Roll The Drums #13

Roll The Drums comes at you for the last time in 2012 with an extra long podcast to celebrate one year in the making!

Big shout out to Phuture Frequency for hosting our podcasts and also a massive shout out to all our supporters and listeners BIG UP!

Drummer starts the show this month with 2 Roll The Drums Exclusives which are being released on Xmas Eve, and then he goes full on into the mix with some crackers old & new!

Roll The Drums recently signed yet another Exclusive Artist who goes by the name of Forgotten Soul & you can check him out in the hour long guest mix.

You can also download one of Forgotten Souls tracks free if you head to his Facebook page:

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Track list:


01. Ill Effects – Forgotten Soul [Forthcoming on Roll The Drums Recordings]
02. Ill Effects – Monolith [Forthcoming on Roll The Drums Recordings]


01. Zero T – Roxy Music [Dispatch Recordings]
02. Noel, Enei & EastColors – Cracker VIP [Critical Music]
03. Rene LaVice – Headlock [Ram Records]
04. Rene LaVice – Headlock VIP [Ram Records]
05. Commix – Be True [Metalheadz]
06. Outsourced – G Force [Syndrome Audio]
07. Netsky – Come Alive (Culture Shock Remix) [Hospital Records]
08. Tantrum Desire – Get With It [Technique Recordings]
09. Wilkinson – Tonight [Ram Records]
10. Smooth – Micro [Viper Recordings]
11. Culture Shock – Troglodyte [Ram Records]
12. Ant Miles & Moving Fusion [Viper Recordings]
13. Moving Fusion – Mystery Stranger [Viper Recordings]
14. Enei & Engage – Carnage [Icarus Audio]
15. Friction – Some one (The Prototypes Remix) [Shogun Audio]
16. Black Sun Empire – Transmissions (Mindscape Remix) [Black Sun Empire Recordings]
17. Ed Rush & Optical – Chubrub [Virus]
18. Metrik – Drift [Viper Recordings]
19. Renegade – Late Night Flex [Smokin Riddims]
20. Thing – Access Granted [Depthwise Music]


01. Train To Zion [White Label]
02. Circa – IDA [Medschool]
03. Lung – Relapse [Medschool]
04. Amit – Manic Minor [Exit]
05. Enei – Obsession ft MC DRS [Critical Music]
06. ASC – Snow Wolf [Samurai Music]
07. Block & Escher – Miller [Digital Soundboy]
08. Break – Soundwaves [Critical Music]
09. Break – Kicked To Death [Symmetry Records]
10. S.P.Y – Ghost Ship [Medschool]
11. Escher – Late Snare [Narratives Music]
12. Hail Him (Remix) [White Label]
13. Le Jardin D’Hiver [Whit e Label]
14. Forgotten Soul – Back To Basics [Free Download @]
15. Enei – Machines [Critical Music]
16. Overlook – Actress [Alignment]
17. Nuage – Missing You [Medshool]
18. Marcus Visionary – My Life [High Culture]
19. Dub One – Wray [Ingredients UK]
20. Unquote & Molecular Structures – Lubou Moya (Blu Mar Ten Remix) [Medschool]

Dec 4