Problem with iTunes/Podcast feed

Over the past few days we’ve been having some real problems with all our subscriber feeds. None of them were updating with the latest shows.

After a few hours of head scratching, I pin pointed the problem. The feeds generated by our podcast system would take so long to generate that Feedburner (a service we use for collecting stats and formatting our feeds) would give up trying to fetch them.

To fix this I’ve had to limit the amount of episodes shown in the feeds. For the main Phuture Frequency feed you’ll see the last 10 posts and for the sub-feeds (motion, electronic, dnb) you’ll see the last 5.

Don’t worry though, all the archives are kept on this website. Feel free to use the search function to find your favourite PF DJs or songs.

Sorry for any inconvenience. You will all have just been blasted with a bunch of new shows, so enjoy!

– Guy

Sep 20