Us & Us Episode 20

Us & Us: “Within Reason…”
A Motion Podcast Episode for September 2012
Transmitting from Mount Vernon, New York, USA
Supplying musical therapy by way of vinyl, CD, cassette, and MP3

A lot going on in this one. Getting my free jazz on here and there with the likes of Don Cherry and RareBit, then moving more to the head nod side of things with Visioneers and

Shigeto. A little hip-hop, some soundtrack pieces, experimental cuts, as well as some next level instrumental science from the likes of Beat Inc., Keyboard Kid, and The Range.

Organized Konfusion checks in with DJ Spooky, a personal favorite from DJ Krush featuring C.L. Smooth, and Oddisee messes around with a Metronomy joint. Beyond that,

Damon Albarn, Tony Allen, and Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers team up as Rocket Juice & The Moon for a quick afrobeat interlude.

All that and a lot more. Just a little something to chill out to. Hope you enjoy it…

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(“clear some space out so we can space out…”)

Track list:
1. V/VM – Time For Reflection // Why? [V/VM]
2. Russ Burgess – Meditation [Russ Burgess]
3. Vladimir Cosma – Gorodish [Rykodisc]
4. Eddie Gale – Black Rhythm Happening [Blue Note]
5. Don Cherry – Teo-Teo-Can (excerpt) [Actuel/Charly]
6. RareBit – Convergence [Non Projects]
7. Visioneers – Swahililand [BBE]
8. Shigeto – Huron River Drive [Ghostly International]
9. Beat Inc. – Black Tea Morning [Original Cultures]
10. Shabazz Palaces – Recollections of the Wraith [Sub Pop]
11. DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid – Rekonstruction (Rhyme and Reason Mix) [Bar None]
12. Kemélions – Purple Oranges [Zoo Street]
13. The Prunes – Somethin’ Funky [New Breed]
14. DJ Krush – Only The Strong Survive (with C.L. Smooth) [Mo’ Wax]
15. Sharpshooters – Heavyweight (Round 1) [Conception]
16. T-Love – Witch-Bitch? (The B-Girl Anthem) (Acapella) [Ninja Tune]
17. Willie Hutch – Ain’t That (Mellow , Mellow) [Motown]
18. Rocket Juice & The Moon – Forward Sweep [Honest Jon’s Records]
19. Tangerine Dream – Starting The Day Off Right [Varèse Sarabande]
20. Saturn Never Sleeps – Hearts On Fire [Saturn Never Sleeps]
21. Jesse Futerman – What Have I Got? (feat. DJ Alibi) [Bandcamp]
22. Mo Kolours – Temi [One Handed Music]
23. Steve Reich – Come Out [Elektra/Nonesuch]
24. Laurel Halo – Wow [Hyperdub]
25. Plastikman – Okx [Novamute]
26. Galapagoose – Weight [Magical Properties]
27. Keyboard Kid – Life’s Real World 2 Gil [Southern Hospitality]
28. Oddisee – The Gold Is Mine [Bandcamp]
29. The Range – Nothing Left [Donky Pitch]
30. Beastie Boys – Twenty Questions [Capitol]
31. Joakim – Peter Pan Over The Bronx [!K7]

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