Exploration Music Podcast # 28 mixed by Nulpar

Nulpar is parisian dj and producer from the Exploration crew in Paris. He is also signed to Totaal Rez.

He delivers a mix of deep and weird drum & bass.

Track list:
June Miller – Nine [Inside recordings]
Oak – Kite [Space Cadets]
Bop – Extraterrestrial creatures are stealing you from me from the bedroom Feat. Bev Lee Harling [Med School]
Rockwell – everything (&u) [Darkestral]
Indigo – Symbol #7.3 [Auxiliary]
Synkro – Progression (Indigo remix) [Exit Records]
ASC – Focus Inwards [NonPlus+]
Triad – Crooked [Nu-Directions]
Blocks & Escher – Broken [Narratives]
DJ G – Hydrate [Warm Communications]
Mode – Around The Edges [The Crescent]
DBridge – Decayed [Exit Records]
ASC – The Ubiquity Incident [Nonplus+]
Abstract Elements – Fourth Dimension [Auxiliary]
FIS – The Commons [Exit Records]
ASC – Phobos [NonPlus+]
Commix – Japanese Electronics (Instra:Mental Moog Remix) [Metalheadz]
Mortem – Stratos [Im:Ltd]
Sabre – The Intrepid [Critical]
Rockwell – Underpass – [Critical]

Jan 9