Exploration Music Podcast #26 mixed by Truss

Next up in our podcast series is none other than english techno producer Truss! His dark and intricate sounds have earned him releases on such labels as Perc Trax or Our Circula Sound, and a lot more is yet to come. His mix combines a variety of sounds, from moody soundscapes to savage techno beats with a healthy dose of bass and acid. A warning to all Paris techno heads before his upcoming set at our Exploration night.
Watch out for upcoming solo releases on Perc Trax, Our Circula Sound aswell as new collaborations with long time partner Donor and secret side projects for those who know !


Friday 19th October : Exploration w/ Truss & Fran├žois X @ Batofar, Paris

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Track list:
Imugem Orihasam – Dissolve – Chronicle
DSCRD – The Dawn – Dement3d Records
Dungeon Acid – Warm and Damp – iDEAL
Jilt van Moorst – Oops – Caravan Recordings
Metasplice – Buoyant Slight – Morphine Records
Funkinevil – Night – Wild Oats
Planet Underground – Mister Incognito’s Secret Lab – Elektrok├╝hlung
Seldom Felt – Seldom Felt 003 – Seldom Felt
Lory D – B-I-132 Acid – Numbers
Orgue Electronique – Stairway To The Ocean (JTC Remix) – Creme Organization
Zum Goldenen Schwarm – Part 2 – Giegling
Imugem Orihasam – 521 – Chronicle
Iueke – Tape 1 – Antinote
The Exaltics – They Arrive – Creme Eclipse

Sep 28