DJ Void – Opening Moves

After last time’s trip back through the years it’s back to the fresh beats on this mix and there are a fair few in this selection including the new Metalheadz release by Marcus Intalex and two tunes from Paradox.

I will persist with buying and playing records for as long as I can. At the end of the day the format doesn’t really matter as long as the tunes are good, but there will always something special about having music to play in a physical format knowing the effort which goes into the manufacture and design.

Track list:
Calibre – Simple Things – Signature
Nitri – Survivors (Amoss Remix) – Horizons Music
Fade – Voices – Faded Music
Fade – Handmade Rage – Flexout Audio
Quartz – Bone Marrow – Alignment
M-Zine, Scepticz & Detail – Reflections – Dispatch
Dabs & Safire – Back And Forth (Mako, DLR & Ant TC1 Remix) – Dispatch
Need For Mirrors – Debris – V Records
Chroma – Surge – Commercial Suicide
Heavy1 & Key – Prison – Yabai 84
Ruffhouse – The Domino Effect – Ingredients
Fracture – Better Than Tomorrow – Metalheadz
Hyroglifics – Indica – Proximity
Mikal – Kick Back – Rooted
Paradox – Drum Machine – Paradox Music
Mako & Villem Feat Fields – Whatever Whatever – Warm Communications
Spirit – Wildfire – Dust Audio
Marcus Intalex – Hell 2 Pay – Metalheadz
Aspect & Gremlinz – Armshouse – Demand
Paradox – Scorpius – Paradox Music

Jun 26