The Centrifuge Radio Show #59

Back after a short break, Our first broadcast from our new studio is available for download, and we’ve got a guest mix from Canary Warp to christen the decks. A new pseudonym for someone familiar to net-labels Swishcotheque and the Centrifuge, Canary Warp combines the sleek styles of the 80s with the twisted sounds of proper IDM. In his own words it’s ‘Aesthetics of money and power… bonus kultur… cocaine… money worship… occult glamour… That sort of thing.’ We’ve got a laptop set for your delectation recorded at last week’s Freelectronica event, featuring some of his new tunes alongside tracks from Com Truise, Clark, Baconhead, The Tuss and more.

In addition, new music from Anstam, Lowtec, Space Dimension Controller, Plug, Rick James, Mark Archer, Sepalcure, Untold, Death Abyss and more.

Track list:
Conforce – Aquinas Control [Delsin]
Lowtec – Coldred [Non-plus]
Martyn – Popgun [Brainfeeder]
Untold – Little Things Like That [Clone]
Space Dimension Controller – Tiraquon’s Return (A New Home)[R&S]
Death Abyss – Control Dissent, Isolate the Thinkers [Rodz-Konez]
Detroit Grand Pubahs – Club Sandwiches (Killa Productions ’91 Revival Remix) [Engine-room]
Anstam – I Shouldn’t Even Be Here [50Weapons]
Mark Archer – Frequency (Luke Vibert Remix) [Balkan Vinyl]

Guestmix – Canary Warp @ Freelectronica, Nov 2011
Zwischenwelt – Multiple Existence
Com Truise – VHS Sex
DMX Krew – Wave Funk
Nosaj Thing – Fog
Canary Warp – FTSE200
Eprom – Pipe Dream
Baconhead – Novahawk
L-Vira – Talkin’ About Rambo
Doctors Cat – Feel the Drive
The Tuss – Shiz Ko E
Automatic Tasty – Wicklacid (Heating Bill Edit)
Oxio – Story
The Ace of Clubs – Whorcan
Canary Warp – FTSE100
The Reflecting Skin – Traffickers
Comtron – What We Sell
Impakt – Interpiss
Massive Attack – Redlight (Clark Remix)
Plaid – Miamivice
Yellow Magic Orchestra – Absolute Ego Dance
Idiron Soundtrack – Consider Phlebas

Sepalcure – Pencil Pimp [Hotflush]
Rustie – Death Mountain [Warp]
The Fear Ratio – Guv Three (Deadhand Mix) [Blueprint]
Plug (Luke Vibert) – Feeling So Special [Ninja Tune]
DJ Trax + Assorted Anonymous – The Invisible Plan (DubOne Remix) [Bandcamp]
Rick James – Horrorface [Ruff Revival]
dBridge – So Lonely [Exit]
vertical67 – breakit
Oxynucid – Bluewave (acidburp rmx) [CSS]

Nov 30