Mosaic – Exit Records

Mosaic is the last project from Drum and Bass legend, dBridge, pushing the autonomic sound a step further by making it available to a wider audience as it’s the first various artists release entirely dedicated to this genre.

For those who aren’t familiar with it, the main keys are depth, space, atmospheres and, this release, is a perfect introduction…even if you’re not into Drum and Bass.

It is made of 2 cds (11 tracks each, the vinyl version has 8 tracks) with music from genres pioneers ASC, dBridge and Instra:mental, newcomers in the scene Mode, Skeptical and Stray, and recognised dubstep producers such as Distance, Indigo and Skream who experiment in the 170 bpm field.
If you’re a mix/podcast aficionado, you’ll realize that some of these tracks sound familiar as most of them have been featured on the so called Autonomic shows and also on the excellent Loxy’s CX podcast series.

As each producers have a different vision, the whole spectrum of sounds is represented, from the lush vibes of ‘Time’ or ‘City Section’, the 80’s tainted ones of ‘Invisible Cities’ or ‘Rendezvous’, to the more noir and grimey of ‘Essence Of Time’ or ‘Another World’. Such diverse takes are more a symptom of a burgeoning genre instead of one of those temporary trends Drum and Bass has known in the past.

Even if the release is focusing on the more experimental edge of d’n’b, some of the tracks (Loxy/Resound, System or Code 3 ones) definately work in club context. Those who’ve caught dBridge, Loxy or Doc Scott recently are aware of that !

To sum up, it’s a well recommended purchase for those who likes their dnb well crafted and forward thinking.

Track list:

Vinyl version :

1. Commix – City Section
2. Skeptical – Another World
3. Skream – Motorway
4. Loxy & Resound – Vertigo
5. Indigo – Time
6. Genotype – Further Searching
7. Code 3 – Chasm
8. Abstract Elements – Essence Of Time

CD version :

1-1. Scuba – In 2
1-2. Stray – Pushed
1-3. Distance – Fading
1-4. dBridge – Forgot What I Needed To Forget
1-5. Synkro – Open Arms
1-6. dBridge – “Rendezvous
1-7. Dan HabarNam – Nu Este Roz
1-8. dBridge – Decayed
1-9. Consequence – Splinter
1-10. ASC – Modular Concepts
1-11. Croms – Invisible Cities

2-1. Commix – City Section
2-2. Indigo – Time
2-3. Mode – Stepping Stones
2-4. Instra:mental – Scene 3
2-5. Skeptical – Another World
2-6. Skream – Motorway
2-7. Genotype – Further Searching
2-8. Code 3 – Chasm
2-9. Abstract Elements – Essence Of Time
2-10. System – Observation Point

Words: Jeremy Girard

Feb 23
  • Chris Jackson

    Very glad to have the vinyl and CD pack, great album on many levels !