Current Value – Hitman/Target

Current Value has been a firm fixture in a lot of DJs record boxes for the past few years. His style is darker than the average tech producer – much darker – and in most cases verges on Breakcore. His latest 12″ release ‘Hitman’ and ‘Target’ gives us more of his signature style – which although is nothing new, is still a brutal pleasure to listen to.

Being Subviolenz’s 6th vinyl release, Current Value adds to the label’s ever growing roster of “techno-dnb” releases. ‘Hitman’ combines pseudo-demonic hardcore style kicks, with snare rolls that will make most tech-influenced ravers go nuts. Like the majority of his releases, the track hits hard and will most certainly tick all the boxes for fans of that style – but there’s a severe lack of variation in the tune making it (dare I say it) slightly repetitive. That’s for a home listener though – drop it in a club and people really won’t care!

‘Target’ is a true tech-stepper. Distorted kicks and sparse snares drives this barrage of militant Drum ‘n’ Bass. It reminds me of earlier tunes by Technical Itch. Unlike Hitman, this side of the 12″ is nicely varied – catching onto the vibe of a classic tech roller. This is dark tech-step to the rawest and will certainly satisfy both old and new skool D’n’B heads alike.

Words: Guy Andrews

Feb 15