Donations needed!


Thanks to those who have donated today. We’re now only about £20 or so from hitting the target. Everything helps, so if you can afford to donate, please do!!


We’re about £40 off reaching our target of raising £100 from visitors of the site (we’re funding the rest ourselves). So if you can find the cash to support this site then please do so!

That time of year has come round where the Phuture Frequency management have to open up our wallets to pay for the annual hosting fee to keep this website online.

Due to the increasing popularity of the the site this hosting fee is constantly increasing. Serving up 462,777 unique downloads over the past 12 months has cost us a bit of money, so we’re reaching out to fans of the site to kindly make a small donation to keep things running smoothly.

To make a donation via paypal head over to our donations page.

We’re also looking for feedback from people about the site. So if you have any comments about the shows or the website then let us know!

Thanks for listening.

Sep 26
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    The U.S. dollar isn’t worth anything once converted to GBP, but I donated anyway (lol)…