The Centrifuge Radio Show #68

Having done a wonderful guest mix for us back in June, we’re decided to get Orson Bramley back for another turn. Recorded live at Free-lectronica earlier this month, Orson’s set contains some of his most recent tracks on Orson records, plus new material. Fans of electro and electronica don’t want to miss this one.

In addition, we’ve new music from Eutechnik, Patten, FURS, Toob, Qebrus, Pocz, OktoRed, Fanu, Scrubber Fox and more.

Track list:
Mrs Jynx ft iAM9 – CWishes [CSS]
OktoRed – Bass showers [Yo Sucka!]
Qebrus – ArgQ [Bedroom Research]
FURS – Freezy [DetUnd]
Locked Groove – Steriel [TAKE]
Molez – Allghoi [Acre]
Toob – Chop house []
Threnody – Fractured [Dub]
Posthuman – Synapses [Acroplane]
Detroit Grand Pubahs – Engineroom [Engineroom]

Orson Bramley, recorded Live @ Free-lectronica

Eutechnik – Etknk1 [Alphabetset]
Pocz – Explotala! (DJ Yirvin rmx) [Senseless]
Canary Warp – FTSE 500 [Soundcloud]
Odan – Palmadas [Bit-phalanx]
Scrubber Fox – Can’t escape the 90s [Bandcamp]
Steinvord – Maelstrom [Rephlex]
Ben von Wildenhaus ‘The Orientalist’ (Ion Driver remix) [Soundcloud]
Downstate – The Heartache was Visible [Bandcamp]
Fanu – Trouble [Lightless free DL]
NCQL – The Framed Dreams Of Loki [Subtle Audio]
Scrubber Fox – Pure Shan [Bandcamp]

Mar 26