The Centrifuge Radio Show #79 – The Analog Roland Orchestra

We’ve been looking forward to this one for a while – The Analog Roland Orchestra put out one of the more impressive albums this year, but has taken a left turn for this guest mix, featuring Bent, Board of Canada, Gangstarr and others, all threaded through a selection of echos and reverbs. In his own words:

“Mixed with ten fingers on a small Amek Mixing Desk with a Roland RE 201, Roland RE 501, Mutron Biphase, a Vermona DAF 1Filter and a Vermona 2010 EQ.
Beware of mistakes and unforeseeable events!
thanks to all the artists and their influence on The Analog Roland Orchestra.
Thanks to all the MPCs, Modular Synthesizers, Humans and Tr 909s, thanks to all the Space Echos and analog compressors which made all those music possible.”

In addition, we’ve the usual gamut of new music from Ryan Vail, Kid 606, Defcon, Recondite, Pearson Sound and many more.

Track list:
The XX – Fiction (Aaimon rmx) [Soundcloud]
Richard Colvaen – Stunt Wall Crash [Thin Consolation]
DFRNT – Silent Witness [Echodub]
Troy Masters – Evertude [Swishcotheque]
Ryan Vail – Heartbeat (Unknown remix) [Champion Sound]
Hermutt Lobby – Flushing Economy [Caoutchou]
Chairman Kato – Yeah you’re right pt2 [Shades of Grey]
Recondite – DGRN [Hotflush]
Lee J Malcolm – Trashcan Riotface Queen (Lee J Malcolm Alternate mix) [EPM]
Stefan Goldman – Adem [Macro]
Pearson Sound – Clutch [Hessle Audio]
VCMG – Aftermaths (Alva Noto remix) [Mute]

The Analog Roland Orchestra´s Soaked Mixtape
1 – All Natural (Feat. Lone Catalysts) – Renaissance
2 – Aphilas – The dubbed Coil Of Smoke
3 – Bent – Swollen
4 – Mort Garson – Music To Soothe The Savage Snake Plant
5 – Rhythm & Sound with Jennifer Lara – Queen Of My Empire
6 – Kaan Duzarat – Where Did Heron Go (The Analog Roland Orch estra Reshape)
7 – The Undisputed Truth – Friendship Train
8 – Boards Of Canada – Everything You Do Is A Balloon
9 – Nebraska – Soft Return
9 – Gang Starr – Skillz
10 – Moodymann – I´m Doing Fine
11 – Yagya – Rigning Niu

Boards Of Canada – Untitled bootleg (Machinedrum edit) [Soundcloud]
Kid 606 – Big Black Ketamine Jesus [Tigerbeat]
Defcon – Mountain Air Shrines [Reset Industries]

Oct 1