reach for the dead [Warp]
Pangaea – Mission Creep [Hadal]
EOMAC – Spoock [Killekill]

Angmoh Records minimix – All tracks taken from AngMoh Sampler Vol.1 –

Wisp – House of Aos [Jack The House compilation]
Siriusmo – Cornerboy [Monkeytown]
Clouds – Kevin Spacey [Bandcamp]
!tems – Ghost Detain [Reset Industries]
Consequence – Ressed [Et cht]
Admin & Mahni – Formattin’ (Magnum remix) [B. Yrslf Division]
Benign & Roy Hessels – My Refuge [2ism]
Moresounds – Dancing Shoes [Moresounds]
Tipper – Algae Bloom in Seven [Addictech]
DIN – Oscillation [Ostgut Ton]
Memory 9 – The Abyss within (Om Unit remix) [Dub]
Quinoline Yellow – The Recital of Dolwen Fields [Touchin Bass]
Spongemagnet – Strangenoze [Caoutchou]
Impakt – Synththug [Hyperboloid]
Powell – Wharton Tiers on Drums [Liberation Technology]
Carl Brown – Kakapo (Microphyst remix) [The Centrifuge]
Acidburp – Peppi Mac (2013 mix) [Bandcamp]

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The Centrifuge Radio Show #84 – Monokle (Ki Records)

We’ve got an awesome guest mix to round 2012 off. Monokle’s LP ‘Saints’ is a late arriving runner for my album of the year, fusing gorgeous, dense melodies with a variety of uptempo beats. His guest mix is a sprawling, multi-genre beast featuring Ben Frost, Tim Hecker, Laurel Halo, Daisuke Tanabe, Milinal and many more.

In addition, we’ll be rounding off the year with new music from Talismann, Spongemagnet, Consequence, Michael Mayer, Loops Haunt, Ed:it, Nightwave and many more.

Track list:
David Ezra Brown – Twelve turtles [Bedroom Research]
Will Saul & October – Light Sleeper (Michael Mayer rmx) [Aus music]
Dense & Pika – Coil [Hotflush]
V67 – Craic Memories [Lunar Disko]
MPIA3 – Acid Badger [R&S]
Birds Making Machine – Fuera De Contexto [birdsmakingmachine]
Ctrls – Analog Lies [Token]
Talismann – Tiran [Talismann]
Girls Revenge – Teen Slasher [Rodz-Kones]
Threnody – Depth [Dub]

Monokle Guest Mix:
Ben Frost – Leo Needs A New Pair Of Shoes
Old Apparatus – Chicago
Monokle – Fever
Laurel Halo – Morcom
Milinal – Inner Vibrations
Dauwd – Shimmer
Unit – Static Beef
King Felix – Spring 01
Galun – Colding World
The Invisible – Wings (Floating Points Remix)
Monokle – Swan (Daisuke Tanabe Remix)
Tim Hecker – Borderlands
Ernst Reijseger – Shadow

Spongemagnet – Gimp Biscuit [Thin Consolation]
Loops Haunt – dltfaypily [Black Acre]
Nighwave – Night heat 160 mix [Unknown To The Unknown]
Patscan – Shnumbers [Ricochet]
Laurel Halo – Sunlight in the dub [Hyperdub]
Rick Grant – Crossing (Consequence rmx) [TAKE]
Ed:it – Echo [Blu Mar Ten Music]

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The Centrifuge Radio Show #76 – 3rd Birthday Special

A (slightly delayed) 3rd birthday celebration for us, seeing as we missed a couple of shows. Three years of broadcasting on Brap.FM and it’s time to celebrate with a frankly HUGE competition. We’ve copies of the recent Lazer Sword, Delta Funktionen, Addison Groove and Phon.o CDs to give away, plus a bundle of Tshirts, stickers and the like. Tune in live or on the archive to be in with a chance. Added to which, it’s a certain host’s 30th birthday too…

Plus the usual new music from Untold, Actress, Mr. O, Death Abyss, Chordata, iON ghOST, Om Unit and many more.

Track list:
Locked Groove – Even [Hotflush]
Neil Landstrumm – Gin & Haggis [Shipwrec]
Anstam – whiskey [50 Weapons]
Kenton Slash Daemon – Daemon [Tartelet]
Scuba – The Hope (Recondite Nocturnal Car Ride mix) [Hotflush]
TVO – Libertalia (Red Night Appendix 2) [Broken20]
Bobby Champs – Drag queen [Pictures]
The Fear Ratio – Fedec [Blueprint]
Shed – You Got The Look [50 Weapons]
Mark Henning – Trojan [Cityfox]
Death Grips – Guillotine (Voidloss rmx) [Soundcloud]
Jon Convex – Aversion [Convex Industries]
Teengirl Fantasy – Motif (Actress rmx) [R&S]
Mr. O – I Just Want Normal (Mark Broom rmx) [Engineroom]
Afriqua – Moncrieff [Forthcoming]
t8R – Rock Me Softly ft Panther God [Broken Bubble]
Sorrow – Witchcraft [Bandcamp]
Ikonika – PR812 [Hum & Buzz]
Trevino – Tweakonomics [Revolve:R]
3rd Birthday Competition
Blackmass – Ice and Slice [Soundcloud]
Eomac – It’s Nice to be where nobody is [Acroplane]
Ion Ghost – The Sun Dreams of Rain [Swishcotheque]
Simplicity is Beauty – Operators manual (The Exaltics rmx) [The Public Stand]
Phat Chex – Ankylosaurus Magniventris [Darkfloor]
Monolog – Live Cut 03 [Acre]
Vaetxh – Cuntpressor [Detroit Underground]
Chordata – 5th dimension [Tudor Beats]
Wisp – Lark & Lion [Electronic Explorations compilation]
Barker & Baumecker – Tranq [Ostgut Ton]
Om Unit – Ulysses [Civil Music]
Nolige – Cold One rmx [Scientific Wax]
Matmos – Cockles And Mussels (Featuring Clodagh Simonds) [Fovea Hex]

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The Centrifuge Radio Show #72

On this week’s show we’ve a properly eclectic mix from a mainstay of the french electronic scene, Bit-phalanx’s Topher. A producer and DJ since the late 80s, Topher is the man behind both the Aries Slant label and the György Ligeti Tribute project, as well as releasing tracks on labels such as Bit-Phalanx. His mix moves from downtempo dubby vibes through 4×4 dancefloor materials right through to balls out breakcore, and features tracks from Volitune, T-Toe, Steinvord, Untrkmind and many more.

In addition, we’ve a competition to win a CD and T-Shirt combo of Addison Groove’s ‘Transistor Rhythm’ LP, plus new music from Coppe, Phon.o, Roughquest, Kamikaze Space Programme, Hurtdeer and many more.

Track list:
Coppe – Purple cheese 4 U [Bit-Phalanx/Mango Sweet Rice]
Thrupence – Synchronous bloom [Bandcamp]
Rat Faced Boy – Honey bee [Alkalinear Recordings]
Addison Groove – Sooperlooper [50 Weapons]
Actress – Shadow from Tartarus [Honest Jon’s]
Legowelt – Deepspace gazing []
Roughquest – Northern lights [Cut]
Kamikze Space Programme – Aqua [Soundcloud]
Threnody – Ark [dub]
Phon.o – Abaw 723 [50 Weapons]

Topher – Guest mix for The Centrifuge Radio Show
Manducator – Tonetripper
Nicolas Masseyeff – L’Ombre Du Vent
Gunston – Range & Symbol
Untrkmind – Dragon Drown
Probe 1 – Supra Heroes
Topher – Zombie Lust
T-Toe – Mushot
Jha-in – Rain’s Poetry (Acid Mix)
Offset – Gazoline
Hula – Hot Hands (Topher’s Glitched Up Re-edit)
Synchronoise – Wrong House
Hot Roddy – Good Afterlife
Volitune – Pleiades
Antipop Consortium – Reflections (Taote kid RMX)
Steinvord – Untitled 11
K21 – Cold Crush
FKL – Keske J’te Sers ?
Irish Steph – Junky Maggie

Eleven tigers – Stableface (Dark sky rmx) [Soul Motive]
Hurtdeer – Kyoto downpour [Soundcloud]
Space ladies – Medusa (Sarantis rmx) [Senseless]

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Us & Us Episode 19

Us & Us: “Love And Some 45s…”
A Motion Podcast Episode for May 2012
Transmitting from Mount Vernon, New York, USA
Supplying musical therapy by way of vinyl, CD, cassette, and MP3

Inspired by Record Store Day 2012, this show is an all seven-inch vinyl set. Most of them spinning at 45 rpm, others running at 33-1/3. Some soul, some funk, some jazz, and some other stuff as well. Served up freeform style. Hope you enjoy it, snaps, crackles, pops and all. Not a safe one for work, but fun just the same.

FYI: The MCs featured on “Showtime” by Big Dada Sound are Ty, Roots Manuva, Juice Aleem, Mike Ladd, and Toastie Taylor. And the Martin Luther King PSA at the end? That’s from a 7″, too…

Get in touch with macedonia:

(“the real prize is behind door number twenty-thr ee…”)

Track list:
1. NOMO and Shawn Lee – Upside Down [Ubiquity]
2. Continental Four – Escape From Planet Earth [Jay-Walking]
3. Alan Mills – I Know An Old Lady [Scholastic]
4. A-Trak – Enter Ralph Wiggum [Stones Throw]
5. B.W. Souls – Marvins Groove [Round]
6. The Meters – Here Comes The Meter Man [Josie]
7. The Last Poets – On The Subway [Douglas]
8. SirOJ – Castlevania [Organik]
9. Jim Timmens feat. Patty Lakin – A Purr Is Furry [Columbia]
10. Ohio Players – Ecstasy [Westbound]
11. Big Dada Sound – Showtime [Big Dada]
12. Johnny “Hammond” Smith – Dirty Apple [Prestige]
13. Sun City Girls – Napoleon & Josephine (Part Two) [Scratch]
14. Sun City Girls – Souvenirs From Jangare [Majora]
15. Althea & Donna – Uptown Top Ranking [Gibbs]
16. Tenor Saw – Ring The Alarm [Techniques]
17. Jim Timmens feat. Mike McKean and the Carrillon Singers – London Bridge [Columbia]
18. Hedonic Islands – Alien Abduction (feat. Dudley Perkins and Georgia Anne Muldrow) [Gematria]
19. Little Beaver – Six Foot Hole [Cat]
20. Bobby Womack – Daylight [United Artists]
21. Vicelounge w/Dee Ferguson – Dear Man (original mix) [Record Breakin’]
22. James Brown – Superbad, Superslick (Part I) [Polydor]
23. Spinnerty – Time To Cut (feat. Miles Bonny) [Record Breakin’]
24. Ezekiel Honig – Past Tense Kitchen Movement [Anticipate]
25. Hrvatski – Bad Raum [Tonschacht]
26. Benoit Pioulard – Maginot [Blue Flea]
27. Eddie Harris – Theme In Search Of A Movie [Atlantic]
28. The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band – Light My Fire [Warner Bros.-Seven Arts]
29. Astrud Gilberto – Take It Easy My Brother Charlie [BBE]

Play May 14

Act Now with Airplays No.34

As well as having two guest mixes, one Funk, Soul, Hip Hop and one Drum & Bass, I’ve also gone and done my first recipe ON AIR! I’ve written up the recipe below as I expect it’s not the easiest thing to follow.

Green Bean and Sweetcorn Thoran
A dry vegetable curry with coconut


Large handful of green beans
Tin of sweetcorn (Baked bean sized tin)
2 tbsp desiccated coconut
2 tbsp sunflower oil
1 tsp brown mustard seeds
2 tsp finely chopped ginger and garlic
1 tsp finely chopped green chilli
1 tsp chilli powder
1 tsp cumin powder
2 tsp coriander powder
¼ tsp turmeric powder
Salt to taste


Heat a pan on a medium heat, add the oil and wait until the air above the oil starts to waiver. If you oil starts to smoke, turn off the heat and allow to cool.

Once the oil is at the right temperature add the mustard seeds; they should start to pop & crackle. If they don’t pop turn the temperature up slightly.

When they start to stop popping after about 20secs turn the temperature right down and add the ginger, garlic and chilli; stirring for 20secs to avoid burning.

Then add the turmeric and stir until the raw smell has gone. Then add a dash of water; around 2 tbsp and add the rest of the spices; stirring for around 20 secs.

Add the green beans and cook for around 4mins. You can turn the temperature up slightly at this point. When the beans are nearly done add the sweetcorn, coconut and salt to taste.

Serve with flat bread or rice and yoghurt.

Track list:

Jon Kennedy mix for The Diggers

Labi Siffre – Doctor Doctor
Linda Lyndell – What A Man
J-Live – Longevity (Remix)
Rev Run – Home Sweet Home
Tbc – Tbc
James Brown – Bring It Up
Foster Sylvers – Misdemeanor
The Five Stair Steps – Don’t Change Your Love
Visioneers – Runnin’
Nas – Half Time
Da Bush Babees – Remember We (Salaam Remix)
Bajka – Hop
Madkap – Fuck What You Heard
Madkap – Proof Is In The Pudding
Jon Kennedy – The Loafer
Jon Kennedy – 110% Proof
Jon Kennedy – Lemon Song

Volta Cab – Perfect Love [Wicked Bass Freebie]
Klic – Post [Wicked Bass Freebie]
Be-1Ne – Revelation
Broke N Folk – Trapped In A Window For The Rest Of Your Life – Sorrow Remix
Kromestar – Outer Limit – Feat. Team Starfleet
Sepalcure – See Me Feel Me
Throwing Snow & PY – Wallow
DFRNT – Everything [Cut]
DFRNT – Too Long To Wait [Cut]

Play Mar 30

Us & Us Episode 18

Us & Us: “The Sensitive Adventures Of Ebb And Flow…”
A Motion Podcast Episode for September 2011
Transmitting from Mount Vernon, New York, USA
Supplying musical therapy by way of vinyl, CD, cassette, and MP3

I’ve been wanting to say something. Prior to the two episodes from me that popped up out of nowhere last year, I was absent for a year and some change, so I feel like I ought to

actually say something. At the same time, the music speak volumes on its own and is far more eloquent than I am.

Acts like Jonti, Sepalcure, Toro Y Moi, and When Saints Go Machine represent the current obsessions while the music of Arthur Russell remains a constant inspiration. Arthur’s

Landing represents lovely for Russell’s compositions. There’s some beat science from Andres and Sir Froderick as well as Bullion, who had a remix project marrying the work of

The Beach Boys with J Dilla’s b eats. Ultramarine put out their first new material in over thirteen years, which thrills me to death. And there are pieces from Phil Upchurch and Bill

Cosby that resonate strongly with me as of late. The glitchy sensitivity of Claro Intelecto and Auch, the wide-eyed fun of Saint Etienne remixing Pizzicato Five, the album cuts from

Funkadelic and The Crusaders that I’ve been wanting to play for you for months now…this is just me doing what I do. Grabbing some selections from the collection and trying to

connect some dots.

Thank you very much for joining me. Hope you enjoy the set…

Get in touch with macedonia:

(“it is happening again…it is happening again…”)

Track list:
1. Jazzanova – Cyclic [JCR]
2. Elephant And Castle – I Will [Plug Research]
3. Riton – Communicated [Grand Central]
4. Pizzicato Five – Love’s Theme (Saint Etienne Mix) [Matador]
5. Bullion – Wouldn’t It Be Nice [White Label]
6. Andres – Don’t Fall In [Mahogani Music]
7. Phil Upchurch – You Wouldn’t, You Couldn’t Be True [Cadet]
8. Earth, Wind & Fire – Interlude [Columbia]
9. When Saints Go Machine – Pick Up Your Tears And Run [!K7]
10. Toro Y Moi – Fax Shadow [Carpark]
11. Sepalcure – See Me Feel Me [Hotflush]
12. Claro Intelecto – You Not Me [A.I.]
13. Auch – All That Pretty Horses [Mille Plateaux]
14. Ultramarine – Find A Way (Version) [Real Soon]
15. DJ Shadow – Transmission 3 [Mo’ Wax]
16. Arthur’s Landing – Go For The Night [Strut]
17. Raleigh Moncrief – Waiting For My Brothers Here [Anticon]
18. Sir Froderick – Someolbull$hit ft. Josh Hey [Record Breakin’]
19. Bill Cosby – You’re Driving Me Crazy [Capitol]
20. Miho Hatori – Night Light [Chocolate Industries]
21. Dudley Perkins – Flowers [Stones Throw]
22. Jonti – The Days Have Turned (feat. The Stepkids & Illa J) [Stones Throw]
23. Funkadelic – Holly Wants To Go To California [Warner Bros.]
24. The Crusaders – It’s Just Gotta Be That Way [Blue Thumb]


Play Feb 20

The Centrifuge Radio Show #64

Time for the first guest of the year, and we’re starting as we mean to go on. D’Arcangelo should be well known to anyone with an interest in electronica. From their first EP on Rephlex back in 1996 through to their most recent LP for 030303 in 2010, they’ve continued to astound critics and listeners alike, and have very kindly given us permission to air a live set recorded at Moog in Barcelona a couple of months ago.

In addition, we’ve new music from Hurtdeer, The Flashbulb, Mark Archer, Rave Wars, Memotone, Lodsb, Venetian Snares, Patscan, Kappah, and many, many more

Track list:
Hurtdeer – God’s hand pecked by birds [Broken Bubble]
Inigo Kenedy ft Laska – Speechless [Asymmetric]
Mark Archer – A-1-2, A-1-2 [Bandcamp]
Lego Feet – Pt 2 (Extract) [Skam]
Shimmer Effect – Rope Trick [Bushman]
Locked Groove – Drowning [Hotflush]
Lodsb – Zinc [The Centrifuge]
Duke slammer – Spandex [Bonus Round]
Patscan – Prittipoli [Acroplane]
Rave wars – Don’t make me destroy you [Balkan Vinyl]

D’Arcangelo live set, recorded at Moog, Barcelona, Available through

Venetian Snares – Chordate [Bandcamp]
Sense – Ardk-emtis [Detund]
Sam KDC + Eveson – Chalice [Channel 82]
Memotone – Dark under the eyes [via Boilerroom]
Vaalhaala – Phaethon [Darkestral]
Flashbulb – Precisely Wrong [Bandcamp]
Plug – Drum And Bass [Ninja Tune]
Randomform – Vapr core 2.4 [Brainstormlab]
Nic TVG – I’m sorry I puked on your dress (Parallel rmx) [Pine cone Moonshine]
ASC – Make me feel [Auxillary]

Play Feb 17

Us & Us Episode 17

Us & Us: “Making Up For Lost Time…”
A Motion Podcast Episode for November 2011
Transmitting from Mount Vernon, New York, USA
Supplying musical therapy by way of vinyl, CD, cassette, and MP3

On this episode, I had to dedicate some space to the words and music of the late Gil Scott-Heron. In addition, a Johnny Hammond cut is included to big up the production genius of the late Alphonzo “Fonce” Mizell, one-half of the Mizell brothers. Other than that, some past, present, and future side room flavors along with some pieces I’ve long since forgotten about and deserve to get some shine. Check the free verse from Antipop Consortium’s High Priest guest starring on the Diego Cortez track. New releases include some beat science from Lee Bannon and Katalyst, the Billie Holiday meets Bjork beauty of Amenta, and an ecstatic piece from Matthew Herbert’s latest album (the one that got PETA really, really upset). And if the thou ght of Sly Stone being homeless and living out of a van depresses you as much as it does me, perhaps you’ll appreciate my reaching back for the closer on his *Life* album with The Family Stone.

get in touch with macedonia:

(“flying high in a circle around you…”)

Track list:

1. I:Cube – Adore [Versatile]
2. Secret Frequency Crew – Deep Blue (Eli-173 Remix) [Counterflow Recordings]
3. The Allenko Brotherhood Ensemble (Tony Allen vs. Kraked Unit) – The Man With The Drum [Comet]
4. Gil Scott-Heron – New York Is Killing Me [XL Recordings]
5. Johnny Hammond – Shifting Gears [Harmless]
6. The Baby Namboos – Hard Times (Quango Remix By Jason Bentley) [Redline Entertainment]
7. Squarepusher – Shin Triad (Wagon Christ Mix) [Warp]
8. DJ Krush – Bypath – Would You Take It? [Mo Wax]
9. Ian O’Brien – The Beginning/The Emergence [Peacefrog]
10. Diego Cortez – Inviolate [Bar/None]
11. Aceyalone – Headaches And Woes [Capitol]
12. Gil Scott-Heron – Flashback [Flying Dutchman]
13. The Art Of Noise – How To Kill [ZTT/Island]
14. Sluta Leta – Champagne On Ice [Chocolate Industries]
15. Klaus Doldinger – Sitar Beat [white label]
16. Serge Gainsbourg – En Melody [L e Smoke Disque]
17. Sly And The Family Stone – Jane Is A Groupee [Epic]
18. Katalyst – It’s A Blast [BBE]
19. Lee Bannon – Grey / Master [Plug Research]
20. Cornelius – Fantasma [Matador]
21. Kid Creole & The Coconuts – I Wake Up Screaming [Strut]
23. Art Konik – Mingpark [Comet]
24. Brandt Brauer Frick – Heart Of Stone [!K7]
25. Plastikman – Okx [Novamute]
26. P’Taah – Flying High (Chateau Flight Remix) [Ubiquity]
27. Mark Templeton – I Cut Along Lines [Anticipate Recordings]
28. Matthew Herbert – October [Accidental]
29. Amenta – Stormy Weather [First Word]
30. Lapwing – Telly [Mind Horizon Recordings]

Play Nov 25

Stuck in the Past – November 1, 2011

Stuck In The Past is a podcast that focuses on older hip-hop/rap with a bit of the new stuff that’s out there, along with various music genres thrown in from time to time.

Track list:
Willie the Kid – The Guilt
Sunz of Man – Soldiers of Darkness
Praverb the Wyse – For My People
T.R.A.C. – Stay True (Nightime Mix)
Anotha Level – What’s That Cha Say
Crooklyn Dodgers – Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers 95
Ruste Juxx – No Prints feat. R.A. the Rugged Man
Organized Konfusion – Fudge Pudge
Has-Lo – Maxell UR
Gonjasufi – The Lows feat. Saviorself (Meaty Ogre Remix)
Mad Skillz – Skillz in ’95

Play Nov 9

Love Sick Recordings Show

The Love Sick Recordings show returns with the Southbound Hangers on the decks and mic, hosting an hour of fresh dubstep and bass.

Track listing:

Southbound Hangers- You Dont understand (Love Sick Recordings)
Komonazmuk- Dance too (Apple Pips)
Scuba- Latch (Hotflush)
Southbound Hangers- After Sun (DUB)
Cyrus- Indian Stomp
Somore- I refuse
Carl Cox- Chemistry (Reso RMX)
Martyn- Left Hander (3024)
Screen Age- On my way (DUB)
Wedge and Shads- Running away- Guido RMX (Punch Drunk)
Trolley Snatcha- Always on my mind (Dub Police)
Screen Age- Say Goodbye (DUB)
Scuba- Minerals (Hot Flush)
Synkro- Dubstep for deep heads
Modeselektor- Pitter (Monkeytown Records)
Nitan sawhney- Daydream (Engine Earz Rmx)

Play Oct 19

BeltDriven September

This was our post UK riots show. It was a sketchy few days and we thought we’d bring in a few riot themed songs for the show. Just so it didn’t get too hardcore, we also have lots of funk and disco to even the mood. Also, a good few songs from excellent Brighton label Bongo Records like Prince Fatty and Pete Rodriguez. Don’t sleep.

Track list:
Junior Murvin – Police and Thieves
A Tribe Called Quest – Electric Relaxation
Al Green – Light My Fire
Prince Fatty – Gin and Juice
Logic – The Future
The Dramatics – Get Up. Get Down
Bob Marley + Black Thought – Burning and Looting
Harry J – None Shall Escape The Dubment
NTM – Quest Ce Quon Attend
Wrecks n Effect – The Rump Shaker
Sniper – La France
Smiley Culture – Shan-a-Shan
Akala – This Is London
Klashnekoff – Paradise
Mobb Deep – Survival Of The Fittest
Prince Jammy – Mystic Dub
Lowkey – Tell Me Why
Cymande – The Message
Nate ft Logic, Mohammad Yayha and Jay Bee – Could Be You
Nu Shooz – Make Your Mind Up
Gangstarr – Riot Akt
Chester P – The City
The Gap Band – Big Fun
Cut Killer/NTM – Nique La Police
Miguel De Deus – Black Soul Brothers
Uzi Bros – There’s A Riot Jumping Off
Kurtis Blow – Star Life
Dubbledge – The Ma king Of A Slave aka Willie Lynch
Pete Rodriguez – I Like It Like That
Nate – Not For Sale
Curtis Hairston – I Want Your Loving
Dead Kennedys – I Fought The Law

Play Oct 10

Act Now with Airplays No.29

This is my first show all by myself that I’ve done for a while. In preparation for gig I decided to play a selection of more laidback tunes starting with the beautiful ‘All That You Give’ by the Cinematic Orchestra featuring the uber talented Fontella Bass. Working my way through sleepy Hip Hop beats, Deep Techno and House we end up almost passing out to ‘Ambient Lemon & Lime’ by Maxamillion Dunbar. Enjoy.

Track list:
Cinematic Orchestra – All That You Give [Ninja Tune]
Lost Idol – Firmly Rooted [Cook Shop]
Shoes – Why Can’t We Dub [Shoes]
Cymande – Dove [Janus]
Unforscene – Belly Full Of Lead [Tru Thoughts]
Aim – Cold Water Music [Grand Central]
Kidboy – A Moment To Think [Jazz & Milk]
Boxcutter – All Too Heavy – Feat. Brian Greene [Planet Mu]
Letherette – Shoe Be Do [HoTep]
Ben Butler & Mousepad – Mag Mag – Shigeto Remix [Musique Large]
Reso – Her Eyes [Freebie]
Chris Scottt – Coast [Unsigned]
See Hear – Beyond Their Years [Cut]
Bonobo – Eyesdown – Appleblim & Komonazmuk Remix [Ninja Tune]
Appleblim & Peverelist – Over Here – Beat Pharmacy Remix [Applepips]
Trentmoller – Evil Dub [Poker Flat]
The Black Ghosts – Full Moon – Appleblim & Komonazmuk Remix [Southern Fried]
Burial & Four Tet & Thom Yorke – Ego [Text]
Hypno – Doo Doo [Ramp]
Julio Bashmore – Around [Soul Motive]
808 State – Pacific 202 – Performed By The Williams Fairey Brass Band [Blast First]
Maxamillion Dunbar – Ambient Lemon & Lime [Ramp]

Play Oct 7

Us & Us Episode 16

Us & Us: “Styles Upon Styles…”
A Motion Podcast Episode for September 2011
Transmitting from Mount Vernon, New York, USA
Supplying musical therapy by way of vinyl, CD, cassette, and MP3

It’s been almost a year since I last did a show for PFRadio, which is entirely too long to be away. A laundry list of talented people within the world of music have left this earth during my absence, so I figured I’d pay my respects a few at a time. For this show, eternal gratitude goes to Harry Whitaker, Eugene McDaniels, and Frank Foster. Other than that, just grabbing a few selections from the library and seeing what works. Strangely enough, I recorded this prior to the execution of Troy Davis in Georgia. The inclusion of Frank Foster’s “The Loud Minority” seems all too timely right about now.

This set goes out to anyone and everyone who has ever felt like music was all they had. Hope you enjoy this one…

ge t in touch with macedonia:

(“it’s a feeling…it’s a feeling…it’s a feeling…it’s a feeling…”)

Track list:
1. Ultra Living – Entwurf [After Hours]
2. Pépé Bradock – Un Pépé Dans La Dentrelle [Kif S.A.]
3. DJ Smash – Urbs & Spices [Peace]
4. Dennis Coffey And The Detroit Guitar Band – Whole Lot Of Love [Sussex]
5. Jack McDuff – Hunk O’ Funk [Blue Note]
6. Mos Def / Diverse / Prefuse 73 – Wylin’ Out (RJD2 Remix) [Chocolate Industries]
7. Prefuse 73 – Desks.Pencils.Bottles [Warp]
8. Dr. Who Dat? – Kelly Drive [Lex]
9. Kool & The Gang – Fruitman [De-Lite]
10. J Dilla – The Diff’rence [Stones Throw]
11. Jimmie Walker – Caucasians And Other White Folk [Buddah]
12. Clifford Gilberto – B-Low [Ninja Tune]
13. Harry Whitaker – Black Renaissance [Ubiquity]
14. Richard Thomas – I Am Carnal, And I Know That You Approve [Lo Recordings]
15. Eugene McDaniels – Unspoken Dreams Of Light [Atlantic/Water]
16. Shabazz Palaces – Are You…Can You…Were You? (Felt) [Sub Pop]
17. Del Jones – Vib e-ing Theme [Hikeka]
18. Mikah – Regurgitations [Mouth Almighty/Mercury]
19. Frank Foster – The Loud Minority [Mainstream]
20. KRS-ONE – The Pad Or The Pen [Front Page Entertainment]
21. Brass Construction – Wake Up [United Artists]
22. Bama The Village Poet – I Got Soul [Aware]
23. Mr Day – Both Sides [Favorite Recordings]
24. The Stuyvesants – Sunrise In The Stuy []

Play Oct 3

The Centrifuge Radio Show #54 – Exclusive interview with Modeselektor

This time round we’ve something I’m very proud of. Modeselektor have been on of my favourite acts for years now, with the Moderat LP being one of my all time top ten, so when I got the chance to interview them at this year’s SW4 festival, I didn’t have to think twice. Tune in for half an hour’s chat with Gernot and Szary as they discuss their new studio, working with APC and Busdriver, their (two) labels and much more.

In addition, we’ve new music from Aardvark, Cosmin TRG, Voltek, Legowelt, Galaxian, Chevron, Unquote and many more.

Track list:
Aardvark – Beukeboom [Eat Concrete]
Ears – Bustrip [Free the beats]
Jimmy Edgar & Luke Vibert – Disco [Circuitree]
Plaid – Missing [Warp]
Duskky – Warrens philosophy
Mark Swift – Guitar mystery [Swishcotheque]
Global Goon – acdcklf [Acid Relief]
Voltergeist – Boogu Yagga [Bad sekta]
Voltek – Midland mainline [Acroplane]
Cosmin TRG – Ritmat [50 weapons]
Ion driver – Steady (Kawatin rmx) [Ricochet]
Legowelt – Forest conditioner [Legowelt]
Demegy – if it’s you (Partikel rmx) [Korsett]

Exclusive Interview with Modeselektor, recorded at SW4, August 28th

Chevron – Haunted by houndstooth [Acid relief]
Aardvark – bloom2 [Eat Concrete]
Oxynucid – Change of circumstance [CSS]
fmcontrol – bosone7 [Crazy language]
Machinedrum – Youniverse [Planet mu]
Galaxian – Vanguard [Napalm Enema]
Bug – Mechanical soul [Jus Like Music]
Mark Swift – Dead [Swishcothe que]
Unquote – Grief Will Never Descend From Her Face [Medschool]
Instra:mental – No future (ASC rmx) [Nonplus+]
Carl Brown – Milky [The Centrifuge]
Bug – Loose threads [Jus like music]
Ears – Boomclap [Free The Beats]
Geotic – Union (DNTel rmx) [The Soft Alarm tour sampler]

Play Sep 21

Act Now with Airplays No.28

This week I’ve got the last of the Broken Culture guest mixes for a while from Sir Real. I’ll be reporting for duty all on my own for the next few shows. After that you’ve got my first experiment with harmonic mixing taking you from 2A to 9A via various other number letter combinations. Don’t worry if you don’t know what that’s all about, it’s quite boring but the effect is awesome.

Play Sep 2

The Centrifuge Radio Show #49 w/ Orson Bramley

Show number 49 brings us an exclusive mix from Orson Bramley. One half of famed UK Electro duo Transparent Sound, Orson’s first solo LP ‘Inverted Snobbery’ has just been released on his own Orson records, following releases from Point B, Espion and others. Orson has put together an hour of intriguing 4/4 beats for us, and will be giving a short interview to let us know what else he’s been up to.

In addition, new music from The Dadavistic Orchestra, Paradox, Emika, Koreless, Tim Reaper, Bop and many more.

Play Jun 30

Act Now with Airplays No.24

This week I’ve got a label showcase from Gamma Proforma. “Doin The Right Thing Since 2000” – Gamma Proforma offer up music, art & clothing without compromise. The showcase takes in Electro, Hip Hop, Drum & Bass and even Punk. You can find out more and visit their shop at My usual mish-mash includes one track that lasts for 36.25mins (it’s all in the title) and a couple of newish ones from I.D. Enjoy.

Play Jun 24

The Centrifuge Radio Show w/ Coco Bryce & Shepherd

This week we’ve a special mix from Coco Bryce and Shepherd to celebrate the upcoming Peer Pressure event, 24-26th June in Ghent, Belgium. The two have put together a mix of various acts appearing over the weekend including Plaid, Fantastic Mr Fox, Slugabed and more, and we’re happy to broadcast such a fine collection.

In addition, there’s new music from Funckarma, Paradox, dBridge, Phoenecia, Aliceffekt, The Gasman, Rotodrone, Sigha and more, plus details of some upcoming Centrifuge events you should be looking out for.

Play Jun 16

Act Now No.23 Featuring Audio Ad

What a guest mix we’ve got for you this week! Audio Ad has opened for Cashmoney, Rhazel, Schooly D and Supernatural Baby Blue’s as well as having diverse production credits ranging from underground Hip Hop to commercial work for Film and television.

He presents a weekly Friday night radio show on ( 10-11pm) and has just produced Bronx rapper Jerry Beeks’ new album, that is available to download for FREE from his blog

There’s the usual mixed bag from myself taking in old Four Tet, 80’s tape jam from California Flight Project and a lovely deep selection to finish things up.

Play Jun 14

Jules Hallam’s FDR:40

Broadcast from London’s East End: Feedreader by Jules Hallam samples the best music from across the web. Expect anything from dubstep and hip hop to soul, jazz, latin, dance, garage and electronica.

The new single from Jamie XX on Numbers heads brand new music from Diplo & Mayer Hawthorne, plus Boiler Room founder Thristian bPm talks.

Listen to subscribe.

Play Jun 11

Jules Hallam’s FDR:39

Broadcast from London’s East End: Feedreader by Jules Hallam samples the best music from across the web. Expect anything from dubstep and hip hop to soul, jazz, latin, dance, garage and electronica. We’ve got George Fitzgerald’s forthcoming Hotflush single, hard-hitting baselines from Dark Sky and that killer vocal that forms Pearson Sound’s ‘Stifle’, as well as a serene drum and bass mix from Mauoq.

Listen to subscribe.

Play May 26