Act Now with Airplays No.30

Boogie & Disco seem to be taking over my life, I can’t get enough! Saying that I’ve still got the usual mix of Funk, Soul, Electro and a little House & Techno for your delectation. Expect tracks by Lone, Benny Golson, 1000 Names and remixes of Radiohead’s Bloom.

Track list:
J To The C – NoNo – Yes Yes Remix by Luigi [On Point]
The Herbaliser – The Blend – J.Large Remix [Skyline Recordings]
Cymande – Brothers On The Slide [Janus Records]
The S.S.O. Orchestra – Faded Lady – Instrumental [BBE]
Jerline & Friends – Tell Me [Traveller Records]
Benny Golson – I’m Always Dancing To The Music [Columbia]
Tom Noble – Fun Company [Loft]
DMX Krew – Funky Dancer [Fresh Up Records]
The Unknown DJ – This Is Electro [Techno Hop]
Radiohead – Bloom – Jamie XX Remix [XL]
Radiohead – Bloom – Objekt Remix [XL]
Submersible Machines – Braving The Benthick [Lunar Disko]
Lone – Angel Brain [Magic Wire]
Bloodfire Vs. Creative Source – Original Mix [Bloodfire]
Liquid Liquid – Optimo [99 Records]
Maceo & All The Kings Men – Southwhick [House Of Fox]
Alicia Myers – I Want To Thank You [MCA Records]
1000 Names – 50 Elephants [Personal]
Bullion – Crazy Over You [One Handed Music]
Kev Brown – It Never Ends [Insect Records]
Lopez – Theo’s Beat [Keep Up]
Ben Butler & Mousepad – Gif N Run [Musique Large]
Letherette – Bruse [Ho Tep]
Benedek – That’s My Jam Feat. DâM-FunK [Proximal]
The Midnight Express Show Band – Danger Zone – Tom Noble Remix [PPU]
Northend Feat. Michelle Wallace – Happy Days [Ken Collier Tribute]
Cash – Hot Thang [Kindred Spirits]
The Phenomenal Handclap Band – Tears – Stallions Mix [Tummy Touch]
Rocketnumbernine – Mathew And Toby [Text]

Play Nov 7

BeltDriven September

This was our post UK riots show. It was a sketchy few days and we thought we’d bring in a few riot themed songs for the show. Just so it didn’t get too hardcore, we also have lots of funk and disco to even the mood. Also, a good few songs from excellent Brighton label Bongo Records like Prince Fatty and Pete Rodriguez. Don’t sleep.

Track list:
Junior Murvin – Police and Thieves
A Tribe Called Quest – Electric Relaxation
Al Green – Light My Fire
Prince Fatty – Gin and Juice
Logic – The Future
The Dramatics – Get Up. Get Down
Bob Marley + Black Thought – Burning and Looting
Harry J – None Shall Escape The Dubment
NTM – Quest Ce Quon Attend
Wrecks n Effect – The Rump Shaker
Sniper – La France
Smiley Culture – Shan-a-Shan
Akala – This Is London
Klashnekoff – Paradise
Mobb Deep – Survival Of The Fittest
Prince Jammy – Mystic Dub
Lowkey – Tell Me Why
Cymande – The Message
Nate ft Logic, Mohammad Yayha and Jay Bee – Could Be You
Nu Shooz – Make Your Mind Up
Gangstarr – Riot Akt
Chester P – The City
The Gap Band – Big Fun
Cut Killer/NTM – Nique La Police
Miguel De Deus – Black Soul Brothers
Uzi Bros – There’s A Riot Jumping Off
Kurtis Blow – Star Life
Dubbledge – The Ma king Of A Slave aka Willie Lynch
Pete Rodriguez – I Like It Like That
Nate – Not For Sale
Curtis Hairston – I Want Your Loving
Dead Kennedys – I Fought The Law

Play Oct 10

Act Now with Airplays No.27

The recording of this show was slightly overshadowed by the riots kicking off first in Hackney (where I’m based) and then Birmingham and then spreading over London. I don’t usually do news but what with eyewitness info coming in at real time via twitter I made an exception for this show. Back on point I’ve got a DnB guest mix from Seldom (, some Dr Who dub and the riot stopping Prince.

Play Aug 24

Sturban Foundation 4

Oh yes, another Foundation podcast meaning an hour of reggae and dub! There is the odd dubstep track in there but there’s some classics here, Doctor Alimantado, Tappa Zukie, The Upsetters, Jah Shaka, Skatalites, Twinkle Brothers, Scientist the names just keep coming legends in the dub and reggae scene.

Play Apr 18

BeltDriven – March 2011

As always with BeltDriven we aim to bring you the choicest cuts of hip-hop, reggae and soul/funk. Some classic US rap from Lord Finesse, Scientifik and The UMCs as well as new UK tunes from Chima Anya and Capital R.


Play Mar 10

Trust In Bass Podcast 11 – Duskky

Duskky specialises in engaging drum workout flavoured with deep subs and eerie atmospheres. As member of Mothers Against Noise, he has undergone a mutation from virtually straight dubstep to broken dubfunk and jungle beats. This mix sees him dig out some of his own releases on Acroplane and Twenty/Twelve, combined with dubs of forthcoming tracks, both from him, Mothers fellow Hurtdeer and his brother Second Line.

Trust In Bass >

Duskky >

Trust In Bass Podcast 11 - Duskky

Play Feb 7

Sturban Clothing Regage Foundation

This Podcast came about by a conversation where a DJ said to me what happend to the dub in dubstep? The thing that drew me to dubstep was the dub/reggae influence – much of that seems to have been replaced these days as ex-Drum and Bass DJ’s swap styles (that’s just my view).

Play Feb 6

Act Now No.17 – Dave’s Mate Guest Mix

The first show of 2011 and what a way to start with a guest mix from Dave’s Mate featuring excerpts from your favourite comedy shows. Promptly followed by my usual mixed up selection of Nu Jazz, Electronica, Dub & Techno.

Play Jan 29 – sNOOk – Depth Charge

Sturban Clothing weekly podcast and sNOOk is back with 2 hours of dub and dustep ranging from smooth bass sound to downright filthy dubstep.

Play Jan 26

BeltDriven December

Hip hop from both sides of the pond in this BeltDriven along with a seminal French rap track from Bakar. The usual soulful numbers and a couple of a couple of gems from Lee Moses and Bunker Hill. And Samuelle holding down the NJS section!

Jurassic 5 – Verbal Gunfight
Lee Moses – Bad Girl Part 1
Joker Starr – Welcome Back Home
Geraldine Hunt – Can’t Take The Feeling
Dubmatix ft. Gregory Isaacs – Give A Helping Hand
Bakar – Classique
SonnyJim – Morphine Cinema
Average White Band – Work To Do
Capital R – City Life
Eminem – Any Man
Minnie Riperton – Adventures In Paradise
Stig Of The Dump – I Got Game
Chosen Spokesmen – Mad Real
Dillinger – Uncle Charlie
Big L – Once Again (J-Love Remix)
Samuelle – So You Live What You See
Rose Hart – Donuts
Talib Kweli – African Dream
Micall Parkunsun ft. Jehst – Bang
Lynn Day – Bit Off More Than I Can Chew
Isaac Hayes – Hung Up On My Baby
Freddie Gibbs – Serve Or Get Served
Redbeard, SK + Taharka – DVDZ
Huck Daniels Co. – Foolish Man Part 2
Loudmouth Kelvin + K-Nite – Rhyming With K
Cruiser – Love Me
DJ IQ ft. Joker Starr, SonnyJi m, Ransome Badbones + Kashmere – Space (Remix)
Soweto Kinch + Knownaim – Can’t Hold Me Down
Syl Johnson – Back For A Taste Of Your Love
TY – Heart Is Breaking
Atmosphere – To All My Friends
Black Glass ft. Jehst – Lines Of Defence
Q-Tip – Lets Ride
Bunker Hill – Hide + Go Seek

Play Dec 8

Mothers Against Noise Podcast #2 – Sam’s Myth (Amen-tal)

This installment sees Junglist bad-man Sam’s Myth from the great Amental Crew step up to deliver 45 minutes of rinsing Jungle mash-up business. There’s also a mix from our very own Duskky alongside a few choice cuts from Mother’s residents.

This is a re-upload of a show that’s a few months old now, but still as slammin as ever, making its debut on PF Radio. The third show will be on the way soon enough with some more killer tunes – keep your ears to the ground for that!

1. Macka – Dublin
2. [Insert Gore] – A Sweaty History of Radness (unreleased)
3. Hurtdeer – Motion Hole (unreleased)

Duskky Mix:
4. Second Line – Stare and Stare (unreleased)
5. Duskky – Nyabinghi (Acroplane)
6. Duskky – Agrypnia (forthcoming Dubs’n’Breaks)
7. Duskky – Unterseeboot (unreleased)
8. Duskky – xxxxxx new spiritual direction (unreleased)
9. Second Line – Viscera (unreleased)
10. Duskky, Hurtdeer & Second Line – Ífingr (Acroplane)
11. Duskky – Grade (unreleased)
12. wAgAwAgA – Phool Chatti

Sam’s Myth Mix:
Largely unreleased/unnamed material. Special mentions go out to: Jungle Syndicate, DSC, Amental (naturally) & also new artists ” I Love Choppage ” and “DJ Vocoda ” soon to feature on the forthcoming amentalist digital release.

Play Nov 5

Trust In Bass Podcast 7 – Desmond Denker

With his tunes, Cologne based dj and producer Desmond Denker (Basspräsidium) merges dance and listening music. Beats and dubby basswork are backed by field recordings and soundscapes. His dubstep mix makes you want to dance and chill out all at once.

Trust In Bass >

Desmond Denker >

Trust In Bass Podcast 7 - Desmond Denker

Play Oct 3

BeltDriven – September 2010

Plenty of new UK hip hop in this edition of BeltDriven. There also some some dirty dubstep, a little stax and a weekly dose of New Jack Swing.

DITC – Get Yours
Otis Redding – Satisfaction
Chester P – FMH
Silford Walker – Denteronomy
Lowkey – Read Between The Lines
The Soul Children – Heresay
Klashnekoff ft. Capleton – Bun Dem
Foreign Beggars – No Holds Barred
Dead Set Gemeni – Do You Know Why I’m Here
Maestro – Around My Way
J-Treole – Symphony Of The Shrapnel
Hi-Tek + Talib Kweli – Memories
Cunninlynguists – Never Come Down
Mighty Diamonds – I Need A Roof
Maceo + The Macks – Cross The Tracks
Scorsayzee – Hundred Or So Bars
Prolific – The Real
Ann Peebles – I Cant Stand The Rain
I AM – Quand Tu Allain Au Revant
Redbeard, Kosyne + DJ Cro – Track Record
Big Joe – In The Ghetto
Big Pun + Fat Joe – Twinz (Deep Cover)
Rick James/MC Hammer – Super Touch
J-Sands + K-Skills – Thats Why
Mos Def – Brooklyn
Stig, Syntax, Sonnyjim + Percy Filth – Elbow Grease
Wrecks + Effect – Ne w Jack Swing
Dubbledge – Chill
Dizzee Rascal – I Love You
Braintax ft. Dubbledge – Anti-Gray
Slum Village – Raise It Up
Easy Star Allstars – Money
Roy Ayers – We Live In Brooklyn Baby

Play Sep 29

BeltDriven – August 2010

Beltdriven is back once again with a varied track selection of Hip Hop, Soul, Funk and Reggae.

The Barkays – Soul Finger
Guru – Hustlin’
Sonnyjim, Foreign Beggars + Percy Filth – Out To Getcha
Donna & Althea – Jah Rastafari
Nu-Shooz – I Can’t Wait
Mystro – Aroud My Way
Nas + Damien Marley – Nah Mean
Dawn Penn – Are You There?
Dizee Rascal – Chillin Wiv Da Man Dem
** “Get Wise” Mixtape ( **
Akala – Its Not That Serious
Atmosphere – Scapegoat
Bee Gee’s – Walking Back To Waterloo
Atmosphere – Trailer Park Chicken
Micall Parkunsun + Dubbledge – The Good, The Bad + The Dutty
Ras Shiloh – Only King Selassie
Bell Biv De Boe – Poison
Redbeard – Bad Day
O.C – Time’s Up
Bobby “Blue” Bland – Fever
Grant Green – Sookie Sookie
J-Sands + K Skills – Thats Why
Sam + Dave – Soul Sister, Brown Sugar
Intelligent Hoodlum – Grand Groove
Lows Lobos – Canon Di Mariachi
Foreign Beggars – No Holds Barred (Excision Remix)
St ig, Syntax + Sonnyjim – Elbow Grease
Braintax + Taskforce – God Knows
Alpha Blondy – Peace In Liberia
M-Tune – Juicy Fruit
Charlie Bowman – Moonshiner and His Money

Play Aug 28

Dubmunkey – All DJ Riddims

1. U Roy – Festival Wise
2. Dennis Alcapone – The Great Woggie
3. I Roy – Hot Bomb
4. Winston Prince – Place Called Africa
5. Lizzy – Love Is A Treasure
6. Dennis Alcapone – King Of Kings
7. I Roy – Dr Phibbs
8. Scotty – Clean Race
9. King Stitt & Andy Capp – Herbsman Shuffle
10. Dave Barker – I Got To Get Away
11. Dennis Alcapone – Ripe Cherry
12. Scotty – Riddle I This
13. I Roy – Black Man Time
14. King Stitt – Vigerton 2
15. Scotty – Draw Your Brakes
16. Dennis Alcapone – Spanish Amigo
17. Charlie Ace – Shook & Shake
18. Denins Alcapone – Teach The Children
19. Herman – To The Fields
20. Winston Williams – D.J.s Choice
21. Sir Lord Comic – Jack Of My Trade
22. Scotty – I Worry
23. Scotty – Children Children
24.  Dennis Alcapone – D.J.s Choice

Hi Im Dubmunkey welcome to my new podcast exclusive to Motion Radio. I am going to be playing you some history of Dub Roots and Reggae. This first show is looking at the role of the DJ.

In Jamaica in the 50’s the job of a DJ was very different to today. The DJ would be the person who who find and choose records for the sound systems to play. Often they would get on the microphone to introduce the song, and over time this developed into singing along with the record and interacting with the crowd to hype up a dance, or as it was known ‘toastin’.  So in many ways a DJ was more like todays MCs!

Towards the late 60’s the popularity of the DJs was on the increase and their lyrical offerings were popular in their own right. As a result many DJs were invited into the recording studio to cut their own records.  This show looks at that period and some of the finest artists of the time, such as Scotty, Dennis Alcapone and U Roy.

As Scotty would say, “I make the hits not the public. I tell the DJs what to play!”

Play Aug 2

BeltDriven Radio Show – 16 July 2009


BeltDriven is a weekly radio show where we aim to bring you the best in hip hop, soul, reggae and funk. We include some silliness like ‘Wack Rapper of The Week’ but essentially, its the best tunes we can muster each and every week. Paul & Ben.

Dizzee Rascal – That’s Not My Name
Desmond Dekker – Rudeboy Train
Young Kof ft. Ruckus – Represent
Parliament – Bop Gun
Q’Huit – Cocktail
Michael Parkunsun – Gunz Of Navarone
Krash Man – Booty Mack
Dubmatix ft. Lindell Thompson – Peace and Love
Ann Peebles – I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down
Big Pun – Its So Hard
Skilf – What Am I Doing Here
2pac ft. 2 $hort – We Do This
Michael Prophet – Turn Me Loose
The Last Skeptik ft. Kashmere
Etta James – Somethings Gotta Hold On Me
The Watnaughts – Help’s On The Way
R-O Summer Mix Part 1.
Ice Cube – Wicked
Pras – Blue Angels (Wack Rapper of the Week!)
Aretha Franklin – Won’t Be Long
Ray Charles – Shake Your Tail Feathers
Fat Domino – Blue Monday
KRS One – My Philosophy
Tony Joe White – High Sheriff on Calhoun Parish

By the way, that Tuna Manuva tune is called “Join The Dots”


Play Jul 27

robadub – dub & roots mix 11

01 : the skatalites – guns of navarone

02 : desmond dekker – it mek

03 : toots and the maytals – monkey man

04 : desmond dekker – 007

05 : the ethiopians – train to skaville

06 : roland alphonso & the skatalites – skaravan

07 : lone ranger – the answer

08 : dave & ansel collins – double barrel

09 : symarip – skinhead moonstomp

10 : the heptones – book of rules

11 : johnny osbourne – nah skin up

12 : the maytones – money worries

13 : yami bolo – she loves me so

14 : steel pulse – man no sobre

15 : kiddus i – graduation in zion (acoustic version)

16 : easy star allstars ft the mighty diamonds – getting better

17 : johnny clarke – just call me african roots

18 : steel pulse – a who responsible ?

19 : cocoa tea – go home soundboy

20 : the vibronics – keep the fire burning

21 : the black seeds – come to me

Play May 11

robadub >> dub and roots mix part 10

01 : Toots & The Maytals – Pressure Drop

02 : Inner Circle – We A Rockers

03 : Marshall Williams – Norwegian Wood

04 : Jimmy Cliff – Viet Nam

05 : Roy Richards – Rub A Dub

06 : Gregory Isaacs – Slave Master

07 : Ray Darwin – Peoples Choice

08 : Jacob Miller – Tenement Yard

09 : UB 40 – King

10 : Kiddus I – Graduation In Zion

11 : Stephen Marley – Chase Dem

12 : Kanka – Step Forward

13 : Conroy Smith – Dangerous (Remix)

14 : Daweh Congo – Iration

15 : The Black Seeds – Cool Me Down

16 : Gregory Isaacs – Rumours

17 : Junior Kelly – Rasta Should Be Deeper

18 : Collie Budz – Come Around

19 : Bugle – What We Gonna Do ?

Play Jan 23

d2r Movements Mix

..first for the d2.Runner on Motion radio

at last with some lower bpms and heavy steady bottom ends. 1st mix on a non dnb scale since we joined the older Mix Station UK format.

MARTYN – JW On A Good Night [Revolve:r]
QUEST – Stand [Deep Medi]
TRG – Generation (BREAKAGE rmx) [Naked Lunch]
DISTANCE – No Sunshine [Chestplate]
TUNNIDGE – Face Melta [Deep Medi]
SKREAM – Heddbanger [Tectonic]
ROB SMITH – Over It [Tectonic]
MALA – Souljah VIP [DMZ]
NOAH D – Hottah [Subway]
PINCH – Chamber dub [Soul Jazz]
CYRUS – White Sands [Southside Dubstars]
HORSEPOWER PRODUCTIONS – Fat Larry’s skank (KODE 9 rmx) [Tempa]
GOTH TRAD – Cut End [Deep Medi]
ROB SMITH – Koto [japanese import]
GOTH TRAD – Far East Assassin (DISTANCE rmx) [Skud]
KODE 9 – Konfusion dub [Hyper Dub]
MALA – Hunter [DMZ]

long live the dubwise

Play Nov 14



Play Aug 29

Loefah influences set on VM Radio

some hours before our ITAL Soundz PT II event at Jazz Upstairs on the 22nd of March we had the Loefah from the DMZ camp spinning an “influences” mix on VM Radio.

a podcast is now available for download courtesy of the d2.


d2, Athens GR

Play Aug 29