Kromestar – Mental Universe

Dubstep pioneer Kromestar graces Get Darker’s new label venture with a 12″ that captures both Kromestar’s diverse production ability and Get Darker’s commitment to spreading all types of dubstep.


Let’s start with the B-side. Trianglez is a dubby-wobbler co-produced with Dark Tantrums. Featuring 50cent crowd-hyping samples, the momentum of this rather sparse sounding track is kept at a high without going over the top. A flabby metallic bass line gyrates over the top of a minimal and spaced-out dubstep beat. Subtle changes in layers keep the simple elements flowing, without ever sounding repetitive. It’s nothing new, but does the dubstep genre’s formula very well – without sounding too commercial.

Mental Universe takes a much more minimal approach. The track’s bassline is reminiscent of songs such as Lurka – The Phrophet (VIP), with a smooth sonic concoction of whiney melodies, sci-fi samples and reverb-soaked FX splashed on top. It’s chilled yet has a slightly less sinister approach with its demeanour, compared to other tracks of this style.

A promising first release from one of Dubstep’s biggest brands, Get Darker. It will be interesting to see what direction they take the label next…

Mar 30