Various Artists – True Dub EP

Last months have seen the emergence of a new trend in drum and bass music. Not combining dub influenced elements with fast paced beats or dirty basslines, which have be done for years already, but just modern dub music at 170 bpm.  As the rhythm is in half speed, it’s not that obvious the tempo is that of traditional Drum ‘n’ Bass…

Dorian Concept – Her Tears Taste Like Pears

Dorian Concept’s first release on Ninja Tune is titled Her Tears Taste Like Pears, a statement that pretty much encapsulates the whole vibe of this EP – quirky, indie, bizarre, artistic, humourous.

Hailing from Vienna, the man himself (real name Oliver Johnson) has released many EPs on labels such as Affine and Kindred Sprits, perhaps best-known of which boasts the inspired name of Trilingual Dance Sexperience (2009)…

Midland – Bring Joy

With various remixes over the past few years and a collaboration with Ramadanman, Midland is one of the stronger producers of the post-dubstep-house-future-techno-garage genre. Yeah, a firm genre name really needs to be decided on, but it goes to show the broad range of styles that Midland’s production draws from.

FREE TRACK: Chase & Status – Time (Southbound Hangers RMX)


Brighton’s top dubstep tag team Southbound Hangers have donned their remix masks and proceeded to smack Chase & Status’ new track ‘Time’ in the face with a sonic metal chair.

This straight up dubstep smasher vertical suplexes the sh*t out of the original – remember Bam Bam Bigelow? It’s like him, with more bass and less redneck facial hair…

Kromestar – Mental Universe

Dubstep pioneer Kromestar graces Get Darker’s new label venture with a 12″ that captures both Kromestar’s diverse production ability and Get Darker’s commitment to spreading all types of dubstep.



Nihon Kizuna

Compiled speedily after the catastrophic events in Japan, Nihon Kizuna (in English, ‘bond of friendship with Japan’) is the work of a small group of creators in Tokyo and a host of artists worldwide who donated their tracks to the project. The album costs £10 from its BandCamp site (or more if you elect to make a larger donation), with all funds going directly to the Japanese Red Cross.

Various Artists – Cloud 11

Cloud 11 is a compilation album featuring various downtempo electronica producers, many from the roster of the label helming the release, Cartesian Binary. This Portland, Oregon-based label is the offspring of producer/multi-instrumentalist Rena Jones, who collaborates on several of the tracks here.

Seba & Paradox – The Light/As If

The long-running collaboration between Seba and Paradox continues with the release of ‘The Light’ on Critical Music, a lighter vocal-based track that casts back to a similar ilk as ‘Move On’, which was released on Hospital Records in 2005.

These are two producers that have firmly stuck to their guns in terms of sound and production style. It’s still nice to hear musicians not getting influenced from what’s currently trending in their scene, rather being influenced from different aspects of old skool dance music.

MJ Cole – Satellite EP

MJ Cole is a producer who has been around for a while now, enjoying perhaps his most mainstream success in 2001 with the Mercury Music Prize-nominated garage album Sincere. The new Satellite EP could be described as a culmination of his achievements since – stylistically independent, released on his own appropriately-titled Prolifc label, and boasting some of his most experimental music to date.

Kahn – Like We Used To / Helter Skelter

Those who follow dubstep and especially the deep and experimental niche may have heard of Kahn lately. This guy is going strength to strength with remixes for Floetry, M.I.K and also his digital release, ‘Altar’ which came out last year on A Future Without.