The Centrifuge Radio Show #72

On this week’s show we’ve a properly eclectic mix from a mainstay of the french electronic scene, Bit-phalanx’s Topher. A producer and DJ since the late 80s, Topher is the man behind both the Aries Slant label and the Gy├Ârgy Ligeti Tribute project, as well as releasing tracks on labels such as Bit-Phalanx. His mix moves from downtempo dubby vibes through 4×4 dancefloor materials right through to balls out breakcore, and features tracks from Volitune, T-Toe, Steinvord, Untrkmind and many more.

In addition, we’ve a competition to win a CD and T-Shirt combo of Addison Groove’s ‘Transistor Rhythm’ LP, plus new music from Coppe, Phon.o, Roughquest, Kamikaze Space Programme, Hurtdeer and many more.

Track list:
Coppe – Purple cheese 4 U [Bit-Phalanx/Mango Sweet Rice]
Thrupence – Synchronous bloom [Bandcamp]
Rat Faced Boy – Honey bee [Alkalinear Recordings]
Addison Groove – Sooperlooper [50 Weapons]
Actress – Shadow from Tartarus [Honest Jon’s]
Legowelt – Deepspace gazing []
Roughquest – Northern lights [Cut]
Kamikze Space Programme – Aqua [Soundcloud]
Threnody – Ark [dub]
Phon.o – Abaw 723 [50 Weapons]

Topher – Guest mix for The Centrifuge Radio Show
Manducator – Tonetripper
Nicolas Masseyeff – L’Ombre Du Vent
Gunston – Range & Symbol
Untrkmind – Dragon Drown
Probe 1 – Supra Heroes
Topher – Zombie Lust
T-Toe – Mushot
Jha-in – Rain’s Poetry (Acid Mix)
Offset – Gazoline
Hula – Hot Hands (Topher’s Glitched Up Re-edit)
Synchronoise – Wrong House
Hot Roddy – Good Afterlife
Volitune – Pleiades
Antipop Consortium – Reflections (Taote kid RMX)
Steinvord – Untitled 11
K21 – Cold Crush
FKL – Keske J’te Sers ?
Irish Steph – Junky Maggie

Eleven tigers – Stableface (Dark sky rmx) [Soul Motive]
Hurtdeer – Kyoto downpour [Soundcloud]
Space ladies – Medusa (Sarantis rmx) [Senseless]

May 21