Various Artists – True Dub EP

Last months have seen the emergence of a new trend in drum and bass music. Not combining dub influenced elements with fast paced beats or dirty basslines, which have be done for years already, but just modern dub music at 170 bpm.  As the rhythm is in half speed, it’s not that obvious the tempo is that of traditional Drum ‘n’ Bass…

Key players in the scene helped the exposure of this new sound like dBridge through releases on his label Exit (Digital & Morphy EP, Genotype album) or Loxy with his acclaimed CX podcasts series. CX digital, which is one of Loxy’s imprint, welcome the following four tracks for the True Dub EP.

Kicking off with Morphy’s Backpack, a deep and atmospheric piece of music. The melodies give, somehow, a moody/melancholic feel while the beat is clearly a tribute to the early roots music. Lovely.

Genotype with ‘Ball Drop’ goes to a more minimal and hypnotic approach of the sound. Expect lots of delayed/reverbed sound there, the sensation of space is amazing. ‘Ramadan Dub’ by Flatliners is pure dub bizness. Tight drums, guitar skanks, reggae/dub vocal snippets, dub sirens…Everything is here. Maybe the most uplifted tune of the fours.

Reza closes the EP with his ‘David Can Still Beat Goliath’. A deep and dark track combining heavy sub, militant beat and droney elements. The vocals help adding a more twisted feeling.

Fans of the dubwise and forward thinking music won’t miss that release. The digital version is available on the usual outlets since last week. Also, some limited 7″ vinyls will be available soon, watch out for these.

Words: Jeremy Girard

Listen to and purchase this release at Juno Records.

Apr 12
  • Ali Gültekin

    Good review for good music