Us & Us Episode 16

Us & Us: “Styles Upon Styles…”
A Motion Podcast Episode for September 2011
Transmitting from Mount Vernon, New York, USA
Supplying musical therapy by way of vinyl, CD, cassette, and MP3

It’s been almost a year since I last did a show for PFRadio, which is entirely too long to be away. A laundry list of talented people within the world of music have left this earth during my absence, so I figured I’d pay my respects a few at a time. For this show, eternal gratitude goes to Harry Whitaker, Eugene McDaniels, and Frank Foster. Other than that, just grabbing a few selections from the library and seeing what works. Strangely enough, I recorded this prior to the execution of Troy Davis in Georgia. The inclusion of Frank Foster’s “The Loud Minority” seems all too timely right about now.

This set goes out to anyone and everyone who has ever felt like music was all they had. Hope you enjoy this one…

ge t in touch with macedonia:

(“it’s a feeling…it’s a feeling…it’s a feeling…it’s a feeling…”)

Track list:
1. Ultra Living – Entwurf [After Hours]
2. Pépé Bradock – Un Pépé Dans La Dentrelle [Kif S.A.]
3. DJ Smash – Urbs & Spices [Peace]
4. Dennis Coffey And The Detroit Guitar Band – Whole Lot Of Love [Sussex]
5. Jack McDuff – Hunk O’ Funk [Blue Note]
6. Mos Def / Diverse / Prefuse 73 – Wylin’ Out (RJD2 Remix) [Chocolate Industries]
7. Prefuse 73 – Desks.Pencils.Bottles [Warp]
8. Dr. Who Dat? – Kelly Drive [Lex]
9. Kool & The Gang – Fruitman [De-Lite]
10. J Dilla – The Diff’rence [Stones Throw]
11. Jimmie Walker – Caucasians And Other White Folk [Buddah]
12. Clifford Gilberto – B-Low [Ninja Tune]
13. Harry Whitaker – Black Renaissance [Ubiquity]
14. Richard Thomas – I Am Carnal, And I Know That You Approve [Lo Recordings]
15. Eugene McDaniels – Unspoken Dreams Of Light [Atlantic/Water]
16. Shabazz Palaces – Are You…Can You…Were You? (Felt) [Sub Pop]
17. Del Jones – Vib e-ing Theme [Hikeka]
18. Mikah – Regurgitations [Mouth Almighty/Mercury]
19. Frank Foster – The Loud Minority [Mainstream]
20. KRS-ONE – The Pad Or The Pen [Front Page Entertainment]
21. Brass Construction – Wake Up [United Artists]
22. Bama The Village Poet – I Got Soul [Aware]
23. Mr Day – Both Sides [Favorite Recordings]
24. The Stuyvesants – Sunrise In The Stuy []

Oct 3
  • fonik

    YES!!! f-cking yes! good to have you back man, really. was actually wondering the other day what had become of you. instant download as always. maximum respects

  • http:/ macedonia

    thanks, fonik.  feels great to be back in rotation again…

  • Jarod Ds

    HI ! where are under 16 us&us ? ( sorry the english i m french )

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