Beautiful Crissy – Desperate House Bugs

Deep house, electronica and techno set from beautiful crissy. Peace, unity, tolerance and love.

Track list:
Douglas Greed – Sense feat. Delhia De France
Miguel Amaral – Free Soul
Spoony Talker – For My Dog
jacob poe – Love Goes 2.0
Rene Breitbarth – Diaphone
Giovanni Damico – Under My Ground
Offshore, Coen – My Definition
Mark Chambers – Dirty Little Circle
Jordan Peak – Brutal Life
Calvera – B-Side
Loop-O – In this moment
Dionigi – Legend Of Calcutta
Niereich – Without Hearts We Are Just Maschines
Blagger – Mine To Keep (Stimming Remix)
Luc Ringeisen – Bass Speaking (Vinyl Club Version)
Sarp Yilmaz – Stories Make The World Go Round
Jin Choi – Half Baked
Jonny Cade – Take Away Dispute

May 4